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Nindroid MechDragon




The Nindroid MechDragon is a mechanical dragon affiliated with the Nindroids.


The MechDragon was created by the Overlord to capture Lloyd Garmadon. In its first attempt, Lloyd and Garmadon tried to escape it using Nya's car. Lloyd shoots rockets at it, but it crashes after ninjas shut off the power in power station. Later it was powered with Electro Cobrai. There Tech Wu captured Garmadon and throwed him to the sea. After Pythor caught Lloyd, Overlord drained his golden powers in the capsule. When ninjas destroyed Overlord virus in the Digiverse, MechDragon lost Overlord's control and got destroyed in the sea. Nindroids found them and Overlord in his physical form alive there, and lifted the dragon with air balloons.

LEGO Dimensions

The MechDragon also appears in the game where it is summoned during the Back to the Future level to help attack Lord Vortech.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


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