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Ninjago (previously known as Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu) is a current theme introduced by LEGO in 2011. The theme goes alongside a popular TV series with the same name, which ran from 2011 to 2022. The show was directly followed up by the show Ninjago: Dragons Rising in 2023 which continues the story of the original series with some new main characters and a change of the world. The LEGO Ninjago Movie, a feature length spin-off movie of The LEGO Movie based on the theme (but not directly based on the animated TV series), was released on September 23, 2017. Ninjago was originally planned to be discontinued in 2013 and replaced by Legends of Chima, but this was eventually decided against due to Ninjago's huge popularity, and the Ninjago toy line and animated series were still continued, outlasting Legends of Chima, which only continued until 2015.

Ninjago centers around six teenage[1] ninjas, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, and Lloyd, who have been trained by their master Sensei Wu. Their job is to fight the various forces of evil to protect the land of Ninjago. The theme takes very little influence from the previous Ninja theme, instead introducing a variety of elements such as a more modern setting, the removal of shoguns and bandits, new enemies, and a battle game known as "Spinjitzu".

Ninjago also appears as a subtheme of The LEGO Movie, LEGO Dimensions, Juniors, and BrickHeadz. In 2019, LEGO released the "Ninjago: Legacy" subtheme of Ninjago, celebrating its new position as an "Evergreen Theme". The subtheme contained re-releases of classic Ninjago sets from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Ninjago celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021.


The Ninjago theme was introduced in 2011 featuring a first wave of sets that included a unique spinner game known as Ninjago Spinners or "Spinjitzu". Additionally, a four-part animated television special known as Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu was released to coincide with the theme.

In 2012, Ninjago received a second wave which introduced a variety of new sets, spinners, and characters to coincide with the first full-season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Unlike the pilot episodes released in 2011, the first season of Ninjago introduced 13 episodes with a run-time of approximately 20 minutes each. This formula of introducing a television show for the theme made it a large success for LEGO. During late 2012, the second season of Ninjago was aired with set released in early 2013.

Ninjago was originally planned to be cancelled in 2013 and replaced by Legends of Chima, but this was eventually decided against, and the Ninjago theme and animated series were continued into the present day, outlasting Legends of Chima, which only continued until 2015.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie, a movie based on the theme (but not directly canon to the TV series), was released on September 23, 2017.

Ninjago centers around six teenage [2] Ninja, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, and Lloyd, who have been trained by their master Sensei Wu, fighting forces of evil to protect the land of Ninjago. The evil forces include those such as the Skullkin, Serpentine, Stone Army, Nindroids, Ghost Warriors, Sky Pirates, Vermillion, Shark Army, Sons of Garmadon, Dragon Hunters, and Blizzard Samurai.

The original Spinjitzu spinners were introduced in sets during 2011 and 2012 and involved spinning your spinners at your enemy until their weapons are knocked down. Additionally, the game featured cards and shields used to give the player an advantage over their opponent. Although Spinjitzu spinners were discontinued in 2013, a new form of the game called "Airjitzu", featuring flyers, released in the summer of 2015. This new game involved launching your flyer into the air and utilizing different tricks. Airjitzu flyers were soon succeeded by a return to Spinjitzu spinners in 2018. However, these spinners differed from the original Spinjitzu spinners as they held a similar shape and function to the Airjitzu flyers. Summer 2018 saw the introduction of "Dragon Master" flyers, which bared resemblance to Airjitzu flyers, but now included vinyl wings. In 2019, Spinjitzu spinners were re-introduced once again; this time with another new molds that more closely resembles the appearance of Spinjitzu from the television series.

Ninjago also appears as a LEGO Dimensions theme, using the minifigures, their Golden Weapons, and microbuilds of the vehicles. Additionally, Ninjago Juniors and BrickHeadz sets have also been created. As of the 15th wave, the line begins to be called only Ninjago, without the title of the series. In 2019, LEGO released the "Ninjago: Legacy" subtheme of Ninjago, celebrating its new position as an "Evergreen Theme". The subtheme contained re-releases of classic Ninjago sets from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

In 2021, Ninjago celebrated its 10th anniversary.


Pilot: Masters of Spinjitzu (2011)

Long before time had a name, the world of Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, by using the The Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu: The Scythe of Quakes, The Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, and the Sword of Fire. The weapons were so powerful that no mortal other than The First Spinjitzu Master could handle all of their power at one time. When the Spinjitzu Master passed away, his two sons, Wu and his older brother Garmadon, swore to protect them. Garmadon was bitten by The Great Devourer, an snake whose venom turns the purest man evil.

Garmadon was then consumed by darkness, and wanted to possess the weapons and reshape Ninjago in his own image. A battle between the two brothers broke out, and the oldest was struck down and banished to the Underworld. Peace returned to Ninjago, and the younger brother hid the weapons, but knowing his older brother's relentless ambition for power, he placed guardian dragons to protect them and for fear of his own demise, a map for an honest man to hide. Because Garmadon could not leave the Underworld, he struck a deal with Samukai and his Skeleton Army. In preparation, Sensei Wu gathered four young ninja, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane, to learn the ways of Spinjitzu, and stop Lord Garmadon.

Kai was reluctant to join at first, but when Garmadon kidnapped Kai's sister Nya, he decided to train and join the ninja team to save her life. After months of training, the four ninja began their quest to find the legendary Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu to stop Garmadon's evil plans, and travelled to the Caves of Despair to retrieve the Scythe of Quakes. After narrowly escaping the Earth Dragon protecting the weapon, the Ninja found the Nunchucks of Lightning and the Shurikens of Ice, while Samukai's skeletal legions followed them. Kai was lured into a trap at the Fire Temple by Lord Garmadon, and the skeletons stole the three weapons the ninja had collected, but Sensei Wu detained his brother's plan to unite the weapons at the temple by traveling to the Underworld with the last weapon, the Sword of Fire.

After taming the four dragons, they journeyed to the Underworld using the dragons' ability to travel between the mortal world and the Underworld to help Sensei Wu stop Garmadon once and for all. Using the Tornado of Creation, they destroyed the skeletons (locking them in a Ferris wheel that they created out of Garmadon's Dark Fortress' entrance) and made their way to the throne room of Garmadon's Dark Fortress, where a battle between Wu and Samukai broke out for the possession of the four weapons. Sensei was defeated, and Samukai, having possession of all four weapons, betrayed Garmadon and demanded he obey him. However, Samukai was destroyed by all the weapon's power, as no mortal could handle all of the golden power at once. Using the portal through space and time created by Samukai when he wielded all four weapons, he traveled to an evil place called The Dark Continent where he gained even more power, planning to return for the weapons. Sensei Wu knew Garmadon would one day return, and that the battle for Ninjago had only just begun.

Season 1: Rise of the Serpentine (2012)


Ninjago - 2012 Trailer

The ninjas have retired from training and now enjoy peace in the world of Ninjago. The peace does not last for long. When Nya brings news of a new threat in the land, the son of the dark overlord Lord Garmadon, Lloyd Garmadon, unleashes the Serpentine tribes, the ancient human-snake people, to wreak maximum carnage in Ninjago under his control. Kai, Cole, Zane, and Jay are thrust into the battle once again. They accidentally found out that one of them will rise and become the Green Ninja, the ninja destined to defeat the Dark Lord and save Ninjago. When Lloyd unleashed Fangpyre and Hypnobrai tribes, he looked for the third tribe, Anacondrai, who are the most powerful. He found out that Pythor P. Chumsworth is the only survivor of that tribe. Together with Pythor, Lloyd attacked Ninjago once more but Pythor betrayed him, capturing him, but ninjas saved him.

Lloyd continued traveling with ninja, while Pythor continued his plan to unite all Serpentine tribes. He released two more, Venomari and Constrictai, giving ninja even more powerful enemies to fight. Sensei Wu told ninjas the story about The Great Devourer, the monstrous serpent-like reptile who turned his brother evil, that will consume the entire land into darkness. He can only be released with the Four Fang Blades, which is Pythor's primary mission. He also tells them that they need to unlock their full potentials to defeat the enemy. He then leaves his students. Ninja unlock their true potential, learn the secrets of their Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu.

Meanwhile Wu takes the 'Traveler's Tea' that leads him to the Dark Continent. He meets his brother Garmadon again, telling him that his son released the Serpentine, so he needs to get back and help them in the fight. He joins him and they escape back to Ninjago, where they find that ninjas already unlocked their powers, except Kai who still believes he is the Green Ninja. Kai suspects Garmadon about him joining them. Ninja travel to stop Pythor for getting the last Fang Blade and killing Lloyd. In the end of the battle near in the Volcano Temple where the blade is located, Kai finally reaches his potential and saves Lloyd instead of saving the Fang Blade. However, it turns out that Lloyd is actually the Green Ninja, as golden weapons react near him.

The last Fang Blade survived the eruption and Pythor gets it so the ninjas race him to prevent him from getting to the City of Ouroboros and awakening the Devourer. They do not succeed, and Devourer wakes and attacks the Ninjago City, while ninjas get into the final battle against Devourer to save their city. Remaining Serpentine get back to their tombs. In the end, Garmadon gets the Golden Weapons, and for revenge of making him evil, destroys the Devourer. The Ninja prepare to train Lloyd so he can be ready to face his father one day for the sake of Ninjago.

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja (2013)


Ninjago - Season Two Trailer

Immediately after the demise of the Devourer and the fall of Pythor, the Ninja find themselves facing their most toughest challenge yet: training Lloyd. Without the Bounty, they have no place to properly train him. The threat of the Serpentine still exists, along with Lord Garmadon, who still possesses the ninja's weapons. He uses the weapons to transform the destroyed Destiny's Bounty into the Black Bounty, a home for the Serpentine. The snakes have abandoned Skales to follow Lord Garmadon. After arriving at the Golden Peaks, Lord Garmadon combines the four Spinjitzu weapons into one ultimate Mega-Weapon. His goal is to destroy the ninja before they could finish training Lloyd, leaving the Green Ninja's prophecy unfulfilled, allowing him to recreate Ninjago in his own image.

When the Mega-Weapon is destroyed Lord Garmadon will plot to find the Island of Darkness, mentioned in Captain Soto's log. He and his generals set off on an expedition to find it. Skales betrays Lord Garmadon, and leaves him stranded in the middle of the ocean, while he returns to Ouroboros as the new Snake King. When a museum exhibit goes crazy, the ninjas arrive to stop it. Apparently, the Great Devourer's venom can bring stone warriors to life. While at the museum, they run into Lloyd's mother, Misako, who tells the ninja the rest of the story of Ninjago's creation.

Long ago, an evil spirit known as the Overlord plagued Ninjago with darkness, but was continually defeated by The First Spinjitzu Master. One day, the Overlord created his army of indestructible stone warriors, the Stone Army. The Spinjitzu Master knew he would lose, so he divided Ninjago in half, leaving the stone army and the Overlord on one side, and the peace and light on the other. The Overlord and his army were never seen again, until the Serpentine (lead by Skales) decided to burrow under Ninjago City in order to get revenge on one of the surface dwellers. Under the city, they found a tomb filled with Stone Warriors brought to life by the Devourer's venom. The Stone Warriors trap the Serpentine in the tomb and invade Ninjago city.

The city's residents are forced to flee with the ninja to a hiding spot near the ocean. The heroes board the bounty and head for the Island of Darkness, in order to restore their elemental powers and defeat the Stone Army once and for all. Lord Garmadon, however, finds the Island of Darkness and the Overlord. The Overlord makes Garmadon the king of his army, and plots to help Garmadon recreate the world in his image. They then construct their ultimate weapon. The ninja arrive and, upon regaining their elemental powers through swords they find in the Temple of Light, attempt to thwart Garmadon and the Overlord, first by attempting to stop the final battle altogether and later by actually facing Garmadon. However, the Overlord takes over Garmadon's body, causes Lloyd to break his leg, and proceeds to use Dark Matter to turn all of Ninjago City's inhabitants evil while leaving the heroes stranded on the Island of Darkness. The ninja manage to leave the island, though, and Lloyd faces the Overlord in his fortress in Ninjago City, unleashing the power of the golden dragon and defeating the Overlord once and for all. Through this, Garmadon is also turned good again, and although the ninja's work is done, they still vow that they will always be ninja, ready to fight evil when they are needed.

Season 3: Rebooted (2014)


LEGO® Ninjago Rebooted Official Trailer 2014

It has been a long time since the Overlord was defeated by Lloyd. While Lloyd tours Ninjago celebrating his victory, the original four ninja -- Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane -- have become teachers in Sensei Wu’s Youth Academy. Besides being bored in class all day, Kai and the rest of the ninja dream of the days when they fought the forces of evil, but in the updated and technologically advanced world of Ninjago, there is no need for ninja any longer.

But that changes soon enough when trouble brews in New Ninjago City, famed inventor Cyrus Borg starts acting strange, and the ninja obtain the Techno Blades. They find out that the Overlord survived and lives as a digital virus in Borg Industries. When the Overlord discovers that the ninja found the Techno blades, he hacks the whole system and turns Sensei Wu into evil Tech Wu.

The Digital Overlord's new servant P.I.X.A.L creates the army of evil Nindroids led by General Cryptor. P.I.X.A.L attacks Sensei Garmadon's monastery, but Zane defeats her and re-programs her, and she warns them about Nindroids. Lloyd and his father get separated from the Ninja, escaping to Hiroshi's Labyrinth while the Ninja turn off the power in all of Ninjago.

Pythor, who survived being eaten by the Devourer but got his skin bleached white, steals the hard drive containing the Overlord, and asks to help him, still wanting revenge on the people. The ninja find the Serpentine, who tell them about an old legend, about a fabled "Golden Master". The Overlord plans to become the Golden Master so he captures Lloyd and drains him of his golden power. However, Cyrus Borg finds the way how to defeat the Overlord so the Ninja enter the Digiverse and fight the Overlord in his virus form. They defeat him, rebooting the system and turning Wu back to normal state, but the Overlord creates a body and uses it to escape the Digiverse.

Pythor starts "Project Arcturus", in which he plans to send the Nindroids to space to collect the Golden Weapons, the last source of golden power. Meanwhile, Lloyd splits his remaining power between the four ninja, and everyone gets their Elemental Powers back. Pythor sends the Nindroids to space, and the Ninja follow, but are unable to stop the Nindroids. The Overlord becomes the Golden Master, and Zane sacrifices himself and explodes, killing himself and the Overlord. However, while P.I.X.A.L. is mourning at Borg Industries, a familiar, a digitized voice asks her, "Are we"

Season 4: Tournament of Elements (Spring 2015)


Ninjago - Season 4 Trailer

The ninja are fractured at the loss of Zane. However, when the mysterious Master Chen invites the four ninja to the Tournament of Elements, he promises that their friend is still alive. The ninja and Garmadon travel to Chen's Island, and Garmadon reveals that there are other people with Elemental Powers, and that him and Clouse, Chen's right hand man, once trained under the mysterious host.

Eventually, the ninja discover that Chen plans to steal all of the Elemental Master's powers to perform a spell. Nya (who later goes to search for the ninja) discovers that the spell will turn everyone with the Mark of the Anacondrai (including Chen, Clouse, Garmadon, and Skylor, Chen's daughter) into Anacondrai. Chen manages to steal everyone's Elemental Powers, but Kai breaks the Staff of Elements (with some help from Skylor and Lloyd), and Cole, Jay, and Zane (who rebuilt himself, becoming the Titanium Ninja) drive Chen and his cultists into exile on the island, but not before Chen captures Skylor.

Clouse discovers that Skylor can complete the spell due to her uncanny ability to wield all of the Elemental Powers. Clouse and Garmadon face off, and Garmadon banishes Clouse to the Cursed Realm. The ninja try to stop the spell, but Chen manages to complete it, and everyone with the Mark of the Anacondrai are turned. The Anacondrai Tribe then travel to Ninjago, ready to take over. The Elemental Masters follow when Zane realizes that they can all manifest Elemental Dragons, like Lloyd.

Chen discovers that to make the spell permanent he'll need the essence of a true Anacondrai, which leads him to Pythor. He makes the spell permanent, and the ninja get the citizens of Ninjago to fight the army at the Corridor of Elders. The Anacondrai cross the line of no return, but Pythor realizes that there is another way to stop them; if the Anacondrai Generals (who were banished to the Cursed Realm) were to see these wannabes, they would destroy them. However, to open the Cursed Realm, Garmadon has to sacrifice himself. He does, and all is saved, even if the price was terrible. As the ninja, Sensei Wu, Nya, Misako, and Dareth gather around the campfire and burn the spellbook, a shadowy figure flies through the air and screams, "Morro..!"

Season 5: Possession (Summer 2015)


Ninjago - Season 5 Trailer

A night-guard is patrolling the Ninja section of the Ninjago Museum. After having a little fun, he is greeted with an eerie laugh along with some spooky shadow figures. Freaked out, he calls for backup. After that fails, a ghost lunges at him.

It all begins with the Ninja riding on their Elemental Dragons, trying to trick the "Mutant Fang Fish" (off the coast of Ninjago) to coming the shore to be captured so that the nearby dock can be safe to fish at again. After succeeding, they head back to Steep Wisdom, Sensei Wu's retirement tea shop. When they arrive, they are greeted by Sensei along with some new uniforms. Turns out, these "new duds" are just work attire. Sensei Wu then gives the Ninja stacks upon stacks of flyer to hand out in downtown Ninjago City. After realizing that the Ninja have been lying a bit too heavily on their Elemental Powers, he gives strict rules saying no powers. Right before they leave, Misako picks up a phone call, saying the police need Lloyd at the museum. Upon arrival, the two police on duty are puzzled, for not one of them called for Lloyd.

Lloyd goes over to help the night-guard that was on duty, but all he did was lead Lloyd into the backroom to look at artifacts that weren't even on display. He then tells Lloyd that the "Allied Armor of Azure" was stolen, an ancient artifact that could summon allies if needed, whether they are friends, foes, even spirits from the Cursed Realm. This soon leads to a fight because the ghost from earlier had possessed the guard and that he had stolen the Armor. After the ghost had won, Lloyd calls for the armor. After failing, the ghost possesses Lloyd. Meanwhile, the Ninja are failing to pass out flyers, as no one would accept them. Cole suggests they use their powers as publicity, even after Sensei told them not to. Soon, they all agree to it. After passing out all their flyers and then some. A ghostly wind blows through, completely ridding the Ninja of their powers.

After a quick panic, they rush back to Steep Wisdom to tell Sensei Wu what happened. Sensei Wu knows all too well what's about to happen. Right then, Possessed Lloyd shows up at Steep Wisdom to confront Sensei Wu and to try and steal his staff. This leads to another fight scene even though the Ninja are way outmatched (in powers.) After failing, Jay, Cole, Zane, Wu, and Nya retreat to the Destiny's Bounty 2.0, while Kai stays behind to stop Lloyd. Kai then sees Lloyd fight the possession, and is scooped up by the anchor of the Bounty. Extremely confused, they ask their Sensei who that was, and what just happened. Sensei Wu then reveals that they weren't his first students. There was one before them: Morro, the Master of Wind. After Morro (in Lloyd's body) summons his own Elemental Dragon, he zooms for the Bounty and that staff. ANOTHER fight scene breaks out, and Kai and Zane take Sensei Wu to their quarters leaving Jay and Cole to keep him busy. The reason for this is that after he passed, the First Spinjitzu Master left a message for his son, leading him to his final resting place. After all these years, Sensei never knew that the message was in his hand the whole time. After making an imprint of the message, Sensei Wu gives Morro the staff, for he didn't need it anymore.

After a crash, they set up camp, as Sensei Wu tells the Ninja the tale of Morro. Morro was a homeless kid, doing the roughest of deeds just to earn a plate of food. After Sensei Wu had discovered Morro outside the Monastery, he decided to take him in. He did whatever he was told to, and while Sensei was teaching him a few things, Morro taught him too. He had a power of the wind, and that's when Sensei had though he found the Green Ninja. After realizing that he wasn't, Morro fell into a rage, leaving the Monastery to find the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb, just to prove he was worthy. He never came back. After the story was told, they released to Falcon to go and find Misako, and give them their current location. Upon morning, and Misako's arrival, she started helping Wu decipher the clues that the First Spinjitzu Master had left. The first clue meant Airjitzu, a fighting style invented by Sensei Yang, allowing the master of it to temporarily take flight. Needing the Scroll of Airjitzu to master it, they pack up and head to the Ancient Library of Domu, to grab it. News say it was recently stolen by the infamous thief, Ronin. Knowing he might be held up in Stiix county, they redirect their path for Stiix. Since without Lloyd, Kai takes charge... and gets them lost.

After being angry a bit, Zane decides to take charge, and they soon discover train tracks leading straight to Stiix. Mere minutes later, one of Morro's summoned allies, Wrayth, shows up in an attempt to stop the Ninja. The Ninja soon win the battle because in an attempt to turn Cole into a ghost, he hooks Wrayth's chain onto a water tower. Knocking it down, all the water falls onto the ghost and as Zane says, Wrayth evaporates. Feeling proud after finding out the ghosts weakness, they run after the train to head to Stiix.

Back at the tea shop, Nya is greatly saddened that she couldn't aid the Ninja in their adventure, because she needed to stay at the shop should there be anymore trouble. Sensei Wu soon reveals his true reason for keeping Nya. Kai and Nya already knew that their dad was the "Guardian of Fire" (Master of Fire) but what they didn't know what that their mother was the Master of Water. Surprised, she keeps listening. Wu goes on. "As Kai took over the fire trait, in an attempt to save Ninjago, you must train to become the Master of Water." Completely amazed, she faints. Meanwhile, the Ninja arrive at Stiix. Kai reveals that he is actually afraid of water (sorry Nya) and that he can't swim. They soon find Ronin's pawn shop, where he makes money off of stolen goods.

When they arrive, after sifting through a few items, Ronin walks out being greeted by the Ninja completely off guard. After demanding the scroll, he lies and says he doesn't have it. "Sounds important. Even if I had it, definitely something I wouldn't keep on site." Not only do the Ninja need the scroll, but they also need a weapon to vanquish the ghosts. "What you're looking for is an Aeroblade. A weapon forged of Deepstone, an aquatic material mined from the bottom of the ocean. Extremely valuable, even more expensive." Angry, they demand the scroll. He sets the price at $200, but due to Kai's poor negotiating skills, the price is raised to $450. After a deal was struck, they spend their time working to raise some money. After failing, with Zane's entire vocabulary all jumbled, Jay takes over. He claims they don't need the money, because they're going to steal it. The plan is that, after they learn Airjitzu, they are going to return the scroll to the library. After again failing, Morro shows up with another ally, the Soul Archer. Morro manages to get the scroll, and after giving Ronin their shares of the tea farm, he tells Kai that there is another way to get the scroll. Meanwhile, Nya's training begins. She is obviously skeptical and doubtful on whether or not she is the Master of Water. She soon gives up, but during her training, Sensei Wu notices some hints on her power. He finds her weakness: Feeling weak. She is good at most things, but, put in a position to fail, she gives up.

Ever since their recent encounter with Ronin, the Ninja have been trying to get inside Yang's Haunted Temple. Sensei Yang was a beloved sensei, and quite a strict one. Legend has it, if any of Yang's students were caught disobeying them, they were killed. Legend also has it that if you're still inside the temple upon sunrise, you will become a ghost, permanently. The reason behind the Ninja trying to get in is because Ronin said that the Ninja might be able to get a copy of the Airjitzu scroll from the ghost creator himself. Inside the temple, Cole reveals his fear of ghosts. Vigorous tests are given to the Ninja to help them overcome their fears. The Ghost of Sensei Yang decides to use his ghostly powers to help Cole get over his fear, repeating the phrase: "As iron sharpens iron, sensei sharpens student." Soon, Cole gets over his fears, and Yang moves onto Kai. A moving picture of a boat on an ocean suddenly starts pouring in real water. Kai freaks out, remembering his fear and worrying he's going to drown, due to his lack of swimming ability. They soon get the door open, keeping them trapped in a room, and the water suddenly disappears. This is because the Ninja realize that Yang is testing them, helping them conquer their greatest fears.

Agreeing not to split up, they tie each other together. To make sure they're not surprised, Zane reveals his fear: Morro. A Morro figure runs off with the scroll, leading them straight to an attic, revealing Jay's fear. Inside the attic, the ghost of Sensei Yang appears, congratulating them on completing his test. As a reward, he gives the Ninja the scroll. Mere minutes before sunrise, the Ninja hurry out the temple. On their way out, Cole bumps into a pole, dropping the scroll. Right as the last chime goes, Kai, Jay, and Zane make it out. Soon they see that Cole untied himself to get the scroll, and just now he makes it out. As the sun rose, they see that the Master of Earth has become a ghost.

Later, the Ninja are training on the Bounty, mastering Airjitzu. After insults towards Jay from Kai and Ronin, Sensei comes out and tells the Ninja that they're about to learn about the next clue. Cole, sitting in his quarter (room), obviously depressed, lies in sadness, for he is not a Ninja anymore, but a ghost. In an attempt to comfort him, Nya walks in and starts a conversation. After talking, Cole obviously feels better about his new form. Soon, Misako fills them in on the next clue. Jay managed to fix Zane's voice, but made it better by making him sound like a pirate. After listing off a bundle of what the clue could be, Misako reveals that it's the Sword of Sanctuary, protected in the Cloud Kingdom, a parallel realm that can only be reached through the Blind Man's Eye, a storm at the peak of the Wailing Alps. What makes this weapon so special is that when reflected within its blade, you can foresee your opponents next attack.

Obviously needing this weapon, the Ninja gear up the get to the Cloud Kingdom. Using the mechs, they slowly ascend the mountain. Morro, along with Soul Archer, Bansha, and Ghoultar, are far ahead. They see the Ninja, and Bansha decides to sing them a song. Using her powers like a banshee, she screams, causing an avalanche. Using his powers, Cole possesses a ball of snow, helping the rest of the Ninja from going over the cliff edge. They soon find out what else he can do. Picking up the pace, they meet Morro at The Hanging Temple. After a fight breaks out, Ghoultar is defeated and captured by Sensei Wu. Making their way up the rest of the mountain, they use Airjitzu to get ahead of Morro and to successfully cross over into the Cloud Kingdom. When they arrive, they find the main library, where they meet Fenwick, the Master Writer. In Cloud Kingdom, they are the writers of destiny. It was there that it was decided that Lloyd would become the Green Ninja. The monks know what has happened, and they know what they need: The Sword of Sanctuary. Meanwhile back in Ninjago, at the peak of the Wailing Alps, Morro vents because he missed the door to Cloud Kingdom. Indirectly possessing Fenwick, Bansha reassures that he will keep the back door open.

Fenwick says that they want to give the Ninja the Sword of Sanctuary, but first, they need to see the Master Writer. He is tricking the Ninja into seeing Nimbus, the beast of Cloud Kingdom. On their way to see Nimbus, Fenwick tells the Ninja what is in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, for what's in it will help save Ninjago. The Realm Crystal, a bridge to greater understanding, or a gateway to ruin. When the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, he created the Realm Crystal along with it, opening gateways to other realms. After realizing its value, and the damage it could cause if it fell into the wrong hands, he took it do his grave along with him. Morro needs that crystal so he can unleash the Preeminent, Queen of the Cursed. Her sole goal is to corrupt all of the realms until they fall under her control. Knowing the gateway has been opened, she sent Morro through to fetch the crystal. After they arrive, Fenwick leads them in there and they lock the door. Morro finally arrives at Cloud Kingdom, and Fenwick shows them to the sword. The Ninja soon escape with the aid of Cole's ghostly powers, and they meet the little monk that soon tells them what has happened. He says the sword is on the highest tower, but they need to hurry, because the ghosts have a head-start.

Morro gets to the sword before the Ninja and he manages to escape using Airjitzu. The Ninja borrow a skiff to chase after Morro in his own skiff, and they whirl back down to Ninjago, and after they're skiff breaks, the Ninja ski and snowboard down the mountain after Morro. After a small fight, Lloyd comes through, fighting Morro. Quickly, Lloyd gives Kai the Sword of Sanctuary and he escapes back to the Bounty. After a small celebrate, they head back to Steep Wisdom to figure out the final clue. At Steep Wisdom, they rig the entire property with water balloons, buckets of water, and moats, should any ghosts show up. The hide the sword, the Bansha controls Ronin, and tells him it's time to pay his debt. He ends up bringing them the sword. Beforehand, Misako has figures out how to find the tomb. When the blade of the Sword of Sanctuary reflects on the map of the Airjitzu Scroll, it reveals the tombs location. Now, not only do they need the map, but they also need the sword. When Ronin arrives, Morro possesses him and sends a broadcast to the Ninja, tricking them into thinking the tomb is in the Caves of Despair. Even though it may be a trick, Wu sends the Ninja to the Caves of Despair, just to see if it's there.

When they arrive, they remember that Misako told them that the tomb was guarded by three deadly tests that only a master of Spinjitzu could pass through. They weren't sure on what was a test, so the were extremely careful. Jay was the most scared of them all. After exploring the caves, they come across what they think is the skeleton of the First Spinjitzu Master, which is actually the Master of Wind. They had found Morro's mortal body. Right next to Morro's body was an active geyser, about to erupt. Thinking it would help, Cole covers up the hole with a giant boulder, but it will actually condense the explosion, causing the explosion to increase ten-fold. After a quick panic, they figure out a way out of there. After falling into a mine cart, they start to go down a rail, going over a few bumps before launching into a giant volcano. Right then, the Ronin R.E.X. zooms in to save the Ninja, while on auto-pilot. Ronin reveals that it wasn't him that sent them there, but Morro, controlling Ronin. Ronin manually put in the destination of the real tomb, and R.E.X should have them there in a jiff. They take off towards the Tomb of The First Spinjitzu Master.

The Ninja are under the ocean, heading towards the tomb. After a run-in with a giant octopus, they manage to arrive safely, with Wu, Misako, and Nya arriving at the surface at the same location. Before arrival, Misako gives the Ninja a clue on how to pass each test: "A Spinjitzu master can, a Spinjitzu master cannot. To move forward, don't look ahead, to find his resting spot." The Ninja head in, but not before they could admire the statue depicting Ninjago's sole creator. Before long, the Ninja find themselves in a zoetrope, a device where engravings or drawings shown in rapid succession creates a moving image, like a movie. Inside, there were 16 doors, each corresponding to each realm. Needing to figure out with door to go through, the Ninja rack their brains until they figure it out. A Spinjitzu master can, and rapid succession: SPINJITZU. Using Spinjitzu, they manage to figure out the figure, and they go through the corresponding door.

Before long, the Ninja find themselves in a trap-room, a room where each step they make triggers a trap. After a while, each trap makes the floor drop out. Needing to get to the staff in front of them, they try and use Airjitzu to make each gap. After a while, Cole figures it out: they can't do it, because they were never meant to do it. The first rule of being a Ninja is that a Ninja never quits. So if a Ninja cannot quit, that's what they needed to do now. They jump down into the dark abyss below, and find themselves riding down a really cool slide. After the fun was over, they see they're in the next test room, being a maze. In the reflections of the ice, they see a mere glimpse of their future selves. Here, they run into Morro, and soon a fight breaks out. After trapping Morro, they realize what Misako meant: Don't look ahead. They look down through the cracks and see light. Excited, they start digging, and they fall through the floor, in the tomb.

Inside the tomb holds a coffin-looking table presenting the big guy himself: The First Spinjitzu Master, and in his hands, the Realm Crystal. When they grab it, they hear Morro behind them, out of Lloyd's body. Forcing the Ninja to make a decision, the Crystal or Lloyd, the Ninja soon realize that with Morro out of Lloyd's body, their powers are coming back. Kai uses his weak fire power to head up the Crystal. Because the Crystal was hot, he dropped it into the river below him, letting go of Lloyd, soon being knocked into the same river by Morro. Because Lloyd is weak, we can't swim and will drown. Kai jumps to his rescue, but he can't swim, so Cole has to save them both while Jay and Zane hold of Morro. Morro manages to get away with the Realm Crystal, and goes back to the Cured Realm, prepping for the Preeminent's arrival. The Ninja make it out as well, and they cheer for saving Lloyd.

Back at the Tea Shop, the Ninja realize that Sensei Wu sold his retirement business to make the Ninja new "toys", with Cyrus Borg building them. After hatching a plan to get the Crystal back from Morro, the Ninja head to Stiix, where summoning will begin, in Ronin's shop. When the Ninja arrive at Stiix, they dress up as workers, serving food for the ghosts. Each Ninja botches up the job and distracts the ghosts, giving the Green Ninja time to work towards the shop. When he gets there, the Green Ninja runs into Morro and his gang of ghosts. Taking off the Ninja hood, it reveals Nya, dressed up in Lloyd's gi. While a fight breaks out, it gives Lloyd perfect time to get to the Crystal. Morro finds Lloyd and starts a battle with him, lifting up the shop with his wind power. In the nick of time, Ronin shows up in R.E.X, and dumps coins all over the shop, sending it back to Earth. Inside, Lloyd's just about to destroy the Realm Crystal when Morro comes in and tells Lloyd about his father, saying he awaits him in the Cursed Realm, also saying that if Lloyd destroys the Crystal, he will never see Garmadon again. Right then, the Preeminent wraps Lloyd's limb and pulls him into the Cursed Realm with Morro saying: "Say hello to your father for me."

The Preeminent has arrived into Ninjago, wreaking havoc across Stiix. Using everything they've got, the Ninja try to defeat her but to no avail. They figure out they need to get as much water between them as possible. Inside the Preeminent, Lloyd finds his father and has a quick reunion. Attempting to get Garmadon out, Lloyd explains what has happened. Garmadon passes some wisdom unto Lloyd, along with his robes, saying: "Whatever happens to me, wherever I am, I will always be with you." After saying goodbye, Lloyd returns back to Ninjago, ready to fight Morro and gains possession of the Sword of Sanctuary. As this is happening, the Preeminent gears up with a bunch of houses, wearing it like armor. Lloyd and Morro's fight goes through the sixteen realms at a time, such as: The Underworld, The Dark Realm, Cloud Kingdom, Chima. Meanwhile, the Ninja did everything they could trying to stop the Preeminent, but since they couldn't do much they went back to the ship. When the Preeminent knocks off the engine, they're sitting ducks. Morro also returns to Ninjago alone with the Realm Crystal.

Nya finally understood what Sensei Wu meant. That she gives up to easily, that she only likes when it comes easy, that to not be afraid of failing. Through this, she reaches her true potential, taking control of a giant tsunami and splashing it all over the Preeminent. Since this was to much water for her, she sinks into the cold waters of Ninjago, dead thus destroying the Cursed Realm and killing all its inhabitants. The Ninja celebrate before Sensei Wu goes to find Morro. Grabbed into by one of the tentacles, Morro uses all he could from sinking into the water. Sensei arrives, telling him not to go this path alone. That he may be strong, but it takes others to make him stronger. Sensei Wu offers his hand, begging Morro to take it. "You can only save those who want to be saved. Goodbye, Sensei." Morro hands Wu the Realm Crystal and lets himself sink into the water, saddening Sensei, for his first pupil was now gone.

Back on the ship, Sensei used the Crystal to send Lloyd back to Ninjago where Lloyd tells them he saw the outcome of the battle through the Sword, thus making unnecessary for him to follow Morro back to Ninjago. Celebrating their victory, the Ninja hear out Sensei Wu and Lloyd. "It seems your fathers robe has imparted wisdom, but it will take a lot of learning to earn the sensei title." "If that's the path I'm on, I'll take it one step at a time." Jay asks what the other realms are like...

"Let's just say, the future looks bright. For us, and Ninjago."

Season 6: Skybound (Spring 2016)


Ninjago - Season 6 Trailer

The Ninja are popular thanks to saving Ninjago from The Preeminent, but trouble rises when Clouse returns after having escaped the Cursed Realm and frees Nadakhan, a Djinn who can grant three wishes and will capture you by 'wishing it all away',. Nadakhan frames the ninjas for crimes they didn't commit while they were in Stiix. Misako tries to rescue them in the Bounty, but she and the ship are captured by the police, later being captured by Nadakhan along with Wu. The Ninja try to escape the police, but they are caught and arrested by Ronin in exchange for a clean reputation. The Ninja are thrown in Kryptarium Prison, but escape with the help of Captain Soto, who tells them how to find the only thing that can stop Nadakhan - Tiger Widow Venom. Meanwhile, Jay uses his first two wishes and finds out he was adopted. Nadakhan uses the Realm Crystal to free his crew and attack Ninjago City and capture Kai. The Ninja sail to Tiger Widow Island to obtain the venom, but Zane is captured, Jay is kidnapped by Nadakhan, and Nya, Lloyd and Cole are stranded on the island until Ronin and the Police Commissioner come to rescue them, after finding out what side they were on. After attacking Misfortune's Keep, Jay and Nya are the only two remaining Ninja and hide in Dr. Julien's lighthouse, where they meet Echo Zane, Zane's counterpart. Jay is forced to escape while Nya is kidnapped. Jay teams up with Echo Zane, Ronin, the Commissioner, Soto, Skylor and Dareth to save the others. Nadakhan gets Infinite Wishes and freezes everyone except Jay, but Nadakhan is poisoned by the venom - incidentally, the venom hits Nya, and she dies. A disheartened Jay uses his last wish to erase recent events and ensure Clouse didn't find the Teapot of Tyrahn in the first place, thus removing the events of the season from the timeline. As a result, Nadakhan is never released and Jay and Nya, who are the only ones who remember the erased events, renew their relationship.

Day of the Departed (Summer 2016)


Ninjago - Day of the Departed Trailer

The Ninja make there way to the Ninjago Museum of History on the Day of the Departed, where citizens of Ninjago light lanterns to remember ancestors and deceased loved ones while also spending time with their living family. However, it also happens to coincide with a rare Yin Yang lunar eclipse.

Dr. Saunders introduces the ninjas to the new "Hall of Villainy" exhibit, completely ignoring Cole. Blaming this on Sensei Yang and hearing Yang's voice telling him to "close the circle". Cole goes to Sensei Yang's haunted temple (taking Yang's infamous Yin Blade from the museum with him) while the others honor their own departed loved ones. At Yang's haunted temple, Yang tricks Cole into breaking a ceramic sphere, releasing the ghosts of Samukai, Kozu, Cryptor, Master Chen and Morro from the Departed Realm. The spirits possess the mannequin replicas of themselves in the Museum of History. Yang tells the revived villains that they will remain for the duration of the lunar eclipse unless they take the ninjas place among the living. The revived villains, joined by Pythor, then split up: Chen goes after Kai and Nya, Cryptor goes after Zane, Pythor goes after Lloyd, Morro goes after Wu and Kozu chooses Dareth, leaving Samukai with Jay. While Cole is imprisoned at Yang's temple, Yang tells him how he used the Yin Blade in an attempt to gain immortality, but something went wrong and he and his students were turned into ghosts. Yang planned to use the eclipse and the Yin Blade to open the Rift of Return to become mortal again while the villains serve as distractions.

As Kai and Nya wonder if they'll find out what happened to their parents, Chen arrives with Eyezor and Zugu, who are driving two Condrai Crushers. Chen uses his dinosaur mech to attack Kai and Nya, who flee on the Raider Cycles. Cryptor and three Nindroids confront Zane, while Samukai fights Jay as Kraziand Frakjaw apprehend his parents. Pythor battles Lloyd at the Corridor of Elders, remarking that he always intended to conquer Ninjago which was his reason for saving it. As the Royal Blacksmiths perform, Kozu and several Stone Warriors confront Dareth, who was responsible for taking control of the Stone Army. Unlike the other villains, Morro has no intention of revenge; he tells Wu of Yang's plan and they set off to reunite the Ninja. Cole is left alone with one of Yang's students. He manages to escape and begins making his way up through the temple, fighting the other students along the way. Yang makes it to the roof of the temple, where he begins opening the Rift of Return. Kai and Nya are pursued by Chen and the Condrai Crushers. They manage to defeat Eyezor and Zugu shortly before Chen is struck by a missile, sending his spirit back to the Departed Realm. Ronin arrives at the junkyard with a mech he salvaged from scrap metal. Jay crushes Krazi and Frakjaw with a magnetic crane before shattering Samukai to pieces using a pair of nunchucks. Zane outsmarts Cryptor, who accidentally hits himself with his techno blade, vanquishing his spirit. Dareth finds the Helmet of Shadows and uses it to recontrol the Stone Warriors, commanding them to defeat Kozu. Pythor is cornered by Lloyd and Misako on the edge of Garmadon's monument. Realizing he can't win the fight, he jumps off and lands far below, then he hobbles away from the scene. Yang opens the Rift of Return, and he does Airjitzu to fly up and reach it. However, Cole emerges on the rooftop and pursues Yang, grabbing onto him as the two fall towards the temple. The ninja reunite at the museum and Morro reveals Yang's plan to them. While the ninja and Wu leave to help Cole, Morro peacefully goes back to the Departed Realm. When it seems like Yang has gained the upper hand, the ninja arrive on the Bounty, giving Cole hope and causing his arms to become rock solid, resulting in the destruction of the Yin Blade. As Yang's students traverse through the rift and regain there mortality, Yang reveals that the reason he wanted immortality was to avoid being forgotten. Realizing this, Cole reminds Yang that he will be remembered as the creator of Airjitzu, and takes him with him to the Rift of Return. However, Yang states that one of them must remain a ghost as "master of the house" and throws Cole into the rift on his own just as the eclipse ends and the rift closes. The rest of the ninja believe that Cole missed his chance at passing through the rift, but to their surprise, Cole has fully regained his mortality. The Ninja and their allies gather around a fire outside of Yang's temple, which has been cleansed after the rift was closed. Jay admits he was scared during the event, though everyone is happy to be safe and reunited. Cole looks back to the temple and winks at Yang, who stands inside and winks back in return. Those surrounding the fire let their lanterns float into the night sky, concluding their celebration.

Season 7: Hands of Time (Spring 2017)


Ninjago - Season 7 Trailer

At the monastery, Wu waits as a Time Vortex opens up and releases an old foe, Acronix and the decide to finish a battle that they started 40 years ago. Meanwhile at the Museum, the ninja are busy cleaning up after the events of "Day of the Departed". While Kai and Nya ponder about what happened to their parents, the other ninja take note of an interesting painting, which features a young Wu and Garmadon battling against twin brothers Acronix and Krux, collectively known as "the Hands of Time" due to their ability to control time for a variety of effects. However, the museum's curator Dr. Sander Saunders dismisses the events of the painting as nothing more than the stuff of legends. Meanwhile at the Monastery, Wu seems to have gained the upper hand in his battle with Acronix, but at that moment, a green, claw-like weapon is released from another Time Vortex and when it hits the ground, a minute of time in Ninjago is skipped within a second, sending the ninja to the bounty with no explanation as to how they got there. Zane is able to detect the source of the temporal anomaly and the ninja head to the monastery. As Acronix and Wu continue their battle, Acronix uses the blade, known as a Time Blade, to accelerate himself to gain the upper hand while also coating Wu in green temporal energy with what he calls a "Time Punch". The ninja arrive and attempt to assist, but Acronix escapes and when he is seen with Dr. Sanders, the latter is swiftly revealed to be Krux, who despises modern technology and desires to have Ninjago return to its pre-modern state. Back at the Temple of Airjitzu, Wu is placed in bed and explains Acronix and Krux to the ninja. During the Serpentine War, Krux and Acronix were the Elemental Masters of Time with Acronix being able to accelerate or decelerate time and Krux having the ability to either reverse time or stop it entirely. However, after the war ended, they realized how powerful they truly were and believed that they were destined to rule Ninjago. In order to prevent this, Wu had Kai and Nya's parents, Ray and Maya, forge the Time Blades from Chronosteel (a metal capable of draining elemental energy) and during a battle with the Hands of Time, Wu and Garmadon trick Acronix and Krux into using their powers on the blades, forever depowering both of them and having one of each of their powers trapped in one of the Time Blades. Knowing the blades were too powerful, Wu and Garmadon opened a Time Vortex to dispose of the Time Blades, but Krux and Acronix followed the Time Blades into the vortex in hopes that they would regain their powers. Back in the present, Krux revealed to Acronix a key aspect in his plan to acquire the Time Blades, a large serpentine egg which hatches into multiple red and orange snakes that combine into a humanoid creature in samurai-esque armor known as a Vermillion Warrior, whom, along with others like it, attempt to kidnap Cyrus Borg. Although the ninjas defeat the Vermillion by breaking them into their snake components (and preventing them from combining), Acronix and Krux (disguised as Dr. Saunders) succeed in kidnapping Borg and incapacitating Zane.

The Ninjas head to the Samurai X cave where Nya attempts to repair Zane. Kai heads to the museum to see if Dr. Saunders knows any helpful information. There, he uncovers Dr. Saunders' secret identity as Krux. Krux tells Kai that his parents betrayed the Elemental Alliance to help the Hands of Time, a fact Kai refuses to believe.

When Nya finally does repair Zane, he babbles random words. The other ninjas battle the Vermillion, who are kidnapping several skilled metal workers and stealing all the metal they can find. When Nya and Zane join their fellow ninjas at the power station, Zane is fully repaired, but he no longer has access to P.I.X.A.L. The ninjas soon find out that the Vermillion are attacking Mega Monster Amusement Park. Jay, however, realizes that the only place with more metal is at his parents' junkyard and goes off on his own. When he arrives the Vermillion are already putting their plans into motion. During the battle, another, blue Time Blade is released from a Time Vortex and lands in the Sea of Sand, slowing down all of Ninjago temporarily. The Vermillion become aware of this and head there, taking Edna Walker with them. Because of this, Ed Walker decides to give Jay an early birthday present: a motorcycle, which they decide to upgrade. As the ninja and Vermillion race to the Time Blade, the Vermillion throw snakes at the ninjas' vehicles, severely damaging the vehicles and causing the Vermillion to obtain the Time Blade first.

Due to the bickering of the Vermillion commanders Commander Blunck and Commander Raggmunk, the blade is used on everyone in the area just as Jay and his father arrive. Jay had upgraded his bike so that he could use his powers to speed up the bike, allowing it to move at normal speed even while affected by the Time Blade. The ninja get their hands on the Time Blade, save Jay's mother and escape back to the Temple of Airjitzu. Unfortunately, their victory is short-lived as the Hands of Time and the Vermillion General Machia launch an all-out attack on the Temple of Airjitzu (during which a mysterious, new Samurai X saves Lloyd's life), steal the Time Blade and kidnap Wu. Kai soon recognizes that the symbol on the Vermillion's helmets was also used for his father's blacksmith shop. As the ninja are ready to search for the headquarters of the Hands of Time, Misako gives Lloyd his own early birthday present: a miniature version of Destiny's Bounty, while also warning the ninja that Acronix's Time Punch accelerated Wu's aging.

Kai searches for his father's blacksmith shop, and uncovers a golden double-bladed dagger. Nya attempts to uncover the secret identity of Samurai X ,but fails. The rest of the ninjas uncover a secret passageway leading to the hideout of the Hands of Time. On the way, the ninja meet Skales, who warns the ninjas that the Vermillion are direct descendants of the Great Devourer and will be nigh unstoppable if enough are bred. He gives them a map leading to the Hands of Time's headquarters in a swamp where more Vermillion are being bred. The ninjas split up: Lloyd attempts to rescue Wu; Zane attempts to rescue Cyrus Borg; and Cole and Jay (with help from a captive Karloff) save the captives, who were enslaved to forge armour and vehicles for the Vermillion. Acronix and Krux acquire the third Time Blade, which possesses Krux's former ability to stop time. Kai reveals to Nya that their parents are alive, and find them at the Vermillion breeding grounds. Although Kai battles his parents due to believing Krux's words, Maya reveals that Krux was lying. In reality, after Krux and Acronix had followed the Time Blades into the Time Vortex, a brief glimpse into the future foreshadowed Acronix's return while Krux was released from the Time Vortex just seconds after he went in, which gave him enough time to construct his plan. He took on the identity of Dr. Saunders and befriended Ray and Maya, only to eventually reveal himself to them. As an act of vengeance for forging the Time Blades, Krux enslaved Ray and Maya to forge plans for the Vermillion armour and vehicles, threatening that Kai and Nya would suffer the consequences if they refused. In addition, the last Time Blade, which has the ability to reverse Time had also been released with Krux, but it had been hidden away in a place only Kai and Nya could access. Upon hearing this, Acronix and Krux force Kai and Nya to get the last Time Blade for them, reminding them it was the only way to return Wu to his normal age.

They find the last Time Blade hidden in the aptly named Boiling Sea, an ocean that is partially on fire. Kai and Nya use the golden blade Kai found to combine their powers to form a double headed fusion dragon to enter the Boiling Sea. Upon entering the underwater cave where the blade is hidden, Kai uses his powers to brighten the area while Nya uses her powers to help them get to the bottom of the cave safely. Upon combining powers to destroy the rock monsters guarding the Time Blade, Kai and Nya use the golden blade to enter the Temple where the Time Blade is held and escape with it using their fusion dragon. However, Krux and Acronix go back on the deal. In the fight for the Reversal Time Blade, Ray is hit with a Time Punch.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Ninjas find out Cyrus Borg was forced to build a device which could harness the combined power of the Time Blades and allow time travel. Acronix and Krux plan to use this device to power a massive snake-like mech known as the Iron Doom so they can use the Vermillion to conquer any area. Cyrus Borg and Zane attempt to shut down the Iron Doom while Jay, Cole and Lloyd (with help from the new Samurai X in his weaponized car) attempt to distract the Vermillion. Unfortunately the Hands of Time arrive and freeze Borg and Zane just as they were about to complete the self-destruct code. Having collected all four Time Blades, Acronix and Krux activate the Iron Doom and use it to travel back in time, taking Wu and the entire Vermillion army with them while also unaware that Kai and Nya followed them. Ray and Maya meet the other ninjas, who wonder what time period Kai and Nya went to.

Stowing away on the Iron Doom, Kai and Nya find out that Acronix and Krux travelled back to just after they went into the Time Vortex. Upon meeting the past Elemental Alliance, Acronix and Krux unleash the Vermillion on them. The Vermillion gain the upper hand as the Elemental Alliance had no experience with them. Kai and Nya however, (posing as their parents) are able to turn the tide of the battle. Because of this, Acronix and Krux destroy the Vermillion commanders and use their helmets to gain complete control over the Iron Doom, causing them to win. Because of this altered history, the Ninjago city of the present ends up being altered to be exactly as it was 40 years ago and the lack of technology reduces Zane to a lifeless, metal mannequin. Back in the past, Kai and Nya are able to use their fusion dragon to restore history. Knowing that they have once again lost the battle, Acronix and Krux decide to travel to the distant future where there will be no one to stop them and they succeed in doing so. Fortunately, Nya found the past Reversal Time Blade and she and Kai use it to return Wu to his normal age and bring the Hands of Time back to the past. This time, Kai and Nya are able to follow them into the Time Vortex. Just as they do so, Wu gives the past Reversal Time to his past self and reminds him to hide it in the boiling see. As the Hands of Time travel to the future, Kai, Nya and Wu get a glimpse of the present, which had been fully restored to its modernized state and Zane returning to his Titanium form. In order to save Kai and Nya, Wu sacrifices himself by removing the Reversal Time Blade from the Iron Doom, causing it to malfunction. At the same time, Wu pushes Kai, Nya and the Reversal Time Blade out of the Vortex, landing them in the present while the Iron Doom leaves Acronix, Krux and Wu trapped in the Time Vortex. As Kai returns Ray to his normal age, he tells the other ninjas about Wu's sacrifice. The ninja then decide to make Lloyd their new master while also planning to do whatever they can to free Wu from the Time Vortex.

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon (Spring 2018)


Ninjago - Season 8 Trailer

One year after Wu and the Hands of Time were lost in time aboard the Iron Doom, the Ninja have scattered across Ninjago, tackling missions while searching for their master's whereabouts. In their absence, Ninjago City has been overrun by a cult-like crime syndicate known as the Sons of Garmadon who worship the evil Lord Garmadon. With Lloyd acting as their master, the Ninja team reunites to heed a request from the usually private Royal Family, who ask the heroes to protect the three Oni Masks (The Oni Mask of Deception, the Oni Mask of Vengeance, and the Oni Mask of Hatred), relics from the First Realm which when united would allow the Sons of Garmadon to resurrect a purely evil Garmadon, with most of his soul gone, as well as their adopted daughter, the Jade Princess Harumi. In order to stop the Sons of Garmadon from desecrating his father's sacrifice, Lloyd and the Ninja attempt to find the identity of their leader, the Quiet One, before they can determine the location of the elusive Oni Mask of Hatred, while learning secrets about the origins of Ninjago itself. In the process, Lloyd begins to bond with Harumi who has also lost her parents. But as they grow closer, the Ninja make the startling discovery that someone in their makeshift family is the Quiet One.

Season 9: Hunted (Summer 2018)


Ninjago - Season 9 Trailer

Emperor Garmadon rules Ninjago City with an iron fist. The four original Ninja, as well as baby Wu, are in Realm of Oni and Dragons. After the Colossus destroyed the Destiny's Bounty, any ally of the Ninja and citizens is hunted and imprisoned in Kryptarium Prison.

Lloyd, Nya, and the rest of their remaining allies, including a portion of the Elemental Masters, form a resistance to endure and fight back against Harumi, the Sons of Garmadon, and Lord Garmadon himself. Unbeknownst to them, the other Ninjas are alive and thanks to Mistaké's Traveler's Tea, they're in the First Realm, the Realm of the Oni and the Dragon. Here, the barbaric Dragon Hunters, led by the power hungry Iron Baron, capture Dragons and exploit their Elemental Powers to sustain their society. As Dragons are the only beings who can ferry between Realms, the Ninja and a teenage Wu must find the mythical Dragon Armor once worn by the First Spinjitzu Master himself, in order to convince Firstbourne, the mother of all Dragons, to allow them to ride her children out of the Realm so they can rejoin the fight against Lord Garmadon, and save Ninjago.

Season 10: March of the Oni (Spring 2019)


Ninjago - Season 10 Trailer

When Ninjago city rebuilds from Lord Garmadon's destructive power, he calls out to Lloyd to tell him what will happen in the future. Lloyd feels like he cannot trust his father's intentions of helping him. Faith later returns from the First Realm explaining what happened in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. Since the destructive power that escaped through the realm crystal is too powerful for our heroes, one enemy must choose a side. Will he fight against the Oni or tear the fabled world and legacy of Ninjago apart forever?

Noble shows Lloyd to Garmadon's wing, stating it was built just for him. After unlocking the entrance, he runs off, leaving Lloyd to confront Garmadon by himself. When he reminds Garmadon that he had requested to see Lloyd, Garmadon claimed that it was unusual. When Lloyd threatened to leave, Garmadon remembered and told him that the Bringers of Doom were coming and that although he didn't care, he would rather not be destroyed along with Lloyd. He said that he had decided to help the ninja defeat them and that he was the only one powerful enough to do so. Lloyd refuses his offer and angrily storms off, but Garmadon assured him that he will come back.

Meanwhile, the citizens rebuild Ninjago City while Cole, Zane, and P.I.X.A.L. wait in traffic, complaining that they're thirty minutes late. They wanted to use the Earth Driller to dig under the road, but it was new, so the trio decided to get out of the Earth Driller and run to their destination. Once they arrived, the Police Commissioner gave a speech and presented them with a rebuilt Destiny's Bounty as a reward for saving Ninjago.

At the Monastery, Jay is practicing how to ask Nya to be his Yang with Kai. Kai tells him to be confident, but Jay says it doesn't sound right. Suddenly, Dareth bursts in and asks them what's happening. Kai explains it to him and tells him to keep it a secret. Nya comes in and tells them that Wu is in the courtyard looking at the new Mural. They went outside to join him, witnessing Firstbourne crashing near the base of the mountains. They went down to check on her, but she opened her claws and let Faith fall out. Faith informed them that "Darkness was coming" and they took her inside of the Monastery to heal. The rest of the ninjas arrive. Wu said that both Faith and Firstbourne would heal and continued explaining what Faith had told him.

A cloud of darkness had overtaken her home realm, and whoever touched it had been petrified. Lloyd told the others what Garmadon had said. Wu showed them his history book containing a picture of an Oni. He said that his father had called them the "Bringers of Doom." The ninja head out to warn the city.

Meanwhile, in Borg Tower, a watchman explains to his partner that artifacts from Hiroshi's Labyrinth had been relocated to the tower because it has better security. Unbeknownst to them, darkness escaped from the Realm Crystal and started to engulf the tower. The two escaped and wheeled Borg out while the other citizens evacuated.

The ninja arrived at the Bounty and admired it. When they tried to fly, they realized that the thrust lever was wired backward. After Zane fixed the label, they took off.

The Commissioner was working on a model boat, but an officer came in and told him that there was trouble in Ninjago. In the city, the dark clouds started petrifying everyone in its path. Zane claimed that they were too late and the ninja sped off to rescue the people. The Commissioner and cops tried to stop the darkness, but without proper weapons, they had to back away. Fortunately, the ninja arrived in time to save them and helped them up to the Bounty. The ninja's Elemental Powers had no effect on the darkness, even when they used them together, and they also had to evacuate. Cole was grabbed by one of the tentacles, but Lloyd saved him. They saved more citizens, and Cole explained what the tentacle felt like. He said that he saw something inside the cloud that looked like an Oni, so the ninja went back to Kryptarium to get Garmadon. Without another choice, they release him from prison.

The ninja went back on the Bounty and discussed if Garmadon can be trusted. While they were talking, Garmadon turned the engines off. Zane was able to hit the ignition switch right before they crashed and berated Garmadon. Zane suggests Lloyd watch Garmadon so he doesn't cause more trouble. He followed them to the cabinet, and Lloyd explained the photos on the wall are for memories. Garmadon finds a photo of his reformed self with Lloyd, but after throwing it and breaking the frame, he said sentimental feelings will slow him down. Lloyd became angry at him and put the photo back in its place.

Meanwhile, Cole overheard Kai and Jay discussing his Yin-Yang promise to Nya. They tried to tell Jay to do it as soon as possible, but Zane told the ninja they are needed in the bridge. Once they got there, Garmadon told them they need to destroy the Realm Crystal to stop the Oni from arriving into Ninjago. Zane found out the Crystal is in Borg Tower and Garmadon said that only Oni can survive the dark clouds. He, however, needs a weapon but the others are hesitant. Lloyd said he is part Oni and could survive too and that he is going with him.

After the Bounty landed on the outskirts of the city, Jay tried to ask Nya to be his Yang but decided to tell her later when Garmadon made him lose his confidence. She then flew the Bounty above Borg Tower and Zane gave Lloyd a head-cam. Lloyd instructed Cole to give Garmadon a sword but once he did, he started attacking. They fought back and Garmadon gained his Destruction. He jumped off and Lloyd followed behind.

The ninja went to the computer to watch Lloyd through his head-cam. Lloyd started to suffocate but recovered. They then came across a solidified Borg. Lloyd insists they take Borg back, but Garmadon refused to help him and states it will slow them down. Lloyd then told Borg they will fix him and they continued their journey.

In the NGTV building, Vinny tried to send a distress signal. The ninja picked it up but was not quick enough to respond. They needed to rescue them, and P.I.X.A.L. decided to stay behind in case Lloyd and Garmadon needed her. She took off in her Samurai Mech and the ninja left with the Bounty.

Garmadon and Lloyd then encountered two Oni outside of the tower. When Lloyd was about to be attacked, Garmadon saved him and revealed he only did it because they stand a better chance of saving the city if there are both of them. They walk closer to the Crystal, and Zane said it was interfering with the head cam's signal. Garmadon tried to destroy the Crystal, but an Oni emerged and stopped him. After the Oni blocked all of their attacks, Spinjitzu included, Lloyd's head-cam was broken. The Oni introduced himself as the Omega and questioned why Garmadon, an Oni hybrid, didn't take over Ninjago. Garmadon answered by saying if Ninjago is going to be taken over, it will be him instead. The father-son duo then continued to clash with him.

Picking up where the last episode left off, Lloyd and Garmadon continue fighting the Omega, who launches Lloyd into a vault in the next room containing the Sword of Sanctuary. However, Lloyd learns that the future reflections did not influence the battle in his favor, and instead aims for the Realm Crystal while Garmadon kept Omega busy. The Omega reveals to Lloyd and Garmadon that destroying the crystal did nothing, as it was only needed to open the Oni's gateway into Ninjago. Soon, more Oni are summoned into Ninjago, which prompts Lloyd and Garmadon to attempt an escape. They are soon surrounded when they run out of vaults to enter but noticed the Oni weren't attacking them. They turned around to find the Golden Master's armor and discovered that the Oni were afraid of its power. They managed to escape the Borg Tower vaults, but when they tried to contact the ninja, P.I.X.A.L. responds, telling them that the ninja had to tend to a distress call. P.I.X.A.L decides to enter the darkness alone, despite Lloyd's warnings, but on her way down she discovers that she was running low on fuel as a result of waiting in the sky for so long.

The ninja were able to locate the source of the distress call, pinpointing its location to be the NGTV building, which has almost been fully consumed by the darkness. While the employees were reaching the rooftop, Jay and Cole help them up onto the Bounty. However, the darkness soon began to creep up on the roof, prompting Cole and Jay to tell Nya to make a quick escape. Nya accidentally pushed the thrust lever the wrong way, causing Cole to lose his grip, and the ladder to snap partially. Once he regained his grip, he realized it was too late, as his ladder broke completely, sending him into the cloud as the others watch from above. Nya puts the Bounty onto full thrust, and as Kai tries to turn the Bounty around, Zane stops him, and they fly away as the darkness consumes the NGTV building.

P.I.X.A.L. contacts Lloyd and informs him that she only has one chance to pick them up, as her mech is nearly out of fuel. On the ground, Lloyd and Garmadon are cornered on a bridge by Oni when P.I.X.A.L. swoops in and picks them up. As they fly up towards the sky, P.I.X.A.L. contacts Nya, and she estimates that the others can get to them in two minutes. When P.I.X.A.L., Lloyd, and Garmadon reach the sky, they run out of fuel and begin to topple back down towards the cloud before crash landing onto the Bounty. After Lloyd gets up, he realizes that Cole is missing, and Zane and Kai tell him that Cole fell into the cloud. Nya blames herself, but Kai and Jay reassure her, telling her that it was an accident. Garmadon insists that they must keep going now that they have the Golden Armor, but Lloyd retaliates in anger and storms off, claiming that he will never understand what it is like to lose family because he cares about nothing but himself. Garmadon tries to persuade Zane to see the logic in the given circumstances, but he too storms off. The others follow, leaving Garmadon alone on the deck.

Back in the sleeping quarters, Garmadon once again views the photos of the ninja. He attempts a smile but wards it off. His eye is then drawn to the photo of Master Garmadon and Lloyd, which makes him think. Before he got too far into his thoughts, he was interrupted by Vinny, who was looking for the bathroom, Before sending Vinny off, Garmadon asks him what is more important than survival. Vinny states that good qualities such as friendship, love, harmony, trust, the truth, and courage are all more important than survival as they make life worthwhile, and that life itself would be meaningless without those qualities. Understanding the answer, Garmadon thanks Vinny and sends him away before looking at the photo of Master Garmadon and Lloyd again.

At the rear of the Bounty, Nya is mourning Cole's supposed loss. Kai comes out and comforts her, saying that Cole would want them to keep fighting. He encourages Nya that she is the smart one of the team, as she and Zane are always thinking of plans, but notes that Zane isn't much help at the current moment. Reinvigorated with confidence and taking Garmadon's advice, Nya suggests that they set a course for the Monastery of Spinjitzu, as it has a forge that can be used to reforge the Golden Armor into weapons. Kai mentions that they can't use any old blacksmith to forge the weapons, but Nya tells him that his Fire will be used to reforge the weapons. While he is hesitant at first, Nya encourages him, and they both look into the sunset as Kai accepts that the fate of Ninjago rests on his shoulders.

Back inside the cloud, Cole is lying on the floor, untouched by the Oni. The Oni tendrils tangle around him and begin to consume him.

Now in better condition, Faith tells the story of how the Oni suddenly returned to the Realm of Oni and Dragons, and the Dragon Hunters were unable to fight back, forcing Faith and Firstbourne to flee to Ninjago. Wu and Misako try encouraging Faith that it was best for her to flee than fight. Moments later, the ninja return, informing Wu that Cole is gone and the Realm Crystal's destruction didn't stop the Oni as they expected. Garmadon then arrives to the temple, handing Wu the Golden Master's armor to stop the Oni. Nya proposes that Kai uses his element to reforge the Golden Weapons, which he promptly does. After distributing the weapons, the monks warn of the Oni's arrival at the monastery.

In Ninjago City, Cole awakens, having survived the fall from the Bounty. He manages to remotely activate and drive the Earth Driller to his location and bears the brunt of the Oni darkness to make his way to the vehicle. At the monastery, the ninja, Wu, Faith, and Lord Garmadon unite to hold off the Omega's Oni legions. A battle begins outside the monastery, with the Oni steadily overwhelming the ninja and their allies until Cole returns in the Earth Driller. Overjoyed by his return, the ninja gain a second wind and continue the battle. Unfortunately, the powers of the Golden Weapons are still not enough to stop the Oni; even the Omega manages to beat down both Garmadon (briefly in his temporary Oni Form) and Lloyd, taunting the former of his desire to regain his humanity. Realizing they are losing the fight, Lloyd drags his father up the steps and urges his allies to retreat within the monastery.

As the gates are sealed, Jay finally asks Nya to be his Yang, as Kai and Cole criticize him for his timing. She excitedly agrees to his request, much to the others' delight. Lloyd looks at the Ninjago history mural and proposes that they reignite the Tornado of Creation to condemn the Oni. Despite Lloyd's pleas, Garmadon refuses to help them, though the tornado requires them to be united. With their combined Spinjitzu, Wu and the ninja ignite the tornado after the Oni break through the gates. Despite his hesitance and after seeing a painting of Lloyd getting wiped by one of the Oni tentacles, Garmadon willingly gives in and performs Spinjitzu as well, completing the Tornado of Creation—which vanquishes the Omega and his army of Oni.

In a dreamlike state, Lloyd awakens and is greeted by the First Spinjitzu Master in a grassland. He thanks Lloyd for his continued efforts to save Ninjago, and offers him a choice—to come with him to a secretive place, or continue to protect Ninjago. Lloyd seems to decline the former offer.

The ninja are then shown waking up from their state of unconsciousness inflicted by the Tornado of Creation, except for Lloyd, who has been crushed by falling debris. The First Spinjitzu Master sends a petal from the grassland, which floats over Lloyd and brings him back to Ninjago, much to the joy and relief of his friends. Lloyd attempts to tell them that he met the First Spinjitzu Master, but they believe that his brain is simply addled from being hurt.

Meanwhile, Ninjago, the Realm of Oni and Dragons, and their inhabitants had been purified from the darkness. While everyone is celebrating, Garmadon leaves the monastery. Before Garmadon leaves, he shares a calm gaze with Wu, who bids him farewell.

Sometime later, Karlof, Ronin, Skylor, Cyrus Borg, Dareth, P.I.X.A.L., and others watch as the ninja put their handprints on the Ninjago history mural, as Firstbourne flies overhead.

Season 11: Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu (Summer 2019 and Fall 2019)


Ninjago Season 11- Part 1 - The Fire Chapter Official Trailer


Ninjago Season 11- Part 2 - The Ice Chapter Official Trailer

Six months after they defeated the Oni, the Ninja have become relaxed, lazy, and out of shape. In order to keep their skills and powers intact, they search for activity or a threat to face. This is unfruitful, as Ninjago has been in a state of lasting peace. However, Zane begins suffering odd visions of him being killed by Snake Queen Aspheera, Leader and Queen of the evil Pyro Vipers who are destroying Ninjago. As well as a mysterious castle guarded by Boreal and home to the Ice Emperor and his Blizzard Samurai. While Zane remains unsure about these frightening visions, the Ninja find their quest when Professor Clutch Powers discovers a mysterious Ancient Pyramid which supposedly only a Ninja could survive exploring. In the tomb of the Ancient pyramid, Aspheera steals Kai's powers. The Ninja are trapped in the tomb while the snakes attack Ninjago, but P.I.X.A.L. later rescues them after a warning from Clutch Powers. Aspheera goes to the museum to steal the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and succeeds. Kai, Cole, and Jay meet Skales and the Serpentine. The Serpentine tell them that Aspheera's goal is revenge on the Treacherous Deceiver. At first they think it is Garmadon, but when they inform Wu, he reveals that he is the deceiver. Wu tells them that the humans and Serpentine were at peace with each other and no one from each tribe would attack each other. Wu and Garmadon go and have a look at their palace, and are captured and later freed by Aspheera. Wu agrees to pay her for letting him escape by teaching her Spinjitzu on the condition that she doesn't use it for evil. Aspheera breaks her promise by overthrowing the Serpentine King and attacking the humans with Spinjitzu. Wu and Garmadon take the scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu written by their father and help the Serpentine King take his palace back with Aspheera swearing revenge on Wu. Zane, Lloyd, and Nya steal the second scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and run to the monastery where Aspheera is attacking them. They battle Aspheera with the second scroll and the battle ends with Zane freezing the snakes and him being banished to the Never-Realm. Wu wants to travel there alone to save Zane but the Ninja refuse. P.I.X.A.L. sends them to the Never-Realm using Aspheera's staff. Wu reveals that Traveler's Tea grown in Ninjago cannot work in the Never-Realm. The Ninja arrive in the Never-Realm and are brought to a village where they reveal their agenda.

Season 12: Prime Empire (Spring 2020)

Ninjago - Season 12 - Official Trailer-0

Accross Ninjago, every arcade machine has turned into a Prime Empire game. Upon beating Level 13 of Prime Empire the player is able to enter the game. The Ninja - except Zane - enter Prime Empire in order to stop Unagami before it is too late. Unbeknownst to the Ninja inside Prime Empire, The Mechanic is constructing a portal between the game and the real world. As a part of this plan, ever player who loses all of their lives is turned into an energy cube. As the Ninja progress though the game all but Jay are cubed. Jay faces Unagami at the end of the game, however it is too late and the portal is opened. Once in the real world Prime Empire's creator, Milton Dyer, is able to talk to Unagami. He tells him that what he is doing is wrong and to release those he has trapped in the game. Unagami agrees and turns into the appearence appearance of a young boy, thus releasing the Ninja and everyone trapped in Prime Empire.

Season 13: Master of the Mountain (Summer 2020)

The Ninja are invited to the birthday party of the Princess Vania in the far away land of Shintaro. Once they arrive, they discover that underneath the city lies the Skull Sorcerer and his dungeon. In time it is discovered that Vania's father is in fact the Skull Sorcerer. Using the ancient Skull of Hazza D'ur, King Vangelis has been enslaving Geckles and Munce, who are native to Shintaro, and forcing them to mine for Vengestone. Cole connects with memories of his mother and the earth around him in order to defeat the Skull Sorcerer.

At the monastery, Lloyd brings in some laundry into the living room, where he discovers Cole playing video games and eating junk food on the couch while Wu's chicken observes. Lloyd is at first annoyed that Cole is slacking off when they are all doing chores and preparations, especially when he's playing the game they barely got out alive of, Prime Empire. Though Lloyd is initially annoyed, Cole assures him and that Dyer and Unagami worked out the kinks, and the game is good to play now. Lloyd then shrugs it off and joins in, deciding that one match won't hurt.

Outside, Nya and Jay are raking leaves on the training yard while Zane and P.I.X.A.L. are setting up turrets on the base of the gates. Bored, Jay suggests they do Spinjitzu to make things go quicker. Nya believes that Master Wu wouldn't appreciate them abusing the power of Spinjitzu just to make things go by, but she is ultimately ignored as Jay had already done so and put all the leaves into a pile. Just as they are about to go inside, Wu, who caught in Jay using Spinjitzu, walks out of the leaves. Instead of being angry, he walks by and ignores their questions on why he's being so calm.

Lloyd finds Wu in the library, asking why he's been so down and absent-minded lately. Misako then wanders in, asking him the same question. Wu shares his thoughts; he's proud of how much his students have grown, yet this makes him feel like he isn't needed anymore, especially since his help was not needed much on their recent adventures and that he is old. Lloyd disapproves of this, reminding Wu that he once defeated the ninja all at once. While Wu is touched by this, he still feels like he and the others have turned from students to masters.

Outside, the Postman arrived with a letter, which Lloyd assumes that someone found the Teapot of Tyrahn, Pythor, or his father, but the Postman tells him it is an invitation from the Kingdom of Shintaro to attend Princess Vania's birthday. All the ninja get really excited about this and immediately prepare for the trip. Lloyd later tells Wu and Misako about the situation, trying to persuade Wu to come along with them. Wu refuses and states that adventuring is for the young. Accidentally insulting Misako in the process, leading to her forcing him to go.

The ninja and Wu ride the Destiny's Bounty to the Kingdom of Shintaro. Along the way, they admire the beauty of the scenery until they hear a loud sound. Zane then reveals to the ninja that there's a species of bats called the Dire Bats which live in the mountains, which historians have been arguing whether this species actually exists. Jay thinks the entire story is made up but is suddenly grabbed by one. Jay screams in horror as another Dire Bats swipes Nya and attempts to kidnap her, but Lloyd knocks the bat away from Nya. Meanwhile, Kai spots multiple Dire Bats tearing the sails of the Bounty, so he shoots fireballs, attempting to shoo them off. While all of this is going on, Cole jumps onto a Dire Bat and saves Jay who is dropped by the bat that kidnapped him. Jay and Cole are then able to get back to the Bounty when Kai tosses them a rope as they fell. Soon, a Dire Bat attempts to take Wu, but Zane saves him, and the bat instead, hits the pole carrying the sail, which causes the Bounty to tilt to its right and descend rapidly. The ninja brace for impact and are just about to crash when the ship suddenly shudders and seemingly tilts itself back, floating once again.

The ninja soon discover the Army of Shintaro carrying the underside of the Bounty. At the same time, Hailmar greets the ninja, and explain the Dire Bats to the ninja. He then introduces them to the Kingdom of Shintaro on the horizon.

The Army of Shintaro land the Destiny's Bounty safely on the Kingdom of Shintaro. The ninja and Wu are led by Hailmar to be welcomed to Shintaro by King Vangelis and Princess Vania. Princess Vania shows significant interest in the ninja's adventures, directing this interest towards Cole. When Jay pointed out that Vania likes Cole, Lloyd grows suspicious of Vania.

That night, Cole goes to his room within the palace for the night as with all of the other ninja and Wu. Lloyd stealthily follows Cole into his room and tells Cole of his suspicion of Vania, which Cole brushes off, teasing that Lloyd only feels this way because of Harumi. Lloyd denies this and leaves and Cole prepares to sleep, as Cole does this, a Geckle named Gleck enters the room. This awakes Cole just before the Geckle leaps onto Cole's bed, mistaking him for someone named Gilly. The Geckle attempts to leave upon realizing their mistake, but not before Cole tackles him, revealing a necklace that holds photos of Cole's parents. Cole is confused by the pendant, however, the Geckle snatches it back and leaves the room through the window. The Winged Guards of Shintaro hear the struggle between the Geckle and Cole, asking if Cole is fine. He is bewildered by the creature's sudden disappearance. Cole afterward goes to round up Wu and the ninja to discuss what happened.

As Cole describes the events that briefly transpired, none of the ninja nor Wu believe him. Wu decides to talk about it the next morning, leaving Cole slightly agitated, however, wary of the Geckle still.

As Cole walks back to his room, Vania follows, Cole believing it is the Geckle, confronts her, and realizes his mistake. Cole apologizes and explains his situation to Vania who believes him. Vania considers the possibility of what happened and shows Cole to a mine's entrance. Vania herself does not know what the Geckles are. The two enter and explore in search of the Geckle. After exploring they find an active part of the mine within the Dungeons of Shintaro. Here, the two watch the Munce and Geckles mining unhappily while the Re-Awakened watch. A Geckle accidentally rides a Mino within the mine into three passing Munce, toppling some of the minerals within the cart towed by the creature. This creates a large noise, disturbing the Skull Sorcerer enters the main mining area from the Skull Keep, who reminds them of his warning about stopping before punishing the enslaved Munce and Geckles. Cole comments that he thinks the Skull Sorcerer is a "bad guy" for chaining the people up and tells Vania to tell the others. When Vania asks what Cole will do meanwhile, Cole resolves to confront the Skull Sorcerer.

Almost immediately after Cole introduces himself to the Skull Sorcerer and calls him a jerk, the Skull Sorcerer orders the Re-Awakened to capture Cole. Cole finds that his powers do not work in the mine. At first, Cole is able to defeat several of them, but using the Skull of Hazza D'ur, the Skull Sorcerer revives the fallen warriors. Cole is overwhelmed and captured.

The ninja minus Cole venerate the palace gardens in the Kingdom of Shintaro. Suddenly, Vania comes out of the tunnel to warn the ninja about everything she saw, including Cole who is still behind. They then sprint to the throne room to warn King Vangelis.

However, Vangelis is very disappointed in Vania for breaking the rules, which forbid anyone from entering the Dungeons of Shintaro. Vangelis promises Wu he will send reinforcement to find Cole. Kai volunteers by saying he and the other ninja will go too, but Vangelis prohibits them from entering. Nya then realized that Cole was telling the truth about the creature he saw, and Vania soon realize that her imaginary friend is actually real and not made up. Vangelis explains he lied to Vania on purpose and that she will understand when older. Kai rejects Vangelis' demands, but Wu silences him and promises Vangelis they will obey his orders.

As soon as they head outside the throne room, Wu tells the ninja they must find Cole and that he didn't want to anger Vangelis. Wu then asks Vania if she can show them the tunnel and she eagerly agrees.

Meanwhile, Cole is forced into labor by the Re-Awakened. While he is mining, he talks to Murt and asks how long he's been working, but he gives a redundant answer. Cole then asks Gliff if there's any way to escape, and he replies no. An Awaken Warrior then whips in the direction of Cole for not working.

Vania shows the ninja the tunnel leading to the Dungeons of Shintaro. At the same time, Cole tries to ask Murt a question, but Gliff decides to interfere, which causes tension between the two. That's when all of Munces and Geckles stare down each other until it's time for their meal. While they are eating, Cole once again goes to Murt and asks him if there is anyone smarter than him, but he gives a puzzling answer. He then calls the Earth Ninja "Mole". Despite Cole having to correct him multiple times, Murt still calls him "Mole".

Soon, the ninja finally arrive and discover Cole, who is walking towards his cage. While the ninja are making their way down, Cole begins eating until a Mino approaches him. He offers the Mino his Glop and the Mino quickly devours the entire bowl. Finally, the ninja arrive at the front of the cage and use the key Kai stole from the Awakened Warrior. After Cole is saved, the ninja release the Munce and Geckles from their cages. The two tribes praise the ninja until Murt realizes the ninja also rescued the Geckles. Both tribes begin to argue with each other and eventually start fighting.

While the ninja are trying to run away and restore order, more Awakened Warriors started attacking. While the ninja are able to defeat them easily, the Skull Sorcerer arrives and uses the Skull of Hazza D'ur to revive the previously defeated skeletons. The ninja soon get captured and are also forced into slave labor, leading to Jay calling the plan terrible.

Master Wu and Vania are inside the Kingdom of Shintaro, using cardboard cut-outs of the ninja when being watched by the Army of Shintaro. They do this to keep Vania's father from knowing that the ninja are actually in the Dungeons of Shintaro, though Wu and Vania have hope they are just fine.

However, that's not the case as the ninja are forced to mine for an unknown substance. As Lloyd is mining, he realizes it's Vengestone which is why the ninja are unable to use their Elemental Powers. The ninja then see one of the Re-Awakened using a whip to punish a Mino for not working hard enough. Cole catches sight of the torture and throws his ax at the Awaken Warrior's whip, causing it to fly out of his hands. The undead skeleton then attempts to punish Cole, but Nya is able to grab the Awaken Warrior and Cole finishes him off by dropping his ball chain on the skeleton.

The Geckles as well as the Munce appreciate the ninja for standing up, but the ninja are met with reinforcement and are imprisoned for their actions. As they stand, Murt gives Lloyd some food, but Gliff tells Lloyd to not trust him. The two then get into an argument before Lloyd breaks up the two. Lloyd then asks why the two tribes dislike each other and the rest of the ninja also ask.

Gliff tells the ninja about the two Blades of Deliverance: the Ivory Blade of Deliverance and the Shadow Blade of Deliverance. He said it was possessed by a powerful warrior named "Gilly" although Murt believes the name is "Milly". During the time when the Geckles and Munce were living in fear due to a dragon, the warrior went up and defeated the dragon. After "Gilly" defeated the dragon, "Gilly" gave the Ivory Blade of Deliverance to the Geckles while giving the Shadow Blade of Deliverance to the Munce. Gliff then starts to argue blaming the Munce for stealing the other sword while Murt thinks the opposite.

After the ninja hear the story, they wonder if someone else stole the Blades of Deliverance and caused the rift between the two tribes so they couldn't fight the Skull Sorcerer. Lloyd then formulates a plan to break out, but it requires Cole to find common ground between the two tribes.

While they are working, Cole informs Gliff to tell the rest of his tribe to meet at a specific spot during their break and to not fight with the other tribe. However, when Gliff is trying to spread the news, the rest of the Geckles misinterpreted and think they are going to fight. They end up being disappointed that they're not going to fight, but Lloyd promises to get them the two blades back as long as the two tribes don't fight.

The ninja begin their escape by using their food to pour onto the chains. Cole then gets the attention of one of the Minos to eat the food which allows the chains to break easily. One of the Awakened Warriors spot the open cage but are destroyed by the ninja. They then split up with Cole and Lloyd trying to find one of the blades while the rest of the ninja would free the Munce.

Cole and Lloyd head pass some passageways and think they've uncovered one of the swords, but it turns out to be the Skull of Hazza D'ur. The Skull Sorcerer then arrives and uses the skull to attack the ninja, but they dodge the attacks and flee. Meanwhile, the ninja are able to free the Munces, but the Awakened Warriors also run towards them. To buy time, Kai, Jay, and Zane pour food on the Awakened Warriors while Nya is able to free the rest of the Minos to chase the skeletons.

Cole and Lloyd then jump onto a cage and land onto the ground where all of the chaos is happening. All of the ninja are able to escape with Kai and Zane taking one tunnel the Geckles are taking while Jay, Nya, and Lloyd take another one with the Munce. However, Cole is forced to take a completely different tunnel all by himself when he keeps getting blocked off and with the Skull Sorcerer attacking him. The Skull Sorcerer chases Cole, but thanks to the help of a Mino, loses sight of him when he runs through the tunnel. When realizing that there are multiple different tunnels and not knowing which one Cole ran through, he yells in anger.

Jay, Nya, and Lloyd follow the Munce to their home; however, Murt cannot remember where to go. He points out their possible paths, including the one where they just came from. Jay groans, thinking they'll never escape the tunnels, but Nya finds footprints and they follow the tracks.

The ninja finally arrive at the Munce Home-Cave and are amazed at the architecture. Before they could enter, two Munce Sentries ask who is entering and Murt is confused at the question until Lloyd tells him who they're talking about. Murt tells them his name, and the two guards realize he escaped from the Skull Sorcerer. He then credits the ninja and they're invited into the Throne Room to meet Queen Murtessa.

Murtessa realizes it's Murt and he shows the ninja who helped him escape. Murt then explains how they were able to escape the Skull Sorcerer using exaggerated body motions. Murtessa then approaches the ninja and takes affection for Jay, thanking them for saving her people. She then turns to Nya and thinks she some sort of servant, but Jay corrects her saying she is his Yang. Murtessa then heads back saying they could have anything they wanted, even Nya who she despises and calls her a "Yang-Servant".

Nya gets frustrated that she was called a "Yang Servant" and is upset at Jay for not saying anything. Lloyd tells them to calm down and notices a picture depicting a warrior fighting a dragon. Lloyd wonders if the warrior is "Gilly". The Munce guards then ask the ninja if they would like to eat with Murtessa, and they all happily agree, but the guards would only allow Jay to dine with Murtessa. Nya is then irate and demands they should all eat together since they're a team. Nya asks Jay if he agrees, but he's about to enter the dining room, so she grabs Jay and asks again. Jay finally agrees and the guards allow the ninja to enter.

Inside the dining room, Murtessa originally sees Jay enter the room and is elated, but her mood switches to annoyance when she sees Nya and Lloyd enter the room. Murtessa asks if Jay knows Spinjitzu and he replies yes. She then asks Jay if he has Elemental Powers, and once again, he replies with yes. Nya then tries to tell Murtessa they all have powers, but she doesn't care and asks Jay if he can show a demonstration. Jay then uses Lightning to turn all of the green crystals light blue, which impresses everyone. Murtessa walks up to Jay and asks if he's betrothed and Nya sharply replies that he's in love with her. Murtessa and Nya then stare each other down, and Lloyd tries to get things back on track, but Murtessa kicks everyone's food and demands a duel with Nya. Nya is shocked that she has to fight for the right to be Jay's love interest, so Murtessa taunts Nya saying she's a child. Nya, getting hot-tempered, accepts the duel.

As Nya gets prepared to battle Murtessa, Lloyd and Jay beg her to not fight, citing that there are better options. Nya then asks Jay what would happen if she didn't fight. She tells Jay Murtessa wants him to be the King and he would have to stay down in the cave forever, as well as eating disgusting food. Jay then realizes it and cheers for Nya to pull out a victory.

Inside the arena, Nya attempts to attack Murtessa; however, Murtessa is able to avoid it. Murtessa then performs some weird moves before finally curling up into a ball and knocking Nya off her feet. Nya tries to get up, but Murtessa continues to roll Nya over. After getting beaten up, Nya decides to use Spinjitzu and is able to knock Murtessa unconscious. The Munce realize Murtessa lost, and begin chanting "Queen Mya", and the ninja realize they have bigger problems.

Kai suspects they may be walking in circles when he and Zane are trying to find their way out. Zane assures him that his internal gyroscopic positioning would alert him if so, but states that if the surroundings were ferrous or magnetic, he won't be alerted. Just then, they run into three Geckles, who are singing a song about Gilly while collecting moss-milk. One of them accidentally falls and drops his Moss Milk on Kai, blowing their cover. They accuse the ninja of working for the Skull Sorcerer and try to destroy them, but one suggests that they bring them to their chancellor for him to decide, which Kai agrees with.

After a statement from both sides, Chancellor Gulch decides on a Trial-By-Mino to determine the pair's innocence due to strong arguments from both sides. They are dropped into an arena where they dodge the attacks of an angry Mino, but their elemental powers won't work. Zane scans the Mino and discovers that its armor is made of Vengestone. Gulch is surprised that the two have lasted longer than most, and declares them not-skeletons. Zane manages to remove the Mino's armor, and it calms down, even rolling over and licking the two. Kai yells that since friends help friends, not-skeletons should help not-skeletons too, and they are brought before Gulch again.

Gulch questions the ninja's identities, and Gleck suggests that they are Elemental Masters, which means they may know Gilly. Meanwhile, Zane notices Gleck's necklace and realizes that it is the one Cole claimed to have seen. The two tell them that while they do not know Gilly, they are Elemental Masters, and they display their powers. Zane states that they are looking for their friends, and Gulch agrees to help them in light of the dishonor they brought upon themselves by suspecting the ninja. He then promptly resigns as chancellor and gives the position to Kai, which all the Geckles agree to by throwing rocks at him. He accepts the position reluctantly and tells them not to throw things at him anymore, but the Geckles throw more rocks at him in support of his proposal. He then asks for information on the Skull Sorcerer at Zane's suggestion.

Gulch takes them to the story cave and tells them of their people's origin. During their dark ages, a great hero Gilly arrived to save them from Grief-Bringer and gifted them with the Blades of Deliverance, but it was stolen by the Munce. Kai quickly cuts him off, as they already knew that part of the story, and asks about the Skull Sorcerer. Gulch says that three adventurers had ventured deep into the tunnels where all Geckles are forbidden to enter, and awoke an ancient evil - the Skull Sorcerer and the Re-Awakened. He captured many Geckles and Munce to mine for him, and where they once lived openly, they must hide and pray that the Skull Sorcerer doesn't find them.

Kai decides that to defeat the Skull Sorcerer, he must unite the Geckles and Munce, so he proposes teaming up with the Munce, only for the suggestion to be perceived as a joke. He states that they need a different approach, to which Zane expresses his agreement by throwing a rock at his head.

Back at the Kingdom of Shintaro, Vania is wondering what if she should save the ninja or hope that they are alright and hopefully they can save themselves. She asks Chompy, but the dragon believes she should relax.

However, Cole is in deep trouble as he hangs off a branch overlooking a deep abyss below, while screaming for help. Cole tries to come up with a plan and spots a skeleton holding a hook. Without notice, the branch breaks, but Cole is able to hang onto the skeleton's legs. He then lassoses the hook onto a rock, but the skeleton breaks as well. Cole tries to climb using the hook and rope, but the rock also breaks. Luckily, he hangs onto a cliff and screams for help.

Suddenly, he encounters Dire Bats and one of them picks Cole up. The other one tries to clasp Cole, but it results in Cole falling until a third Dire Bat takes him and begins flying away from the group. While being chased, Cole uses his Earth Punch to slow down the other Dire Bats. He then is able to break free from the Dire Bat who had Cole and runs to a cave. Unexpectedly, the Dire Bat retreats and Cole brags on how superior his abilities are, but he runs into a giant spider.

The spider comes down from its web and tries to eat Cole. At first, Cole is able to hold up until the spider shoots webs at Cole's hand, and eventually his entire body. Facing certain doom, Vania and Chompy came in to fight the spider. Chompy tries to give aid, but the spider simply swipes the small dragon. Vania then hurls her spear at the spider, but the spider defect it. Vania gets frustrated at the spider, and unknowing to Vania, Chompy turns into a gigantic dragon, and the spider flees. Cole tells Vania about Chompy, but Vania thought he was overthinking it.

Back at the kingdom, Wu enjoys his cup of tea as well as the sweet smell of flowers blossoming. He wishes to enjoy the moment with the ninja, but quickly turns around to find Cole and Vania out of the mines. Wu is flustered at Vania for not keeping her promise, and Vania apologizes to Wu. While this is all going on, Chompy climbs on Wu, and questions whose dragon it is. Vania replies that the dragon is her's and tells Chompy to stop eating the flowers. Cole then tells Wu about the Skull Sorcerer and the Re-Awakened, so they immediately head to Vangelis to warn him.

Wu, Vania, Cole, and Chompy interrupt Vangelis to tell him everything they witness. Once again, Vangelis criticizes Vania for going to the mines, as he was trying to protect her. However, when Cole incorrectly mentions that the Skull Sorcerer having a red skull, Vangelis corrects him by revealing the skull. Suddenly, he transforms into the Skull Sorcerer, which shocks everyone.

The Skull Sorcerer claims in order to keep the Sky Folk's city intact, he forces the Munce and Geckles to mine Vengestone for his customer, who would later pay Vangelis to keep the kingdom. Vania cannot believe it, and Cole shouts his reign will end, so Vangelis throws the Skull of Hazza D'ur at Wu and Cole. Chompy then tries to attack, but Vangelis hits the little dragon. Vangelis then activates his trap door to drop Cole and Wu into the pit. Vania decides to grab a pair of Shintaro wings, and Vangelis threatens Vania saying if she were to jump, he would no longer consider her to be his daughter. Vania ignores her father and still jumps to go after Cole and Wu.

After Vangelis watches Vania go after Cole and Wu by using a pair of Shintaro Wings, Vangelis reverts into his civilian outfit and demands the guards to enter. He makes up a story blaming Chompy for pushing Vania into the hole and commands the guards to lock up the "beast". At first, Hailmar and the guards are confused since Chompy is Vania's pet, but Vangelis orders them again. They then pick up the weak dragon and take him away.

While Cole is screaming and falling, he spots Wu who is above him. Cole shouts to Wu, but Wu cannot hear him. Cole then screams even louder to see if Wu is alright and Wu says he's okay for the moment. Cole then tells Wu to accelerate so he can hear Wu, but Wu tells Cole to slow down his fall. Cole doesn't know how to stop, and all he gets from Wu is to flap his arms, but Wu yells for Cole to use his Elemental Powers. Cole flaps his arms anyways, but it proves to be useless.

Wu then hears Vania from above. She hollers at Wu to slow down his fall by flapping his arms, but it doesn't work. Cole then spots some vines, so he grabs onto a couple, but his momentum causes the vines to break. Realizing it doesn't work, he is able to grab Wu's hand and they wait for Vania. She is able to get into their range, and she tells them to grab onto her as he uses the wings; however, they break and all three fall.

With no end in sight, they all scream until landing onto a spider web. All three of them are stuck because of the spider web and Cole starts to freak out. Vania tells Cole to calm down and talks about reading a book by Clutch Powers. Before she could finish her sentence, she screams in horror as an enormous spider approaches them.

The spider takes Cole and wraps him in webs. Another spider decides to join and fights for Cole. While both are fighting, the one holding Cole drops him, but a third spider takes Cole. Vania is able to break free and distracts the spider by throwing objects at the spider which causes it to drop Cole. The spider then goes after Vania, so she finds some weapons to fight. She throws a spear at the spider, but it continues to head for Vania. She then climbs onto a ledge and when given the chance, she jumps onto the spider and gives Wu a spear to free Cole. However, the three are surrounded by the three spiders, so Cole decides to cut the web causing them to fall.

Cole, Wu, and Vania starting sliding down the caves before landing in a stream. They try to hang onto rocks but continue to drift. They then find what they thought was another rock, but it turns out to be a stone turtle. They continue down the stream before encountering a whirlpool. Wu tells Cole to use his powers to break a stalactite, but Cole doesn't know how to do so. Wu tells Cole to concentrate and after a bit of difficulty, he causes the stalactite to break off the cave and stop the whirlpool.

The three climb to the top of the stalactite tired and exhausted. Suddenly, the stalactite breaks, and they are sucked into the whirlpool and are spat out to a small lake. Cole drags Wu and Vania out of the water, observes, and lies down. That's when Fungus approaches him and introduces himself. The other members including Plundar, Korgran, and Adam greet Cole, but he faints. What they don't realize is they are at Rock-Bottom.

Cole finally wakes up and gets scared by Adam, who hides behind Plundar after Cole screamed. At first, Cole is confused but spots Wu and Vania who greet him. Fungus then introduces the Upply, and Cole tells them they are needed because they're on a quest. However, the Upply freak-out and walk away from Cole. Cole then asks if they are adventurers and Korgran explains their story.

Some time ago, Korgran was facing a lizard monster. Although Korgran was getting slapped in the face by the monster's tail, he was able to punch its stomach and lift the monster in the air before slamming it down. He then tried to jump onto the monster, but he moved out of the way and pinned down Korgran. However, Korgran was able to grab the beast's tongue and tie it to his hands. Korgran's axe congratulated him, but only gave him credit for achieving victory half of the time.

Meanwhile, Korgran's father was stacking and counting coins, but he was interrupted by Korgran who had just defeated the monster. Korgran's father critiqued Korgran for using the third person because although he sounded barbaric, he believed it showed a lack of education. Korgran ignored his father and showed the supposed monster, but it turned out to be Ross. Korgran's father took him outside and told his son to stop talking to his ax. Korgran told his father about wanting to complete a quest so badly since his friends did it years ago, but he had already failed three quests due to attacking his own allies. Korgran's father then read a quest from the Kingdom of Shintaro, and Korgran accepted it.

Despite a little setback, Korgran was able to make it to the Ivory City. In addition to Korgran, Plundar and Fungus had also accepted the quest, and presented themselves to King Vangelis. He read a scroll and asked for them to bring the Skull of Hazza D'ur.

The Lowly were able to make it through the traps easily using Korgran's axe as well as Fungus' magic to freeze the spiders. However, one baby spider did not freeze and followed the group. While going through one of the traps, the spider triggered one causing the floor to shoot to the roof. Korgran pushed against the ceiling while Plundar changed one of the traps to return the floor to normal.

The group found the Skull of Hazza D'ur. Korgran tried to grab it, but the dark power attempted to possess Korgran, so he releases control of it. Korgran decided to use his ax and they headed out.

The Lowly showed Vangelis the skull and Korgran requested to destroy it, but Vangelis had other plans. He suggested keeping the skull to protect the Ivory City, but Fungus told Vangelis the skull was evil. Vangelis asked if they all thought it was evil, and they all agreed. Realizing they knew the truth, Vangelis banishes them from Shintaro, casting them out to Rock-Bottom.

After hearing their story, Cole promises they will get back at Vangelis and they will return. He also changes their name from the "Lowly" to the "Upply".

In a flashback, Lou brings Cole to Lilly's bedroom, who is very ill. Cole hugs her mother and wishes she was not sick anymore. Lilly then asks why Cole got in trouble at school, and Cole explains that a bully was picking on the little kids, and Cole wanted to stand up for what was right. He then apologizes for getting into a fight with the bully, but Lilly is proud of her son and wants Cole to promise her to always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust, and Cole promises.

Back at the present, the Upply, Cole, Wu, and Vania explore the caves. Plundar complains about the fact they have already explored the area many times, but Fungus tells Plundar that it does not hurt to explore it again. They end up reaching a dead end, so they head back. Once again, Plundar complains about walking so much that Vania argues that Cole is actually trying to help.

They head back to Rock-Bottom, where Cole's frustration for not finding a way out causes him to get upset. Wu poses a question to Cole, and he talks about feeling his mother's presence ever since discovering the necklace. He then questions why her mother would ever be down here. Wu tells Cole that Lilly was even more powerful due to being the closest to the Earth, and instead of the Skull Sorcerer trying to bury Cole as deep as possible, Cole has the possibility to find his true Elemental Powers. This gives inspiration to Cole, who tries to find his true powers.

Cole concentrates and his hands begin to glow. Suddenly, the immense rocks start to float and Cole uses a robust Earth Punch to discover a hidden cave underwater. Everyone follows Cole's lead as they swim inside the cave. While swimming, Cole helps out Vania who gets scared because of a skeleton, and Wu when a rock lands on him. Despite the trouble, everyone makes it out alive.

The Upply, Cole, Wu, and Vania then encounter a lava pond and three tunnels at the end. Wu instructs Cole to touch the ground and the Earth reveals the tunnel across the lava is the correct path. As usual, Plundar complains about having to cross through lava, and Cole is not happier with the option, but it is the only way. Concurrently, Korgran claims he drinks lava for breakfast and scoops up lava with his cup, but Plundar corrects him by saying he drinks juice. Suddenly, the mug catches fire and Plundar gets scared of the lava.

Cole reminds his team what they are here to seek which is to stop the Skull Sorcerer and save everyone underground. He asks Plundar what he is going to do, so he rolls his dice which forces him to take a chance along with everyone else.

While everyone else is crossing the lava with the provided rocks, Adam uses the ceiling to get through. Before they could cross to the other side, Cole senses danger which proves to be correct when a Lava Monster rises from the lava. Its tentacles attack the group, so Korgran uses his axe to cut the tentacles, but the Lava Monster grows more in replacement. Cole then uses his upgraded Elemental Powers to move rocks and use them to attack the Lava Monster. He also orders Wu to deflect the lava balls from the Lava Monster and for Fungus to distract the beast with his ice magic. Finally, he instructs Plundar to get a boulder that Adam climbs for. The Lava Monster attempts to burn Plundar, but Fungus uses his magic to freeze the monster. Adam then pushes the boulder and huge rock lands on the Lava Monster causing it to sink.

Safe from danger, Cole utilizes the robust Earth Punch to block the path just in case the Lava Monster decides to return. As Cole is leading, Plundar approaches Cole and apologizes to him for being so harsh. Cole accepts the apology, but the group knows they have a long task ahead of them.

The Munce fight each other after disagreeing with the ninja to team up with the Geckles. Lloyd even informs the Munce the Skull Sorcerer is the enemy, but they refuse to listen. Murtessa then tells Nya to use her powers to get the Munce's attention since the Munce respect power and strength. Nya decides to create a giant water ball and shoots it at one of the Munce. She then steps on the table and orders the Munce to attend the truce meeting and is willing to fight each of the Munce in order to go. The Munce finally agree and head out.

Meanwhile, plans are not going well for the Geckles as they too argue. Groko, Garpo, and Ginkle believe it will be an ambush by the Munce, so they continue to fight with each other. To get their attention, Kai uses his Elemental Powers. He informs the Geckles they will be going to the meeting, but the Geckles are unsure if it's a trap. To decide the matter, they decide to perform a slug race to determine if the Munce should be trusted.

While the race is going on, Gleck pulls aside Kai and Zane to talk to them. He tells the ninja he believes the Munce can be trusted, but no one would listen to him. Kai and Zane recognize the necklace he's wearing and they ask if he snuck into Cole's bedroom, and he admits doing so. Gleck explains he heard the Elemental Master of Earth was in the Kingdom of Shintaro, so Gleck thought it might be "Gilly". Zane then asks if they can look at the necklace, so Gleck gives Zane the necklace. He opens it up and realizes the necklace contains photos of Cole's parents. They also reveal that Cole's mother is actually called Lilly and deduce that Gilly is actually Lilly.

Gleck is joyful and asks Kai and Zane if they could ask for help from Gilly, but Kai breaks the sad news saying Lilly has already passed away.

Back at the Kingdom of Shintaro, Hazza D'ur informs Vangelis about an organized meeting between the Munce and Geckles. After a moment of hesitation, Vangelis transforms into the Skull Sorcerer and heads underground to the Dungeons of Shintaro. Vangelis then uses the Skull of Hazza D'ur to revive Grief-Bringer.

Kai and Zane realize the slug which deems the Munce to be untrustworthy is winning the race, so Kai tells Zane to use his Elemental Powers to help the other slug. Nevertheless, Zane doesn't want to cheat but gives in to the white lie. He aids the other slug into winning, so the Geckles head to the meeting.

Along the way, Kai asks about the appearance of the Munce Queen, and Gulch claims she looks fierce but very ugly. On the opposite end, Nya questions why the Munce have to carry her, and Murt claims it's very important since she's royal. Both tribes meet at the meeting point, and Kai and Nya realize they are leaders on both sides. The siblings hug each other, but the Geckles and Munce stare each other down. Kai and Nya tell both tribes to back off and promises nothing bad will happen.

Suddenly, they hear the sound of a ferocious monster and both tribes realize it's Grief-Bringer. The Geckles and Munce flee from danger while Zane and Lloyd attempt to stand their ground. The Re-Awakened also arrive and Grief-Bringer spews green magic at the duo. Zane creates an ice shield, but can't hold the shield for long.

The rest of the group finds a lava pit that separates the paths. Gleck recommends using a rope to get across and everyone else follows behind. Kai then tries, but his the wall. Nya is able to pull Kai to safety and they continue to flee.

Zane is losing ground on Grief-Bringer, so Lloyd instructs Zane to let go so he could blast his Elemental Powers at the dragon. Lloyd is able to get a direct hit on the dragon, and he loses most of his bones; however, the Skull of Hazza D'ur reconstructs the dragon. Realizing nothing works, Lloyd and Zane decide to run away. Both ninja make it to the lava pit and swing across. The Skull Sorcerer then laughs knowing they all can't escape. Hazza D'ur promises Grief-Bringer will come for all of them.

The Upply, Cole, Vania, and Wu are running away from the Lava Monster. They find some old mine carts and ride the carts to escape the Lava Monster. After a roller-coaster type ride, they finally crash but are safe from danger.

Everyone else is confused about where they are, but Cole has a strong presence. Suddenly, the torches engine with fire and Wu figures out they are at the Heart of the Mountain. Wu explains the Heart of the Mountain is a legendary temple of the Masters of Earth. Some thought it was hidden in the mountains of Shintaro, but nobody could find it. Vania also explains there's something precious inside the temple, and Plundar thinks there is treasure inside, but Wu explains the teaching of the Spinjitzu Burst can be found. Wu informs Cole that Lilly tried to learn the ancient martial art, but she could not succeed.

Korgran and Plundar try to open the immense doors but fail. Wu explains the Master of Earth is the only one who can open the doors, so Cole tries and his powers absorb the doors allowing it to open. They soon begin to explore and in the middle of the statue, they discover the previous Elemental Master of Earth, Lilly. Cole touches the statue and the entire temple is ignited with light. Fungus and Adam then discover an old mech that catches everyone's attention. Unlike any other mech, Wu realizes it's made of stone.

While Cole is reading the statue about Lilly, the center of the floor changes color and the Elemental Energy depicts the patterns on the ground. Cole realizes his mother actually used Spinjitzu Burst. Vania then tells Cole to attempt the Spinjitzu Burst, but Cole is hesitant to attempt. He believes the Blades of Deliverance allowed for Lilly to perform the burst, but Wu still wants Cole to try.

Cole attempts to focus, but he gets nowhere. Wu advises Cole to open his mind knowing only an Elemental Master of Earth could perform the Spinjitzu Burst. Cole tries again, but only performs regular Spinjitzu. He gets frustrated at himself and the mountain and bangs his hands, causing the mountain to rumble like thunder.

After the tumultuous sound, Fungus performs some magic to see how it affected everyone else. They discover the rest of the ninja running away from Grief-Bringer. Cole realizes they have to help, but Wu comments about the Spinjitzu Burst being the only way to save everyone. However, Cole is frustrated he can't perform the burst and walks away from the group. Vania then criticizes Wu for not helping him enough, but Wu believes he is no longer needed, as Cole has many accomplishments without Wu.

Cole is outside the temple, so Wu heads outside to meet him. He instructs Cole to get up, but Cole complains about trying many times. Wu then admits neglecting his role as Master and promises to never quit his job.

The ninja (minus Cole), Geckles, and Munce are running away from Grief-Bringer. Murtessa tells Nya about the dragon which caused havoc in the past, and Nya thought the hero destroyed it, but it was somehow revived. Meanwhile, an out-of-breath Gulch tells Kai the Geckle Strong-Cave is the only way to defend themselves. Kai is about to shout to everyone, but Gulch covers Kai's mouth and thinks he's crazy for telling the Munce as well. However, Kai believes they are united, so he shouts to head to the cave.

Back at the lava river, Grief-Bringer creates a bridge using the stalactites and the Re-Awakened begin marching towards the Geckles and Munce. Meanwhile, everyone is able to make it inside the Geckle Strong-Cave, so they begin to close it. However, the door gets stuck, so Nya and the Munce try to cut the chain. In order to buy extra time, Lloyd, Jay, Kai, and Zane fight the Awakened Warriors. The ninja use Spinjitzu to take care of the Awakened Warriors, but they quickly rebuild themselves. Murtessa is finally able to break the chains to door, and it begins closing. The ninja rush to get inside before it closes.

Kai thinks they are safe, but Gulch is upset at Kai for allowing the Munce into the cave as well. Gluch and Murtessa accuse each other of stealing the Blades of Deliverance as well as whether the hero's name is Milly or Gilly.

Suddenly, the Skull Sorcerer offers a deal to the Munce and Geckles. He proposes handing over the ninja, and allowing the Geckles and Munce to resume their work in the mines instead of facing a potential genocide. Gluch and Murtessa say they won't serve the Skull Sorcerer again, but before the Skull Sorcerer could say something, Gluch and Murtessa argue with each other again. When they finally agree to speak at different times, the Skull Sorcerer, demands them to be destroyed.

Grief-Bringer bangs his head on the door while the Awakened Warriors use a long battering ram to destroy the door. The Geckles and Munce hide in fear, but Nya discovers some rocks covering up something. She asks Zane to scan the rock and they discover it might be a potential exit. Nya hollers to the two tribes about the potential exit, but it requires everyone to work together in order to remove the rocks.

The two tribes work extremely well together, and they are able to remove the rocks. To their shock, they discover it's a storage room and a dead end. Accepting their defeat, Gulch apologizes for putting everyone in this situation. Murtessa then apologizes for being harsh to the Geckles and realizes there is some common ground between the two tribes. They then establish trust by Kai and Nya, declaring peace with the opposing tribe.

Without notice, the door is demolished, and everyone is prepared to fight the Skull Sorcerer. However, Lloyd is willing to compromise by saying the ninja will surrender, but he must allow the Geckles and Munce to remain free. The Skull Sorcerer takes their deal, so the ninja are lead out. Meanwhile, Murtessa demands the Skull Sorcerer to leave, but the Skull Sorcerer double-crosses the tribes and captures them. Hazza D'ur laughs at the tribes, calling them fools.

After being captured, all the Geckles and Munce are enslaved and forced to mine. The Re-Awakened show no mercy and whip anyone for slacking off. Meanwhile, the ninja (minus Cole) are encaged in Vengestone. Nya feels foolish for believing the Skull Sorcerer would let the two tribes free, and Kai also feels remorse for accomplishing nothing. However, Zane believes the Skull Sorcerer would kill everyone if they didn't surrender and Lloyd and Jay agree.

Without notice, the Skull Sorcerer and Hazza D'ur mock the ninja and in order to show his true power, he claims he will destroy the ninja using Grief-Bringer. This will allow him to take control of the Geckles and Munce who will lose any last hope of freedom. Before the Skull Sorcerer leaves the ninja, Lloyd reminds him of Cole who might be on his way to inform King Vangelis about the entire situation. The Skull Sorcerer laughs wickedly as he reveals himself to be Vangelis. He tells the ninja that he banished Cole and Wu into the bowels of the mountain.

While this is going on, the Upply and Cole sneak in and spots the ninja and Skull Sorcerer. Fungus wonders what he's saying, and Cole talks about the boring evil speeches each villain gives. Before the Skull Sorcerer leaves, Lloyd asks if he stole the Blades of Deliverance, so he shows them the blades. Cole realizes the blades and tries to go after them, but Plundar pulls Cole down knowing they must not be spotted. The Skull Sorcerer explains that he knew the Geckles and Munce were doltish tribes who would blame each other which would allow him to enslave them in the process.

Cole instructs Fungus and Korgran to free the Geckles and Munce and everyone enslaved but to wait for his signal. Meanwhile, he assigns himself, Plundar, and Adam to go after the blades.

Murtessa starts to get tired and an Awakened Warrior tries to whip her, but Korgran destroys the skeleton. Murt wonders who Korgran and Fungus are, and Fungus explains they are here to free the Geckles and Munce, but they must wait for a signal to liberate themselves. At the same time, two Awakened Warriors are carrying the Blades of Deliverance and are about to store it, but Cole and Plundar punch the two skeletons and take the blades. He then tells Plundar to free everyone while he would fight the Skull Sorcerer.

The Skull Sorcerer makes an announcement to the Geckles and Munce to execute the ninja. He demands Grief-Bringer to be released from his cage, but the cage slides shut after Cole throws a rock at the skeleton releasing him. The Skull Sorcerer realizes this and checks to see what's going on. That's when Cole jumps in and fights the Skull Sorcerer. Simultaneously, Korgran and Fungus show their faces and begin attacking the Awakened Warriors. Korgran gives the signal to the Geckles and Munce, so they free themselves and also attack the Awakened Warriors. Concurrently, Adam and Plundar help free the ninja so they could join the fight. However, Grief-Bringer spews green fire at his cage and is able to free himself.

While fighting the Skull Sorcerer, Cole mentions having the Blades of Deliverance, but the Skull Sorcerer laughs at Cole and claims that there’s no magic in the blades. Cole still has confidence in the blades and says the Skull Sorcerer talks too much before both sides charge at each other.

Cole faced off with the Skull Sorcerer and putting all his faith in the Blades of Deliverance, he attacks the Sorcerer who claims the blades have no power. Meanwhile, the ninja, Geckles, Munce, and Upply fought off the Re-Awakened and Grief-Bringer but were soon overpowered by the skeletons. The Skull Sorcerer knocks the Blades off the edge and Cole manages to grab them. The Skull Sorcerer continues to fight Cole until he used the Skull of Hazza D'ur to destroy the two Blades, leaving Cole shocked that there really was nothing special about them. When all hope seems lost, Vania flies in leading the Army of Shintaro.

The Skull Sorcerer tells Cole that Vania is too late to save him before proceeding to continually blast Cole with the Skull of Hazza D'ur, telling him to give up. Cole, who by now has fallen to his knees, has a flashback about his promise to his mother before she died and then realizes that it wasn't the blades that made Lilly powerful, it was the power inside her. With this knowledge, he unlocks the Spinjitzu Burst and destroys the Skull, leaving the Awakened Warriors and Grief-Bringer as piles of bones, while also taking away the Skull Sorcerer's powers and turning him back into Vangelis, who kneels down and yields, asking for forgiveness, however Cole refuses and tells him to ask the Geckles and Munce for forgiveness. From the looks of it, they don't accept his apology. He goes to Vania, who was beside him, and even though he denounced her as his daughter, tried to reason her to side with him, but she responds by telling Hailmar to get him out of her face.

After that, Vania is crowned Queen of Shintaro, and the ninja decide it is time to go after a little while. As the sails of the Destiny's Bounty are being repaired, Lloyd apologizes to Vania for not trusting her, which she accepts. Once Jay says goodbye to Murtessa and Cole begins to part ways with the Upply, Vania asks Cole to stay for any future conflicts but Cole says that she is one of the bravest people he has met. Vania says goodbye and that if he needs any help, she will send all of the guards to for assistance. As the group leaves on the Bounty, Lloyd decides to return home, but Wu tells them to head onward. Nya asks him where, and Wu responds wherever the wind takes them. After Zane questions what Wu meant, Kai and Nya says that they're about to go on another adventure, which Zane agrees with.


The Island (Spring 2021)

A piece of land which has never been mapped due to strange never-ending electrical storms. The ninja track down the only survivor and convince him to be their guide.

On board the Destiny’s Bounty, they head straight for the island! Prepared to enter a world of storms, monsters, doom, and much much more!

Our ninja heroes have returned to Ninjago City after their latest adventure. But there's no time to chill out because all sorts of mischief is going on in Ninjago City! Meanwhile, Master Wu and Misako are on an expedition with Clutch Powers. This season, our heroes turn from crime fighters into explorers, because the mysterious island is calling them!

Misako, Clutch Powers, Dwayne, and Wu are on an expedition in the jungle, accompanied by Clutch's interns, who are carrying his tanning bed. As they make their way through the brush, they encounter a living statue, one which conjures lightning and attacks them.

Back at the monastery, Cecil Putnam, manager of the Explorer's Club arrives with the unfortunate news that Misako's membership has been cancelled, effective immediately, on the grounds that she is presumed lost at sea. The ninja are concerned with Misako, who is revealed to have been on an expedition along with Wu and Clutch Powers attempting to navigate the storm belt off the coast of southern Ninjago. She was attempting to prove her theory of an uncharted island, but has not made contact with the club for several weeks, and is now considered by them to be lost.

Later, P.I.X.A.L. explains that the storm belt is an area off the southern coast plagued by storms, where numerous ships are known to have gone missing. Zane says that to his knowledge, there is only one person to have emerged from the storm belt, a man named Timothy Batterson. He was part of a balloon tour that was blown off course, and eventually crashed on this uncharted island. Lloyd orders the team to find out where this Timothy Batterson is, and to pack for the trip.

The team arrives at Batterson's gas station, and are greeted by the man, who wears unkempt clothes tattered from an apparently treacherous journey. Batterson introduces himself as "Twitchy Tim," and offers the ninja fuel for their ship. Lloyd questions Tim about the island, but Tim is unwilling to help. He goes into a frenzy, twitching every few moments, yelling about monsters and storms that make the island extremely dangerous. Tim reveals that he was struck by lightning 12 times there. He twitches again (giving off electricity) and asks the ninja once again what type of fuel they would prefer. Lloyd tries to steer the conversation back to the island, and discusses that they are desperate for help, as Tim is the only person who can help them navigate. Tim denies their request again, and after a series of twitches, once again asks them what their preferred fuel is. He eventually comes around, and boards the ship.

The team, along with Twitchy Tim, make their way to southern Ninjago, and enter the storm belt. Their radar is unable to see past the fog, to which Twitchy warns them that the island does not want them to find her.

Tim tells them the story of how he became stranded, and reveals that he spent days afloat in his air balloon in the fog, when he was apparently knocked out, and woke up on the blue sanded shores of the uncharted island.

The bounty continues through the storm, and P.I.X.A.L warns them that there is a sharp rise in electrostatic levels, meaning it would be unwise to continue through the storm on the bounty. She deploys catamarans for the ninja to board, and they make their way through the waves this way. Each of the ninja board the ships, and maneuver through a bank of sharp stones, which Zane notes attract the strange purple lightning that surrounds them. While manoeuvring through the stones however, Kai's catamaran suffers a glitch that is preventing the pontoons from joining together as it heads for a gap between two stones, Zane jumps off his windsurfer, onto one side, and has Jay and Cole assist him to tilt the catamaran, successfully managing to do so, but loses the sail in the process.

They finally reach the blue sanded shores of the island, and P.I.X.A.L. deploys jungle choppers to the ninja's location so they can more easily navigate. Three sets of bikes arrive, and the ninja take off. Further down the beach they find Misako and Wu's settlement, which is now abandoned. Zane points out a rock formation nearby that spells out "help," and they come to the conclusion that this was left here in case anyone came after them. They make it their mission to find them, and take the choppers further into the jungle. Twitchy warns them of monsters that look like statues, but the ninja are prepared, and take off.

The ninja continue through the jungle, and make note of an animal that appears to be following them through the bushes. They eventually come to a dead end, and prepare to go the rest of the way on foot.

They are suddenly met with the animal that followed them, which is revealed to be a docile dragon, whom Jay dubs "Zippy". He appears to be friendly, and loving of coconuts. While the ninja play fetch with Zippy, Lloyd recommends that they get back on track with finding his mother and uncle. Nya sends a coconut off into the distance, to which Zippy chases after, and the ninja continue through the brush.

As they make their way through the jungle, they find a stone totem, which suddenly comes alive and begins attacking them. Two other totems appear, and a battle ensues between the lot of them. The ninja are unable to damage them, and quickly discover that the totems channel their Elemental Powers, and spits it back at them. Twitchy Tim runs away in fear, and the ninja are soon to follow, realizing that they are unable to defeat these stone golems.

The ninja make a run for it, and soon realize that in their desperate attempt at escape, they have lost Lloyd and Tim. The five remaining ninja reach a cliff, and discover a rickety rope bridge. They make their way across safely, and continue on their escape. Zane and Jay are the last ones across, and discover that Kai, Nya, and Cole have disappeared. They hear something that sounds like an electrostatic shock, but are unable to comprehend what it was, as the two of them are shocked by purple lightning, and are knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Lloyd and Twitchy Tim take refuge in a cave below a cliff.

The ninja awake soon after, strapped to catamarans driven by the Keepers. The catamarans are outfitted with glowing purple stones, reminiscent of their captures skin, and the lightning that surrounds the island. The Keepers lead the ninja to the other side of the island, and are brought to the throne room of their leader.

Their leader, mistakenly assumes that the ninja have come to the island to steal the amulet, which many others have attempted to steal in the past. The ninja try to tell him that he is wrong, but the leader does not believe them. He introduces himself as the chief of the Keepers of the Amulet, and they have made it their vow to protect the Storm Amulet, an artifact that was pried from the head of the Sleeper in the Deep, she who existed long before time had a name, Wojira. The Keepers took a sacred oath to protect the Storm Amulet from those who seek it, harnessing the power of lightning and becoming one with the storms. Their forefathers kept the oath, and theirs before them, all the way back to the beginning of time.

Zane attempts to persuade him to let them go, as they have no intention of stealing their artifact, but seeing as how they have seen it, the Keepers will take them prisoner forever, in the name of Wojira.

After Mammatus told the ninja that they will be their prisoners, he ordered the Keepers to take the ninja away while take Jay elsewhere. Once the ninja were thrown into a cell, they meet up with Misako's expedition group and assumed that Clutch Powers attempted to steal the Storm Amulet from the Keepers, who claimed otherwise.

Meanwhile, Lloyd told Twitchy Tim that he's going to go to the Keepers' Village to rescue his friends. Although, Twitchy warned Lloyd not to go out due to it being dangerous, but Lloyd inspired him that he can be brave despite being scared. At the Keepers' Village, PoulErik met with Jay at one of the huts, offering him food while calling the Gift of Jay. Jay began to believe that the Keepers wanted him to be their king because of his lightning powers.

Once Lloyd traveled to the Keepers' Village, he realized that Zippy was following him. While trying to get rid of Zippy by playing fetch with him, he soon found out that he could use Zippy's love for fetch as a way to get pass the Keepers. Once he threw Zippy's coconut at the Keepers, Zippy distracted the Keepers long enough for Lloyd to free the others. However, once Lloyd realized that Jay was taken somewhere else, he and the others looked for Jay while Clutch and Dwayne attempted to steal the Storm Amulet.

After they found out Jay was gone, they learned that Clutch Powers was attempting to steal the Storm Amulet. When the ninja tried to convince him to return it, they were discovered and electrocuted by the Keepers and were recaptured. After they were tied to some poles on the shore near a pier, they witnessed Jay being placed on a raft and realized that the Keepers were only treating him nicely because they were to give him to someone as a gift. Once Jay was placed on the raft, Mammatus made a speech about Wojira. During the speech, the ninja eventually learn that the First Spinjitzu Master was the one who tasked the Keepers to protect the Storm Amulet, and that the Keepers intended to sacrifice Jay to Wojira so she could return to her deep sleep.

As the ninja fought against the henchmen and the inmates, Ronin reveals himself to be the criminal gang's leader, although Lloyd thought it was the Mechanic at first. Ronin jumped onto his boat and began to escape with all the Keepers' gold. However, Twitchy Tim sails in one of the battle catamarans and crashes into Ronin's monster, and Ronin and his criminal gang are imprisoned by the Keepers. Mammatus apologized for what the Keepers did, and the ninja accept, and they all soon realize the Storm Amulet was gone. Nya saw Clutch Powers leaving with it, and stopped him by electrocuting him. The next day, Lloyd questions if Wojira is real. Wu says that if she is, then they should hope that she sleeps for another thousand years. Unbeknownst to them, the real Wojira is in her deep sleep at a temple, having possession with one of her amulets.

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Season 14: Seabound (Spring 2021)

When Nya’s powers are suddenly disrupted, the ninjas travel to the the bottom of the Endless Sea for answers. They find a dangerous underwater world ruled by Prince Kalmaar, who wants to destroy NINJAGO City by waking the all-powerful sea serpent Wojira. The ninjas must find the prized amulets to stop him and keep their home safe. Will they triumph over the evil they face in the depths of the ocean?

Teaser: Get ready for an epic underwater ninja adventure!

When Nya’s elemental water powers are mysteriously interrupted, the ninja go on a journey to the deepest part of the Endless Sea. But will they find what they’re looking for?

If you’re ready for the challenge, just hop on board their newly designed underwater ship, the Hydro-Bounty and let’s get this mission started! Along with Nya’s mom, Maya, P.I.X.A.L., and her fellow ninja, Jay, Zane and Lloyd, you’ll join Nya in a battle against the elements and the evil Prince Kalmaar, the Prince of Merlopia. That’s when things really get tricky. He has an evil plan to awaken an ancient sea-serpent, Wojira. Psst spoiler alert! This does NOT look good for NINJAGO City!

Just like her mother before her, Nya is the Master of Water, but without the full force of her powers, how will she overcome Prince Kalmaar and save NINJAGO from his evil plan? Join the crew on their epic Seabound adventure to find out. All it takes is some courage, sacrifice and a little help from your friends and family.

Trailer: Oh no! Something has happened to Nya’s elemental powers! She needs your help to figure out what went wrong. Let’s go – we don’t have much time!

When Nya and the other ninja realize it might have something to do with a mysterious recurring energy signal, her mom, Maya, P.I.X.A.L., Zane, Lloyd and Jay, go to the deepest part of the Endless Sea in search of answers. Hop on board their shiny new under-water ship, the Hydro-Bounty. It’s time to get this mission started!

When the ninja run into the Prince Kalmaar, the evil Prince of Merlopia, things go from bad to worse. He already has one amulet, but if he gets his hands on both the Storm and Wave amulets, he could unleash the deadly sea-serpent, Wojira. That would not be good for NINJAGO® City!

Just like her mother before her, Nya is the Master of Water, but without the full force of her powers, how will she overcome the two villains of the deep-sea and save NINJAGO? Join the crew on their epic Seabound adventure to find out. It just takes some courage, sacrifice and a little help from your friends.

Get ready for some epic ninja action on NINJAGO Island and below water in the Endless Sea!
Join our heroes on a mission to stop evil Prince Kalmaar from getting the Storm Amulet and awakening the doomsday serpent, Wojira! Feistier (and slightly wetter) than ever, you’ll see the ninja and friends battle it out against the Merlopians with the help of some seriously high-tech underwater gear!

It’s all happening! Let’s go!

Dive deep into a whole new watery world of NINJAGO!
For the first time, join Nya, Master of Water, her mom and the other ninja on an underwater adventure to the Endless Sea.

Wow! This is the deepest the ninja have ever been underwater. All thanks to their newly-designed, underwater ship, The Hydro-Bounty. With its help, you and the ninja will see colourful marine life, long-forgotten shipwrecks and battle it out with the evil Prince Kalmaar…

But will the ninja prevail or will the watery depths of the Endless Sea get the better of them?

Dive deep into a whole new action-packed underwater world of NINJAGO®!
For the first time, join Nya, Master of Water, her mom and the other ninja on an epic underwater adventure to the Endless Sea. When Nya’s elemental water powers are interrupted, she goes in search of answers in their newly designed, underwater ship: The Hydro-Bounty. From then on, it’s a rough ride for our brave ninja! With epic action and spine-chilling underwater battles, NINJAGO Seabound is an unmissable watch. Will the watery depths of the Endless Sea get the better of them?

Get ready for the epic final showdown of NINJAGO Seabound…
So far we’ve seen Nya, her mom and the other ninja go on an epic underwater adventure in the hope of recovering her powers. It wasn’t all plain sailing though! When evil Prince Kalmaar ambushed the ninja, they were left stranded at the bottom of the Tartarus Trench! It was there that Nya and co discovered his evil plan to awaken the ancient sea-serpent, Wojira and destroy NINJAGO City! Now in possession of both amulets, Prince Kalmaar has awoken Wojira and the city is under siege. As the ninja unite to take on the treacherous two, the battle rages on… but who will win in the final takedown?

Many trucks arrive at a remote village driven by a bunch of crooks who are being led by Miss Demeanor, who is completely annoyed to do the deal out of the city, despite the buyer tripling her payment. Unfortunately for them, the ninja have already anticipated their arrival as Lloyd, Jay and Kai confront them. Oddly enough, Miss Demeanor is excited to meet them as she sends the bandits to keep them busy as she escapes. Cole is able to take out two of the trucks pulling away with his Rock Cycle, but fails to stop the truck Miss Demeanor is riding on. Cole inspects what was in the trucks and realizes they were holding Vengestone.

Nya and Zane run ahead, and the former attempts to prevent Miss Demeanor from escaping by summoning a water cyclone from the village rice paddies. However, she has no control over the cyclone as it spirals out of control. Zane tries to freeze the cyclone but his attempts quickly backfire. The ninja are then forced to let Miss Demeanor escape as they evacuate the villagers from the cyclone just as it drops and floods the village.

With the village safe, the ninja return to the monastery with some of the Vengestone, and tell Wu the bad news of letting Miss Demeanor escape before Nya speaks up and takes full responsibility as she lost all control of her power, and promises it won't happen again. When the other ninja seemingly agree, Nya becomes annoyed, which causes the emergency sprinkler activates, short circuiting all the electronics.

The ninja and Master Wu sans Nya, examine one of the scrolls in the library regarding the power of water to determine why Nya's powers are going haywire. On the scroll, it says that the power of Wind and Water originally belonged to Wojira, the serpent that ruled the seas of Ninjago with the Storm Amulet and the Wave Amulet. Unfortunately for Wojira, the First Spinjitzu Master, and the Merlopians defeated the serpent by removing the two amulets and Wojira fell into a deep slumber. Master Wu suggests that they call Maya, the previous Master of Water, to help Nya. Kai then nervously says that Nya won't want her parent's help since Nya is very independent. Zane then says that Kai and Nya's parents were forced to work for the Time Twins, but Wu reassures Kai that Nya is reasonable. Afterwards, Kai tells Nya, who is training in the courtyard, about their parents potentially visiting the Monastery, which she furiously rejects and destroys the dummy she was hitting.

While walking along the hallway, Nya passes by the bathroom, being cleaned by Jay, and the toilet suddenly bursts on him. She then sees the tap in the kitchen which ends up bursting on Zane, and the soda bottles bursting on Cole as Nya passes by the game room. Intent on leaving, Nya is stopped by the others, who try to speak to her, only to be interrupted by someone knocking at the gates. Nya gets it, discovering it is her parents. Maya greets her while Ray is carrying all their luggage before they leave to unpack. Realizing that her brother had gone against her wishes, Nya angrily confronts Kai, who can only shrug as he says 'What?'.

Maya walks in to wake up Nya early in the morning, only to stop in surprise at the sight of her messy room. She then starts to clean it up and even forces the chicken out while Nya protests in bed. Maya finishes the cleanup and soon pulls a sleepy Nya out to join her in some exercising. Refusing, Nya lies back in bed, hoping this is all a nightmare.

Continuing with Maya’s new routine for Nya, she makes some tofu pancakes and seaweed bacon, much to Nya's annoyance. Afterwards, Maya has Nya perform the water stance, which Nya does so. However, Maya corrects her continuously till the point where Nya openly states that there is nothing wrong with her and her powers. In doing so, she causes a wave of water to splash down on her, proving Maya's point. Furious, Nya walks away to find Wu.

Down in the library, Nya begs Wu to somehow find a reason to get Maya to leave. Wu, however, insists that Maya’s assistance would be quite valuable and Misako joins in, reassuring that Maya only wants to be a mother again. Nya sighs, agreeing, but continues to go on about the things she dislikes of Maya's doings. Wu suggests she go talk to her brother, which at first, Nya refuses, elaborating on how Kai probably loved being treated on, but Misako eventually convinces her to go talk to him.

Much to Nya’s dismay though, Kai and Ray dismissed her easily to face a boss battle in their video game and Kai only paused to take in Maya’s sandwiches, confirming Nya’s earlier claim. She leaves in disgust and finds Lloyd and Cole fixing up the security cameras in the hangar bay. After Lloyd tells Nya they are almost finished, she asks about Zane and P.I.X.A.L.’s presence. Cole reluctantly tells her they went on a water rescue mission and Nya sighs knowingly, walking away.

Meanwhile, Zane and P.I.X.A.L. fly overhead discussing Nya’s absence and the danger she would have possessed to the mission. They arrive at a startling scene of an octopus attacking a fishing trawler. P.I.X.A.L. attempts to reason with the octopus, who is now attacking her, while Zane rescues the sailors. A strange pulse suddenly emerges from the depths below and both their vehicles come crashing down. The energy pulse continues to stream throughout all of Ninjago and ends up causing an aquatic mayhem back at the monastery, such as the water in the hot tub bursting while Nya was inside it, the tap in the kitchen bursting on Lloyd as he was doing dishes, and the toilet bursting on Jay. Zane manages to rise to the surface but P.I.X.A.L. continues to sink below. After failing to catch a cord he sent down, the mech starts to crack due to depth levels. However, P.I.X.A.L. manages to reboot the mech in time and rises out of the water. Zane soon traces the source of the energy pulse and relays to P.I.X.A.L. that they need to warn the others on what they found.

They return to the monastery and find Nya gloomily apologizing for causing the water havoc everyone was sponging up. But P.I.X.A.L. interrupts her and informs everyone about their discovery of a possible unknown explanation to Nya’s powers located in the Tartarus Trench. Wu then asks P.I.X.A.L. about a submarine she built long ago and finally announces that it is time to bring the untested Hydro Bounty online.

At the docks, P.I.X.A.L. asks Zane to push a button, which reveals the Hydro Bounty to the ninja. P.I.X.A.L takes pride in her build and calls the sub "unsinkable," in which Cole remarks that something bad always happens when a ship is called unsinkable. Everyone gives a weird look at Cole and he tells them to forget it. Lloyd, Kai and Nya hope on the sub and Lloyd congratulates P.I.X.A.L and tell her it's what they need.

Nya asks how they know if the pulse is truly causing Nya's power to go haywire, in response Zane says he is 97% percent positive, Nya is scared she could hurts the others and wants to stay back but Jay assured her that it’s why they need her to go the most. Wu butts in and says that it’s still a good idea if Nya wants to stay back, with Maya, Nya says that it isn’t needed and rushes to grab her bags.

Nya is talking to Maya about the adventure she is going to. Maya says that it might be dangerous and Ray is upset that he'll have no one to play Prime Empire with but Kai says that he'll stay because Wu wants to see the history of Fire users and that Cole will stay to help protect Ninjago if anything should happen.

Maya worries about Nya and Nya tells her that her life is full of missions and tells her that she fixes problems by getting involved. Nya, Lloyd, Jay, Zane and P.I.X.A.L. walk to the Hydro Bounty but Jay accidentally shoots his blaster and apologizes. They get settled in and Zane starts speaking like a pirate. The Hydro Bounty team start moving further into the Endless Sea. P.I.X.A.L detects movement in the ship but quickly brushed it off as a faulty sensor.

In the kitchen, Jay eats food and remarks on how good it is. Seeing that Nya is upset he goes and talks to her. Jay assures Nya that they'll find out what is bothering Nya's powers and will find a solution. Jay starts to go wash the dishes but they are all clean to his surprise.

Lloyd walks in to the bedroom to find that his bed is made perfectly and a candy on it. He eats it and remarks how great it is, but questions how it got there. Nya walks to the laundry room to find her clothes are already washed. Nya confronts Zane about the chores being done, along with Lloyd. Jay shows up about his chores being done too and explains that the only explanation is a ghost, while Nya believes it's a stowaway. The stowaway is seen running and the ninja give chase only to find a dead end, giving Jay more proof it’s a ghost. But then Nya believes that the culprit might be a ninja, and finds Maya hiding above them. Jay, still hanging on to his ghost theory thinks Maya is the ghost but Nya tells him it’s her mom who doesn't believe in her.

Maya says that she just wants to help Nya but she refuses and wants Maya to be put back home. But Zane says they are too far to turn back now. Maya tells Nya that she is going have to deal with it and tells the others that she'll make muffins. P.I.X.A.L tells everyone to get to the front of the ship. As they get to the Tartarus Trench, P.I.X.A.L greets Maya and Maya tells Jay that she'll teach him how to bleach underwear. The Hydro Bounty team come across sunken ships and then missiles hit the Hydro Bounty and the ninja return fire but miss the target ending in more shots fired to the ship, causing it to lose power and land on a ledge. Lloyd checks on everyone to see if anyone is harmed to which, no one is harmed. P.I.X.A.L tells the rest that the Hydro Bounty is extremely damaged and Zane fears that the "unsinkable" vessel has been sunk.

In the sunken Hydro Bounty, Nya and Maya are trying to fix the engine, Maya continually asks questions about the parts of the engine, to Nya’s annoyance and she remarks how Maya and Ray left her and Kai. Maya remarks how Nya already knows how they were taken away from them. Nya understand but tells her mother that she isn’t a child anymore and that it’s too late for her. Nya finds the boys sneaking around and asks if they heard everything. Lloyd and Jay lie but Zane tells the truth and Jay sticks a plunger in his face. She returns to the driving area and tells P.I.X.A.L. that the engine can’t be fixed. The rest of underwater ninja come inside with Jay suggesting that he should just zap the battery but P.I.X.A.L. shoots down the idea. Zane confirms that Jay could be seriously hurt if he were to do that. Maya comes in with her own theory and asks if they could use the energy source they were chasing as a battery. P.I.X.A.L. agrees with the theory and shows the Ninja the APS suits. Nya jumps in one along with Maya.

They are deployed into the ocean. Midway to the Temple of Wojira. Nya is blown by one of the geysers, but Maya grabs her, after doing so Maya wants to talk her about the choices that were made when Maya and Ray abandoned their kids. Nya says that’s ok but Maya tells Nya that she doesn’t understand because she never had to make a huge sacrifice and hopes that she doesn’t have to, she tells Nya that sometimes bad choices are the only choices that can be made and “that’s how the cookie crumbles”. They continue swimming and find Wojira’s Temple. At the gates, Nya asks if Zane can read the language on it. Zane doesn’t understand it and goes through all databanks to find the language. Maya and Nya jump out their suits and start walking in. They find Maaray Guards and hide behind some polls. Kalmaar comes in the temple and is impatient with Glutinous, telling him to hurry up. Zane finally finds out the identity of the sleeper and tells the others it’s Wojira, they all gasp at this. P.I.X.A.L & Zane warn Nya and Maya, telling them to escape. Unfortunately, by this time another fake amulet was tested on Wojira, only to fail but reveals Nya and Maya. Kalmaar is angry at this and shoots at them, he misses and Nya and Maya start making their escape. Kalmaar gets his soldiers to chase them.

Maya and Nya jump in their suits and start running but Kalmaar shoots Maya down. Nya goes back for her and grabs some water to slow down the Merlopians. Kalmaar sees Nya controlling Water and grabs on to the gates to stop the impact of the water. While most of the Maaray Guards are pushed back, Nya checks on Maya but is attacked by Kalmaar and is unconscious from the blast. Kalmaar walks to Nya’s suit and remarks how long it took for them to be united and says with them together, his plan might be completed and starts to laugh maniacally.

Nya wakes up in chains, and finds out that Maya is chained with her. They find themselves in the Temple of Wojira, to which Maya claims Wojira isn't real. Nya then tells her about the Storm Amulet they found on the Keepers' island, only to discover Kalmaar had been listening in on them the whole time. Kalmaar introduces himself, and asks for further information on the Storm Amulet. When Nya refuses, Kalmaar attempts to attack her but misses after Gripe startles him. Kalmaar is forced to leave to confront his father.

Back on the Hydro Bounty, the ninja attempt reaching out to Nya with no success. Jay wants to use his element to recharge the battery, but Zane tells him not to. P.I.X.A.L. suggests they reroute the remaining power to start the battery instead.

In the palace, Benthomaar greets his adoptive brother, much to Kalmaar's annoyance. When Trimaar asks if Kalmaar sunk another ship, Kalmaar denies this. Benthomaar assures his father that it wasn’t Kalmaar. The two brothers explain that the ships sink sometimes, much to Benthomaar's sadness. Kalmaar states that the ships are poorly built, and Trimaar lets him go. Kalmaar leaves in anger.

Nya and Maya escape the pole by climbing over it, and are attacked by multiple Merlopians. The two discard their chains and escape into their mechs.

Back on the Hydro Bounty, all power is lost, and the ship is taking on water. Jay goes down to recharge the battery, and prevents the rest of the team from stopping him. Jay's eyes glow white and the battery is recharged. They get back up to the controls of the ship, and allow Jay to be the captain from now on. Jay quietly tells Nya that they’re coming, and the Hydro Bounty sails off into the Endless Sea.

Nya and Maya are swimming very fast to escape the Ripper Sharks but fail as the sharks surround the two. Nya uses her powers to attack the sharks, but as the last shark charges at Nya, her APS suit is damaged and is unable to do anything. Lloyd and Jay soon show up with their blasters, shooting away the shark. At the Temple of Wojira, Kalmaar sees that his prisoners had escaped. Gripe appears behind him and tells that even though the prisoners escaped that he had let the Ripper Sharks out on them. Kalmaar is not happy with the news and reprimands Gripe saying that he needs them in order to learn the location of the Island of the Keepers, Glutinous appears telling the prince that the Hydro Bounty was somehow repaired and that they escaped on it. Kalmaar uses this information to his advantage by sending troops to get the ninja.

The ninja have no choice but to go with the Merlopians to avoid being sunk again and are taken to Merlopia. In the Merlopian Palace, the ninja meet King Trimaar, who is angry at them for almost disrupting peace between Merlopia and Ninjago. But the ninja explained all that truly happened and the King calls his son. Kalmaar denies all that happened but admits to sinking the Hydro Bounty. Trimaar reminds his son of the peace that they have with Ninjago, but Kalmaar argues that the humans are parasites and don’t deserve to live, but Trimaar has heard enough and says Kalmaar will stop as he is his father and king.

Knowing that he can do something about the latter, Kalmaar pulls out his trident and attacks his father. After attacking the guards that witnessed the coupe, he blames the ninja for his actions. The ninja run to escape from the Merlopians. Benthomaar walks into the throne room and asks if Trimaar is safe but Kalmaar lies says that the ninja have committed the act. Benthomaar tries to help his father meanwhile Kalmaar tries to terminate the ninja. As the ninja are still attempting to escape the palace. Water floods the place and the ninja put on their masks to avoid drowning. P.I.X.A.L. remarks on how Zane doesn’t need one, but Zane likes how it completes his attire.

The Ripper Sharks find the location of the ninja and but Zane builds a Ice wall. Jay mocks the sharks but only makes them angry and more determined to break down the wall. Lloyd is trying to open the door and asks for help, to which the rest help him. Benthomaar caries Trimaar assuring him everything will be alright. Trimaar, with his last remaining strength tells the truth of what happened and wants Benthomaar to promise him that he’ll get the ninja out of Merlopia and to stop Kalmaar before it’s too late. In the throne room, Kalmaar picks up the crown, but Gripe appears behind him, scaring him again, and calling him prince. To which, Kalmaar responds no longer as a prince but as King Kalmaar.

The ninja are trying to open the gates to escape the Ripper Sharks but fail. One of the sharks breaks through the Ice wall to attack Lloyd, but Nya holds them back with her powers. The door soon opens letting the ninja in while blocking out the Ripper Sharks. The ninja meet Benthomaar, who already knows the truth of what happened. He leads them to the hangar bay, having to lie to some guards to get in. They enter only to find the place full of guards, and now caught, they must fight their way to the Hydro Bounty. During the battle, Lloyd hops in one of the APS suits and fights a few of the guards. P.I.X.A.L. jumps in the ship and gets to the controls. In the throne room, Kalmaar is talking to Gripe when the Maaray Guards sent by Benthomaar ask what he needed them for. Kalmaar is shocked by this and realizes that Benthomaar is helping the ninja.

Meanwhile, in the hangar bay, Nya, Zane, Jay, and Maya get in the Bounty, continuing fighting guards. Three far from Maya start shooting her from top, but Benthomaar comes to defend her when Kalmaar bursts in the room and orders his guards to attack. Lloyd says he will stay back and hold to the guards off while they escape on the Hydro Bounty. After throwing the guards around for a little, Lloyd is shot by Kalmaar who says that the ninja will regret coming to Merlopia with Lloyd replying that he already does and throws the sword from the suit at Kalmaar. He jumps into the water with the Hydro Bounty and they start escaping, but Kalmaar chases them.

Swimming through the city, Kalmaar tells his guards to throw missiles at the Hydro Bounty, the ninja dodge them, and the missiles hit some rock that make some boulders. Kalmaar repeats his order, but Gripe hesitates and tell the King that if they miss they could hurt other Merlopians. However, Kalmaar does not care and keeps telling them to fire, but they still miss and almost hurt others. Coming near a cave, the ninja try to get there in time to escape Kalmaar, who is at the time shooting missiles at the Hydro Bounty. The missiles are getting close to the ship, but P.I.X.A.L puts some sort of devices out to lure the missiles somewhere else, and when they enter the cave the devices stick on the outing and the missiles close the cave in, leaving Kalmaar blocked off from the ninja, who yells in anger.

After escaping, Lloyd comes in and Nya introduces everyone to Benthomaar. Jay asks him why he is helping them, and Benthomaar tells the ninja Kalmaar's plan. Then Nya tells Benthomaar that they know the location of the second amulet. Benthomaar tells them that they must hurry up to beat Kalmaar and stop him, and Nya tells P.I.X.A.L. to set course for the Island of the Keepers.

A younger Kalmaar and Trimaar travel along the sea, until they come across a sunken ship. Kalmaar becomes excited about it, and Trimaar tells him to be careful. But Kalmaar accuses him of trying to detour their conversation of Wojira. Trimaar tells him that he wishes not to talk about her and about the threat she posed to the surface and ocean. Kalmaar asks if the serpent could be awakened, until Trimaar sees two eels heading somewhere and chases after them. Kalmaar is annoyed that his father keeps trying to change the subject and follows as well.

They are surrounding Benthomaar and Trimaar jumps in to help. He fearlessly fought the eels and scared them off. He gets the young Benthomaar out of the coral and adopts him. As time passed, Benthomaar was treated as if he was Trimaar’s own son. Benthomaar was always trying to get his brother’s love but was always denied and started worrying that he may never get it. One day, Kalmaar met with his father in the throne room and asks if the Temple of Wojira is real. Angry, Trimaar forbids him from going to the Tartarus Trench.

In his room, Kalmaar is talking with Gripe and is angry with his father. Gripe tells him that the king may have a point and that the Tartarus Trench is dangerous. This gives Kalmaar the idea of tricking Benthomaar. Benthomaar is practicing his shots and Kalmaar comes in. He tells him to that he is sorry, for denying him love and that what he did was silly and asks for forgiveness. Benthomaar agrees and hugs him, to Kalmaar’s disgust. He convinces Benthomaar to go traveling with him into the trench.

Benthomaar has some worries about going in there, but Kalmaar manipulates him into going forward. During the travel, Benthomaar almost gets hurt when a geyser hits him and defending Kalmaar from an eel. They make it to the temple and Benthomaar asks what they should do now, Kalmaar shows his true colors and tells Benthomaar that he was never nor will he ever be his brother and sends him off.

An upset Benthomaar hopes whatever is in the Temple makes Kalmaar happy, but before saying ‘brother’ he cuts himself and says ‘Kalmaar’. In the present, Benthomaar is sad that Trimaar is the only one who ever cared about him and that he is dead, but Nya and Lloyd promise him that he isn’t alone and that they care for him. Benthomaar is happy at this, and the ninja continue their journey to the Island of the Keepers.

In the Merlopian Palace, Glutinous comes to tell Kalmaar that he may have found the location of the Storm Amulet and Kalmaar tells Gripe to gather troops to track down the Amulet.

Meanwhile, on the Hydro Bounty, Maya, Nya, Jay, Lloyd, Zane and Benthomaar talk about Kalmaar’s plan and how they must get to the Island of the Keepers before Kalmaar. They eventually make it to the storm belt, to avoid being damaged, P.I.X.A.L. moves the sub underwater. The sub gets little damage while is Jay tossed around the ship.

They make it to the Island of the Keepers, and Nya tells Benthomaar to stay onboard to avoid problems with the Keepers. Jay pops out of the hatch to see the Keepers surrounding it, ready to attack. They see Jay and take the rest to Mammatus.

They tell Mammatus of Kalmaar and he tells the other Keepers to prepare for attack. Nya tells the Keepers that the plan isn’t a good one and asks Mammatus if she can have the Storm Amulet. While Mammatus is hesitant, he trusts her and gives her the amulet, only for Zane to find out it is a fake. Nya already know who stole it and tells the others to run to the Hydro Bounty. They alert P.I.X.A.L. and tell her to contact the Monastery of Spinjitzu. Cole responds and Nya tells him of the situation and tells him to get to the Explorer's Club.

Kalmaar bursts through the door and mocks Benthomaar for joining the ninja. Benthomaar tells Kalmaar that the Ninja are his friends and to leave them alone and Kalmaar tells him that he’ll do as he wishes.

Nya tries to fool Kalmaar with the fake Amulet. But Kalmaar catches on to them and destroys the controls of the Hydro Bounty telling the Ninja that all that will happen will be their fault and leaves. Nya gives chase and jumps in the sea to stop him. But loses breathe quickly and hops back on to the Hydro Bounty. Nya asks if they can fix the ship, but is responded with “no” and quickly starts blaming herself. But Maya tells her that Nya doesn’t need her help and is a better Master of Water than herself and believes that Nya will get them off of the island and stop Kalmaar.

Kai and Ray are sparring at the Monastery for Wu when Cole runs up to them with a message from Nya and the other ninja: The Storm Amulet is at the Explorer's Club. They are left to ponder about who the thief is, who is none other than Clutch Powers.

At the Explorer's Club, Clutch proudly shows off the amulet to his fellow colleagues, along with a slide presentation full of “illustrations” detailing his adventure on the uncharted island. Impressed with his tall tale, his partners decide that his inspiring actions should earn him a nomination for the Explorer of the Year award.

Meanwhile, Nya and the others are stranded at the Island, where she continues to blame herself for Kalmaar’s actions. Even worse, Zane reports there is no way to fix the Hydro Bounty. After that moment, Benthomaar asks Nya if she could summon the whales which Nya disbelievingly replies no and claims she only has the power to control water. Maya agrees, telling Bentho that she would have noticed this too since she was the previous Master of Water. However, Bentho persists, asking if they tried it before. They both reply with a no again. Seeing they had no option left, Nya goes out into the sea to try this new approach with her powers.

Back in Ninjago City, the ninja charge into the Explorer's Club estate and find Cecil Putnam at the front. He expresses his surprise at Misako’s presence and asks them how he can help. Misako immediately replies that they must see Clutch to which Cecil coolly asks for her membership card. She reminds him that he revoked it so Cecil informs her that he will begin the reactivation process for her membership and that no one could enter further. Wu then exclaims that this is an emergency and Clutch is in possession of a very dangerous artifact. Cecil mockingly tells him the members laugh in the face of danger, which Misako confirms. With the unsuccessful conversation ending, she invokes the Trial By Sphinx, a trial in which one has three guesses to answer before consequences happen. Kai is able to answer the riddle correctly on the third guess and Cecil lets them through. They burst in on Clutch finishing up his tall tale and demand for the amulet. Unfortunately, Kalmaar and his forces also arrive for the amulet. Clutch gives the amulet to Wu and runs off screaming, a shameful scene his fellow members were not proud of. Kalmaar then commands Wu to bring him the amulet, to which he refuses and a battle ensues.

Nya continues to concentrate on her powers and she is able to summon the whales.

In Ninjago City, Sammy starts with announcements and announces that Antonia would be leaving. Everyone denies it but she confirms it herself. Nelson is saddened by this news. The paperboys split up and Nelson sticks with Antonia, trying to convince her that she should stay. But she sticks by her choice. Nelson tries to fight her point by saying that it’s a beautiful day and nothing crazy has happened but only seconds after the Merlopians are attacking Ninjago City, biking through the chaos she mentions that crazy attacks always happen, passing a newspaper to Unagami. She says that she isn’t making any difference and might as well get a high paying job.

The two sit down in a alleyway. Nelson asks what flavors they have there but quickly throws away the answer, upset that Antonia is leaving. Antonia follows him trying to convince him that there are upsides in working at Dairy Dragon. Nelson understands and accepts her choice, crossing by the Explorer's Club, a battle between Kalmaar and the ninja are taken out in the open. The Storm Amulet lands in front of Antonia, and Kalmaar threatens her to give it to him while Kai tells her to run.

She runs with Nelson and Kalmaar chases them. They make their way to Route 23 to avoid getting caught and lose the Merlopians, they escape but Kalmaar keeps his chase and hijacks a truck. Kai jumps in the truck to slow down Kalmaar, Antonia and Nelson come by a closing bridge and make the jump. But the truck fails to do so and sinks into the canal. Kalmaar escapes with ease and takes the Storm Amulet. He asks what affiliation Antonia is in and Antonia responds as a papergirl. Kalmaar laughs at this and admits to underestimating the humans. He dives into the canal and escapes after Kai was thrown off of the truck and into the water prior to the truck sinking. The two remember Kai is still stuck as he still cannot swim, so Antonia saves him and Nelson resuscitates him via CPR.

Wu, Cole and Ray come to check on Kai. Antonia apologizes for failing her mission, but Wu and Cole say she did all she could, thank her and they run off. Later, Nelson wishes Antonia luck in Dairy Dragon, however Antonia cuts him off, says she is staying and says goodbye to the Purple Ninja.

In the beginning, when the First Spinjitzu Master came to the realm of Ninjago. He sees the evil serpent, Wojira and that if life was going to blossom in Ninjago, she must be stopped. He eventually gathered the Keepers and Merlopians to fight against the sea serpent. But Wojira was too powerful, then Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water came to battle and tried to take down Wojira but failed. She then merged with the ocean to stop Wojira, unfortunately in the process she could not revert back to her original form and disappeared. Then the First Spinjitzu Master, gave the Wave Amulet to the Merlopians, while he gave the Storm Amulet to the Keepers. And there was peace. Then the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago. After the story, Benthomaar goes over Kalmaar’s plan, and Lloyd hopes that the other Ninja have stopped Kalmaar from getting the Storm Amulet.

Next scene, Kalmaar with his guards is walking to his chariot. Kalmaar stops for a while to imagine Ninjago City under the waves. But Wu runs and kicks Kalmaar. The king tells his guards to attack the master, but Kai, Cole, Ray and Misako help him fight the Maaray Guards. They put up a good fight but fail and are captured. Kalmaar tells Gripe to drop the anchor in the water and drown the Ninja, after doing so, the Hydro Bounty appears. Kalmaar is shocked at this and a battle is ignited. Kalmaar and Nya face off in battle with Benthomaar jumping in to help. Kalmaar tries to use Benthomaar but fails and Benthomaar is struck in the back by Gripe. There, Kalmaar starts to retreat.

Benthomaar tells Nya to chase after him and does, chasing him on a whale, which Kai questions. A few minutes later, an explosion is made in the ocean. Nya comes out of the ocean, Benthomaar asks what had happened, and she tells him that Kalmaar got away but isn’t getting far without the Storm Amulet, the Ninja celebrate as they have saved Ninjago from evil once again. In the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Nya is showing Benthomaar around and asks if he would like to stay. Benthomaar is overjoyed and agrees. They come in the room to find the former and current masters of Fire playing Prime Empire saying tearful goodbyes, which Nya questions. She then meets her mom, who also has to leave.

In another room. Benthomaar and the rest of the Ninja were playing pool. Bentho asks where the Storm Amulet is at to which Lloyd tells him that they made friends in high places. It was decided that they hid the amulet at Shintaro Mountain. Cole, Vania and Hailmar watch as the amulet would be hidden forever. As the gates close, one of the parts fell off, showing that the amulet was the fake.

In the Endless Sea, people in a ship are in trouble as a powerful storm happens. The captain calls the Coast Guard on land and tells him about their situation, as it is happening, Wojira comes out of the sea with Kalmaar on her head, they head towards Ninjago to destroy it. As soon as Wojira dives back into sea, the storm calm down.

At Ninjago City pier, the Coast Guard is fishing and sleeping until he is woken up by a tug, which was caused by Glutinous. The sight of unknown creature scares the people away, while the coast guard confirms it is Ninjago when asked. Glutinous states that he needs to speak to the ninja, as the coast guard realizes there's danger coming.

Jay starts walking into Benny's Arcade Emporium. Where he sees Prime Empire and talks to the paperboys about his adventure into the game. He is called over by Nya, who is playing Dancy Pants. They play the game and Nya creates the move called “Electric Jaya”. They play the game until it breaks to which Wu calls them for emergency.

They are at the Ninjago City Police Station to talk to Glutinous. The scientist warns them that Kalmaar and Wojira are coming to Ninjago and that the amulet given to them was a fake. Wu sends out everyone and tells them to prepare for the worse, he calls P.I.X.A.L. and asks if the submersible combat crafts have can be repaired in time. A warning is passed to all of Ninjago but the warning may be too late as violent storms start appearing in Ninjago, scaring all in Ninjago City. Gayle Gossip records the current events as the water levels rise and the wind blows anything in its path. Wojira rises from the sea, ready to destroy Ninjago. Gayle and Vinny hop on their helicopter to escape from Wojira and the rising water.

A tour bus goes around Ninjago City, visiting numerous landmarks and locations related to the Ninja’s numerous adventures. Dareth then asks what can be heard about the Brown Ninja, but his alter ego seems to be not known, which disappoints him. The alarm that was spread through Ninjago City soon goes off and a giant wave caused by Wojira rapidly floods the street that the bus is travelling on. Dareth starts leading everyone down, but an excited child is busy snapping selfies of the incoming wave, forcing Dareth to go back and rescue him. The bus driver is knocked off his seat behind the wheel, and Dareth jumps in as the new driver. The bus, now underwater, is thrown back and forth by the wave, causing a leak in the bus. Jay in his new sub car jumps in the ocean and saves the passengers on thee bus. As they come back to the surface, Dareth is pushed by a car and then is saved shortly by Nya, who greets him, he then uses the opportunity to boast about how the Ninja know him.

Gayle Gossip and her cameraman Vinny are recording Wojira as she terrorizes the city. Kalmaar spots the news recorder and is about to attack, but Wu, on the Destiny's Bounty, picks them before they can get hurt and starts making their getaway, with Kalmaar gives chase. In Benny's Arcade Emporium, now completely flooded with water, kids are locked inside trying to escape by prying open the tightly shut double glass doors. Lloyd comes to the rescue in an APS suit but Maaray Guards appear from his right and attack him. Zane, Kai and Benthomaar arrive to fend off the attacks, with Benthomaar trying to convince the Maaray Guards that Kalmaar is the bad guy, Cole arrives just in time and helps an outnumbered Kai and Zane. 2 people in a bathtub are attempting to escape Wojira by paddling on the surface of the water with their makeshift vehicle but the tub starts to fill with water through the plug hole, slowly sinking. The Bounty shows up just in time to help butare spotted by Kalmaar who gives chase. Under the sea, Bentho, Kai, Zane and Cole are still fighting the Guards, when P.I.X.A.L. calls Zane requesting help as they are being attacked by Wojira. The Ninja split up with Zane and Kai helping P.I.X.A.L and Bentho and Cole fighting the Guards.

P.I.X.A.L tells the people they saved to close their ears and starts shooting missiles at Wojira, only to do little damage. Kalmaar is angered and chases them faster and more aggressively. Lloyd jumps out of the sea to help P.I.X.A.L but is blown back into the sea by the sea serpent. Kai and Zane then attack her but to no avail. Wojira strikes the Bounty, about to attack again, Wojira is struck by Kai and Zane, she is then struck by Jay, who is attacked and is dropped in the ocean in a broken sub car. Nya strikes Wojira for Jay to escape, gives Kalmaar a stern look and tells him that this battle ends now. Kalmaar agrees and gets Wojira ready for battle. Nya jumps into battle with her and Kalmaar yelling their battle cry.

Continuing from the previous episode, Nya is fighting Kalmaar.

Jay has sunk to the bottom and tries to contact the others, but without much luck. To make matters worse, his sub car breaks down and water starts filling in rapidly. Locked in and not much time, Jay attempts to break the glass. Meanwhile, Wu summons everyone to the NGTV building while Kalmaar is being distracted by Nya. Kai, Lloyd and Zane answer Wu’s call and retreat from the pursuing Maaray Guards. Kalmaar is able to defeat Nya but before she retreats, she promises him that she will return. She then uses Spinjitzu and uses her powers to help her escape. Jay takes in one last breath before the water fills up. He continues to kick the glass but eventually grows weaker, losing air. Cole and Benthomaar arrive in time and Bentho smashes the glass. He takes Jay and swims upward as fast as he can. But Jay can no longer hold his breath and starts to inhale the seawater.

Kalmaar has lost track of Nya and is searching for her when he spies the Destiny’s Bounty sailing across. He immediately pursues it and has Wojira destroy it. However, when he bursts inside, he finds out the ninja have tricked him by putting the vessel on autopilot. He growls and tells his guards to hunt down the ninja. The ninja, themselves, meet up at the NGTV building. Unfortunately, Jay has taken in too much seawater and is very weak. They hide the vehicles and retreat quickly inside when they hear Kalmaar coming towards them. Kalmaar mockingly calls out to Nya, proclaiming she has nowhere to hide and he will find her.

Inside the building, Zane reports on Jay’s condition with bad news; he will not survive for much longer unless the water is removed. They discuss amongst themselves the different ways to acquire aid, but their options are limited. Nya quietly asks Bentho how Nyad defeated Wojira and he reluctantly gives her more insight, but makes sure to emphasize on the drastic price it took. Nya only looks out into the sea and does not say anything. Elsewhere, Kalmaar dismounts Wojira and Gripe bursts out on him with a clue as to where the ninja may be. He pulls out a picture of the ninja team with the Commissioner, which the guards found in his possessions. Kalmaar grins evilly and proceeds to find him.

Night falls and day slowly rises. Jay wheezes softly while Nya looks on. Having not slept, she glances at the others who have dozed off before making her move. She kisses Jay goodbye and leaves quietly. Outside, tears fall down her face as she looks back and mouths “I love you”. She dives underwater and performs Spinjitzu. As she begins to merge with the sea, the water in Jay’s lungs regurgitates. The scene wakes up the ninja to which they soon realize what Nya is trying to do and they sense Jay rush out to stop her. They are too late though as Nya completes the transformation. She glances at her new self and swims over to Jay, who is watching her. They share a moment before she blasts off to face Wojira. The rest of the ninja race outside and despite Wu’s call, Nya swims away. Jay catches up to them and proclaims that he will help Nya defeat Wojira. The rest of the team then decides that they will come as well.

In the Commissioner’s office, Kalmaar and his guards corner the Commissioner and Jimmy. He demands for the ninja’s location but the Commissioner refuses to speak. Kalmaar is about to zap him when Wojira alerts him of something approaching. They go to check out what it is and Kalmaar realizes it is the girl. Nya rises out of the sea and tells him her name isn’t girl, but Nya. She then guarantees him that he will wish that he had never met her in the first place before leaping into battle.

Nya launches a flurry of water attacks at Kalmaar and lands on Wojira's head to face him. Kalmaar sees Nya in her merged state and tells her it was a foolish sacrifice, just like what Nyad had done.

The ninja arrive at the scene and Jay calls out to Nya. She lowers her guard at Jay's voice and Kalmaar seizes the opportunity to zap Nya, disintegrating her. The ninja cry out, horrified at what just happened. Kalmaar then commands Wojira to attack the ninja; Jay and Wu end up knocked back by her powers. Enraged, Jay takes Wu's staff and attacks Kalmaar directly. The Maaray Guards arrive soon after and a battle between them and the ninja occurs. Jay continues to fight Kalmaar but is easily defeated. Just as Kalmaar is about to zap him, Benthomaar with a screech, lands on Kalmaar from behind. Brother versus brother, they fight atop Wojira, and Benthomaar manages to destroy Kalmaar's trident, severing his control over Wojira. Kalmaar furiously strikes Wojira's amulet continuously, screaming at her to destroy the ninja. In response, she flings him up into the air and consumes him whole.

Wojira then proceeds to destroy the ninja but a blast of water throws off her powers. She turns around and sees a water dragon, revealed to be Nya herself. The shocked ninja watch as Nya faces off against Wojira. Eventually, Wojira is able to disintegrate Nya by conjuring on Storm and turns towards the ninja to finish them off. However, a rainstorm begins as Nya reforms herself. She dives at Wojira and strikes the Wave Amulet, destroying it and sending a pulse of energy throughout all of Ninjago. Storm then circles around Wojira, who was then suddenly struck by it and disappears.

The enemy defeated, Nya emerges from the water and lands on the rooftop. The others congratulate her, but notice that she is behaving abnormally. She turns to leave while Jay and Wu desperately beg her to stop, to no avail. Jay declares his love for her, and she asks him to tell Maya that she understands now - "That's the way the cookie crumbles," then dives into the sea as Jay screams her name. She emerges for one last time, returning the sea level to normal, then reenters the ocean and disappears.

Later at the Monastery, Jay cries as he studies a photo of him and Nya together, and he and Maya comfort each other. Cole and Kai come up behind them, and Jay and Cole head towards the courtyard. Jay remarks that he wants everyone to know what Nya did, and hopes that Skylor and Dareth will show up to pay respects. The two are then surprised to see that nearly everyone they had encountered throughout their adventures, along with the people of Ninjago, was present, and the crowd is so large that it trails down the steps of the Mountains of Impossible Height. As Wu makes a speech to commemorate Nya, everyone mourns together.

Out in the Endless Sea, Nya is swimming with the whales, laughing and whooping happily as she does so before speeding off into the depths of the ocean.

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Season 15: Crystalized (Summer 2022 and Fall 2022)

Miss Demeanor has settled a deal with a seller over some Vengestone and is about to have him paid when a few explosive shurikens land in front of them. She demands all her henchmen to find them but later, the ninja take them out and make their grand entrance as the New Ninja. Disgusted with how she received newbies for all the crime she's done, she fires a few distracting flame balls while criticizing them before escaping with the Vengestone, telling them that she will not accept their presence and to send the real ninja instead. Soon, a few police cars and Gayle Gossip arrive. The Police Commissioner then sees them and asks who they are. The New Ninja declare themselves again before disappearing with a smoke bomb, leaving the Police Commissioner to wonder what happened to the old ninja.

The scene switches to show the Monastery has been neglected for a long time. Down in the Hangar bay, Cole, P.I.X.A.L., and Zane are working on their vehicles. On-screen, they overhear Gayle Gossip's report about the Vengestone operation, the New Ninja, and the mayor's statement about both Ninja teams after the original team wasn't seen for a year. When Cole hears how the mayor complained about how destructive they were, he shuts off the TV and asks the others if they could seriously believe what the mayor had said. But Zane simply tells him that the mayor is right and the new ninja would not be as destructive as they were. Surprised, Cole asks how he could say that so calmly and Zane reveals that he has turned off his emotion meter to avoid grief and increase his productivity. Cole angrily tells him that is not a solution before leaving to find Wu.

He goes to his room, where boxes of scrolls have been taken out, and sees Wu going over one in hopes of finding a solution to bringing Nya back. Cole tells him he would have found a solution already and informs him of the Vengestone crisis. They agree to get the team back together. Cole and Zane find Kai at a dojo, teaching kids to obliterate their enemies before they see them coming. They successfully recruit him back into the team, since he wants to avoid teaching kindergarteners, and go off to find Lloyd, who has become a window washer. When he comes down to their windows, they greet him happily and tell him the plan but Lloyd apologizes and says that he's got a lot of windows to do. Lloyd continues down and Kai and Cole pop through the window next to his set, asking whatever happened to "Ninja never quit". This causes Lloyd to snap back, saying that he can't be responsible for anyone ever again. The others watch him continue down and decide to give him time to reconsider while they visit Jay instead.

They find Jay at Lighthouse Island, where he has worn a beard wig and is talking to half full glasses of water. They try to reason with him to return to the Monastery and invite him to join a daring Vengestone quest but he declines both, stating that everyone forgot and seemingly didn't care that Nya left. Unable to convince him to return, the team is about to leave when Cole spots something and tells Jay he has to see it. Jay is soon at the beach to view the many lanterns floating along the ocean, which were in memory of Nya, and grabs a nearby one as Kai, Cole, and Zane join him. They were followed by Lloyd, who had changed his mind, and told them that Nya would kick their butts if they gave up. Inspired, Jay forcefully tears his beard off as the others make a pact before he joins in: For Nya.

A boat is caught in the storm and in the process, a crewman is thrown overboard. His crewmates scramble to rescue him and briefly see a bright light swim through the ocean. Suddenly, a Water Dragon rises out from the sea behind them and sets the sailor, Kwon, down on the boat. Kwon thanks her, and when the dragon answers his thanks, the crew gasps and realizes Nya has come to their aid. The dragon confusedly repeats the name he said, before diving into the ocean again. The crew watch her go as Kwon thanks her again.

Down below, the dragon swims through the sea, trying to recall where she has heard the name Nya. She is able to remember that once there was a Nya from Ninjago but cannot remember anything else. She is soon approached by another water spirit who questions her actions. The dragon tells her she interfered because it's who she is, yet she cannot remember who she was. They travel to the bottom to see if a boat was what she was looking for but it does not help her. So the water spirit suggests her to look above on the surface instead to which the dragon thanks her and says she will.

On her way to the surface, she sees lights floating along the water. The lights turn out to be lanterns with messages and she reads some of them about thanking Nya and missing her presence. The last one she reads tells her Jay must be very sad without Nya and asks her to come home. At Jay's name, she regains her memories, reminiscing those of her closest friends, family, and herself. She transforms into her humanoid water form and declares herself as Nya. Above the waters, she sees where the line of lanterns ends and swims for Lighthouse Island.

However, when she arrives, she finds the lighthouse empty, except for some more lanterns and paintings of herself and Jay. She wonders how long she's been gone when she sees Jay's portrait of himself with a beard and she suddenly loses form. She struggles to maintain it and realizes she has to get back to the ocean. There, Nya finds the water spirit and tells her she remembers everything about herself and who Nyad is, the one who fought off Wojira. Although Nyad doesn't remember that and simply tells Nya that was nice. Nya then begs for her help to break free from the ocean to go home but Nyad tells her that is impossible since she merged with the sea, connecting her completely with the sea forever.

Discouraged, Nya sinks to the bottom and Nyad comes after her, asking why she was sad when she had everything in the ocean forever. Nya replies that she can never be happy in the ocean when all her friends were back home and she fears of forgetting everything again. Nyad apologizes and tells her with the sea connected to her elemental powers, there was no way she could give those up. At that, Nya realizes that if she could give up her powers, she could sever herself from the ocean. Nyad tells her it could be possible but tells her she is her powers and asks what she would be without them. Nya confesses that was her greatest fear, becoming ordinary, but knows that losing her friends would be worse. She hugs Nyad and thanks her for everything, telling her she has to go. When Nyad asks where, Nya says "Home" and takes off to find her friends.

At the hangar bay, Cole ponders how so much Vengestone could be moved without any detection. Zane theorizes the Vengestone has to be moving underground, but Lloyd states that the Serpentine would know about it. Cole decides to start over with what they knew, which frustrates Kai since they've been going in circles for hours. Lloyd asks Jay to see if he has any ideas, but he is unfocused, still mourning Nya's loss by looking at glasses of water. Impatient, Kai shouts at him, and a grumpy Jay replies that he doesn't know. He then says that they cannot work together due to Nya's absence. Kai counters this by accusing Jay of being useless, which nearly causes a fight before Lloyd suggests a break. Jay begins to state that taking a break wouldn't work when a pizza box catches his eye, giving him an idea.

The ninja head to the N line of the subway tunnel where they reach a brick wall. They look for opening mechanisms, but are unable to find any. Suddenly, the ninja hear a sound come from one of the crates near the brick wall. Cole cautiously approaches the crate and removes the tarp, revealing an old man sleeping on Vengestone. He hops out of the crate and asks for a signature from the ninja, when flames suddenly appear from behind.

The ninja turn to find Miss Demeanor and her henchmen. She is pleased to see the real ninja instead of the New Ninja she fought back at the docks. Kai attempts to use his powers to no avail, since he is surrounded by Vengestone which suppresses Elemental Powers. Observing this, Miss Demeanor orders her gang to attack the ninja. While fighting, the ninja are greatly outmatched, showing a lack of chemistry and strength. Cole knocks Jay over with Spinjitzu, Lloyd is nearly hit by a henchman Zane is fighting, and Kai and Zane struggle to fend off "low-level thugs." Miss Demeanor then taunts the ninja's sloppy fighting.

Just then, the New Ninja arrive and start their catchphrase, but Miss Demeanor interrupts them and orders her henchmen to attack them instead. The ninja are upset with the New Ninja's interference, but they ignore them, taking out the thugs and saving the ninja. The Teal Ninja deals a final blow and defeats Miss Demeanor.

Aboveground, the ninja and New Ninja watch as Miss Demeanor and her henchmen are escorted into police cars. The Police Commissioner heads over to them. Lloyd thinks that he is addressing them, but he walks past and congratulates the New Ninja instead. Afterwards, Cole thanks the New Ninja for their help. The Fuchsia Ninja reveals that they were inspired by the ninja to protect the weak and calls the ninja "old-timers." This offends Kai, and the Teal Ninja doubles down by calling the ninja "out of shape." Lloyd points out that they tracked down the villain, but the Teal Ninja reveals that they had planted a tracking device in the crate, which would have led them to the true villain if the ninja hadn't interfered. The Orange Ninja then informs her team that the mayor wanted to thank them personally and they leave with a smoke bomb, after which Kai voices his hatred towards the new ninja team.

At Ninjago City Hall, Mayor Ulysses Trustable plays mini golf in his office when Dwayne interrupts him. Dwayne explained that the ninja were here to see him, and Trustable gave excuses to not see them, but the ninja were already in his office. The ninja then try to get the mayor's permission to release Aspheera in order to restore Nya, but Trustable refuses to allow Aspheera back onto the streets. After failing to come to an agreement, the ninja left Trustable's office.

Back at the hangar bay, Lloyd suggests breaking Aspheera out illegally which Wu condemns. The rest of the ninja agree, but Wu refuses to help, saying that Aspheera could not be trusted and leaves. Once they were in agreement, Lloyd gives out the plan: he, Kai, and Zane would break into Kryptarium Prison to free Aspheera while Jay and Cole would break into the Borg Tower vaults to retrieve Aspheera's staff. While the ninja were gone, Skylor would keep a frozen Nya intact using replicating powers so Zane could help out at Kryptarium.

At Kryptarium Prison, a disguised Kai, Lloyd, and Zane were able to get inside through a vent. Realizing there were thermal sensors ahead, Zane decided to freeze Kai and Lloyd to lower their body temperatures so they would not be detected. He then picked up the two and was able to get by without being detected, thanks to having low temperature.

Concurrently, Jay and Cole were able to get into Borg Tower by disguising themselves as security guards. They enter the elevator, but neither could remember the bypass code required to activate the elevator. Cole enters a code that Jay suggested, but it was incorrect and the elevator's security alarms went off. Both ninja blame each other for not listening to P.I.X.A.L. when she gave them the code. Realizing the elevator was not going to work, Cole opens a hatch on the elevator's floor and slid down the cables with Jay reluctantly following.

After getting through the sensors, Zane finds the hatch closest to Aspheera's containment chamber. He then throws a throwing star at a button which activated the bridge leading to Aspheera's cell. Aspheera, who was working on an origami snake notices the bridge coming to her and was surprised to see the ninja. The ninja offer Aspheera a chance for freedom if she helps the ninja restore Nya to her human form. Thinking about it, she agrees to help the ninja. Zane proceeded to drill a hole using a laser cutter so that Aspheera can get out of her cell. They start to shimmy up the cable holding Aspheera's cell, only for Aspheera to accidentally hit Zane's laser cutter out of his hand with her tail. The laser cutter went off and a single shot ricochets off multiple surfaces, slicing through the cable and causes the chamber to fall, thus sounding the alarm. The ninja and Aspheera scale up the cable quickly with Kai being the first to the hatch, only to be met by multiple security guards.

Meanwhile, Skylor's powers begin to fade away before P.I.X.A.L. brings in a cooling unit to help Skylor out.

Back at Kryptarium Prison, the ninja and Aspheera flee through the hallways from the guards and manage to get away when Zane freezes the turn in the hallway, making the guards slip into a pile up. At the Borg Tower vaults, Cole and Jay reach the floor where the vault was before they use their powers to blast the door open, only to find the vault completely empty. At the hangar bay, Skylor's replicated powers continue to fade rapidly as P.I.X.A.L. brings in another cooling unit. Skylor comments on how the ninja were supposed to be back hours ago with P.I.X.A.L. wondering where they could be.

Mayor Trustable was having Dwayne fix up his portrait on a wall when Noble calls to tell him that another group of New Ninja broke into Kryptarium Prison and freed Aspheera. Ulysses then tells him to have them found and arrested.

Back at the hangar bay, Skylor senses Zane's powers wearing off but a few moments later he arrives to freeze Nya. Meanwhile, Kai and Lloyd are showing Aspheera around the Monastery and bump into Wu. Wu confronts her to tell them he had nothing to do with the ninja's doings and would never have brought her here, but would not stand in the way of her freedom if she helped Nya. They bring her down to the Ninja Cave, where Aspheera takes a look at Nya herself. They discuss about removing her powers to which Aspheera mentions she cannot help without her staff but Zane assures her it would arrive soon. Unfortunately, Cole and Jay arrive from Borg Tower with the news that everything has disappeared. P.I.X.A.L. then calls up Cyrus Borg to ask him where he moved his staff so they could steal it and save Nya's life, much to Kai's surprise when he sarcastically suggested it. They later discuss the convoy's schedule and when to ambush them before P.I.X.A.L. goes down to work on some upgrades for their vehicles.

Soon, the ninja are on their way for the staff while also admiring their vehicles P.I.X.A.L. remodeled and going over the plan. They arrive at the convoy's route and Zane detects Aspheera's staff in one of the trucks. The ninja sans Zane set their vehicles to auto before jumping on while Zane however lifts the truck into the air. The ninja then break in, only to find the New Ninja lying in wait for them and a fight breaks out, which creates an imbalance and Zane struggles to control the truck from swinging wildly all over the streets of Ninjago. In addition, the Teal Ninja throws an explosive shuriken into one of the jet's engines, causing everyone to lose altitude.

Meanwhile, Dwayne rushes in to tell Mayor Trustable one of the trucks has gained the ability to fly, which the latter denies is not possible. But Zane crashes into the Mayor's Office from behind and into another building as he tries to gain back the altitude they lost. Annoyed, Kai complains to Zane to not crash into every building and ends up saying his name. At that, the fight stops and the Teal Ninja quickly takes Lloyd hostage while Kai tries to lie about the name but the Teal Ninja unmasks one of the black-clad ninja and discovers that Lloyd is under there. In all the confusion, the ninja manage to escape with the staff on Zane's jet after he drops off the truck on a roof.

Afterwards, the Teal Ninja calls Ulysses to tell them about the old ninja pretending to be the black-clad ninja. Enraged with their recklessness, Mayor Trustable declares the ninja to be public enemies number one through five.

At the hangar bay, Skylor was struggling to keep Nya frozen intact. P.I.X.A.L. informed Wu that the ninja collected Aspheera's staff and were on their way back, so they needed to stall Aspheera before she got bored. Meanwhile, Aspheera was looking around and after pressing a few buttons, she found the Golden Weapons. She tried to take them, but Wu got in his way. Aspheera was bored that she couldn't do anything and tried to leave, but Wu prevented her from doing so. Aspheera promised she wouldn't leave if she could challenge Wu in a series of contests. Despite it sounding silly, Wu accepted participating in the contests, in order to stall Aspheera long enough for the ninja to return.

Aspheera and Wu lifted weights, arm wrestled, played pool, did a staring contest, and flipped pancakes with Aspheera winning all of the contests. After competing with Aspheera, Wu returned to the hangar bay only to see Skylor's powers run out and the coolers to blow up. Luckily, Zane arrived just in time to freeze her. Lloyd then gave the staff to Aspheera, but instead of using it on Nya, she started to attack the ninja.

The ninja dodged Aspheera's attacks with Lloyd wondering how she could betray the ninja so quickly. While they are fighting, the police arrived at the monastery and Aspheera believed they were after her. However, Kai and Zane confessed they revealed their identities when they were trying to retrieve Aspheera's staff and the police were after them instead. Aspheera freaked out believing they would all go to prison, but Lloyd revealed a secret tunnel out of the hangar bay. Aspheera demanded for the tunnel, but Lloyd would only show her if she saved Nya first. Aspheera bitterly agreed and began taking Nya's powers.

While the ninja watched, the New Ninja entered the hangar bay. The ninja saw them and after a verbal argument began fighting them to give Aspheera more time. Meanwhile, Aspheera commented about how powerful Nya was and not knowing the consequences of draining her powers. Just as she finished her sentence, a shockwave swept from Nya causing everyone to be knocked out.

Some time later, Nya was back in her human form and Jay ran over to see if she was alright. At the same time, Lloyd escorted Aspheera to the secret tunnel and allowed her to escape. Lloyd then turned himself in with the rest of the ninja as they were happy to see Nya back.

After Aspheera left the hangar bay, she returned to the pyramid making origami snakes. Soon, she was greeted by three crystal spiders with a hologram being projected by one of the spiders. The Kabuki Mask asked if she was interested in joining the Council of the Crystal King to exact revenge, to which she happily accepted.

Following Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole's arrest by the New Ninja for freeing Aspheera from incarceration and stealing her staff, a trial at the Ninjago City Courthouse is taking place for the team. Dareth serves as the team's lawyer and tries to defend them by reminding the Judge, William Toughbutt, about the Ninja's heroism and protection to Ninjago. Toughbutt agrees with what they had done and mentions they won't be sentenced to life, and instead ends up sentencing them for five years in Kryptarium Prison. A sentence that leads to a protest by the many witnesses in the courtroom as the Ninja are taken away while Nya helplessly watches. Placed into their cell at Kryptarium, Zane notes that there are only bunk beds enough for four of them and calls on one. Annoyed at his lack of emotion, Cole tells him to turn it back on. He does so, which led to a loud screech before Cole turns it back off. As Kai intends to break out using his powers, Lloyd stops him and insists they leave everything to Dareth.

At the monastery, Dareth tries to think of a solution, alongside Nya and Skylor, but Wu does not take part as he believes the Ninja have no one to blame but themselves for disobeying him in breaking Aspheera out, but Nya takes the blame for herself, insisting that it was her own fault before leaving the room. Wu then tells Skylor that Nya was never powerless, even during her tenure as Samurai X.

While among other prisoners in the exercise yard at the prison, inducing glares from prisoners, including Ultra Violet and Mezmo, Jay approached Lloyd, Kai, Cole and Zane, telling them he joined the 'Needles' club before finding themselves in the presence of Ronin, a former ally who tried to rob the Keepers of their prized possessions, who then told Jay that the Needles club is just for those learning to knit, amusing the other prisoners. As Ronin prepares to intimidate them, a guard stops him before informing Lloyd that he has a visitor. As he escorted him down the hallway, the guard tells Lloyd he and several other guards appreciate what he and the Ninja had done for the city before the crimes he committed. Reaching the visitor's room, the guard directs him to the last booth, where his visitor was waiting, which Lloyd believed it was Master Wu, but instead, it was an individual wearing a kabuki mask. He explains that he came to warn him that he is forming a council for an individual called the Crystal King and wanted to see the despaired look on Lloyd's face when he told him before leaving.

Lloyd then attempted to pursue him, but was stopped by the guards, who mistakenly believe he was attempting to escape. Taken back to his and the others' cell, Lloyd tells them of the Kabuki Mask's plan and that they must find a way to get out of prison. In the Kingdom of Shintaro, the former king Vangelis, who is confined in a room, plays a lyre before a hole is cut in the ceiling, surprising him, and a Crystal Spider arrives with a mask, similar to the one he had as the Skull Sorcerer before the spider plays a message from the Kabuki Mask, inviting him into the council. Vangelis accepts, putting on the mask, which glows pink.

Skylor and Dareth arrive at Kryptarium Prison to visit the Ninja, and were nearly denied access due to their affiliation and the guards believing Dareth is more like a nightclub owner, pretending to be the Ninja's lawyer, until he shows them his attorney license. In the visitor's room, the Ninja tell them of Lloyd's encounter with a guy in a kabuki mask, who told him about the Crystal King and organizing a council. Skylor then informed them that Vangelis had escaped from his prison in Shintaro as Dareth then tells them that he is gonna try to file a mistrial, until Zane tells him otherwise. As their visiting time is up, Jay asks Skylor how Nya is, and she says the judge is denying her visitation rights and that she blames herself for their incarceration because she is powerless. Kai then tells him his sister is tough before they're moved back to their cell.

Back at the monastery, Wu comes across Nya cleaning out her room of ninja essentials since she feels there was no need to train as she doesn't have her Elemental Power anymore and is still blaming herself for the boys' incarceration. While resuming cleaning up, Wu comes across a drawing of Samurai X and a family, and shows it to her, with a message from the child who drew it, thanking her for saving them. Inspired, Nya comes across her old Samurai X blueprints.

In the exercise yard, the Ninja are having lunch, with Cole complaining about the cake and Zane complaining about the motor oil he was given when the ninja encounter their old enemy: Pythor, accompanied by a group of inmates, including Ultra Violet, Killow, and Mezmo. The Anacondrai proceeds to mock the surprised Ninja and mentioned how he got nabbed by the New Ninja before making fun of them, and mentioned rumors of the Crystal King gathering a team of Villains and is waiting for his invite. Then when Kai attacks him, he then starts a food fight with the Ninja by grabbing his fellow inmates' food and tossing them at the Ninja. Before the others could join in, the guards stop them and force them back to their cells with Pythor proclaiming 'All hail the Crystal King!'

In the hangar bay, Nya shows P.I.X.A.L. the blueprints and had made some modifications to it for her to invent, which will take hours, but starts work on it as soon as possible.

Later that night, three Crystal Spiders infiltrate Kryptarium Prison, waking Lloyd as they pass by the Ninja's cell to Pythor's, where they wake him up to play a message from the guy in the kabuki mask, inviting him to join the Council of the Crystal King, which, after a second to wake up properly by slapping himself in the face, he instantly accepted. From their cell, the Ninja notice the glow the crystal spiders were giving off before Kai shoots at the bars on their cell, setting off the alarm. Reaching his cell, they see crystals spiders leading Pythor out of a recently made hole before they attempt to go after him, with the guards on their tail, believing the Ninja were attempting to escape. Coming across a pathway, Pythor sees a hovercraft arrive to pick him up, just as the Ninja start to catch up. One of the spiders soon self destructs, blowing up the pathway and blocking their chance to catch Pythor. However, Kai manages to jump over the gap and attempts to shoot the hovercraft, but hits a lookout tower. As they helplessly watch Pythor leave, Zane uses his Ice power to extinguish the flames and Cole tells them that the damages done in the attempt is gonna add 20 years to their sentence before being forced to surrender as the guards surround them.

In their cell, the ninja are awoken by a guard to assign them to work detail, where they're put on a bus, alongside Mezmo and Fugi-Dove, the latter asking Jay his reason for being in prison as well as their 'rivalry,' miffing the latter. Once the assigned prisoners were on board, the guard gives them some ground rules about the work detail, which is picking up trash along Route 22 before the bus takes off. However, on the way, they encounter an old man, which is actually Dareth in disguise, trying to fix his van. With the driver and guard distracted, Nya shows up in her new Samurai X MECH to break the ninja out. Once they hide behind a rock, Nya signals Dareth to pick them up, which he does so, while turning the vehicle onto its back exit to prevent the other inmates from escaping before taking off.

In his office while playing golf, Dwayne informs Mayor Trustable of the escape, who then calls the Police Commissioner. Learning the Commissioner cannot comply with the order to pursue and arrest the ninja, due to jurisdiction, which he seemed to have forgotten, Trustable sends his phone into his fish tank, and orders Dwayne to bring in Hounddog McBrag.

While still in the getaway vehicle, Dareth took off his disguise and told them his strategy was breaking them out. He then told them there is a change of clothes in the back, which Fugi-Dove had somehow managed to smuggle himself into. As they continue along, a police car started to pursue him, and Dareth goes off road, managing to drive over a rock, which the police car rolls on before the van returns to the road, only to face engine troubles. Unable to fix it, due to a blown piston, they, after changing out of their prison uniforms and into their new suits, along with Fugi-Dove, start moving on foot, completely sweaty and dehydrated from the vast heat. Lloyd then remembers Twitchy Tim's gas station, which Zane tells him is over 5 miles away, and they make their way to it.

Back at the bus, three trucks arrive at the scene, and Hounddog McBrag exits it to give a speech to the officers about the ninja's escape before ordering them to find them. At night, the ninja, Dareth and Fugi-Dove hide behind a rock as a helicopter passed by over them before Lloyd makes a plan to split up in order to reach the station with Kai, Zane, and Dareth in one group, and Cole, Jay, Fugi-Dove (who wants to 'lecture' Jay more), and Lloyd in another before taking off, with Fugi-Dove cooing, leaving Jay completely miffed even more.

Having separated to throw the police off, Kai, Zane and Dareth move along in the desert, with Kai and Dareth exhausted from dehydration. Kai spots a van and successfully gets the driver's attention, while Zane activates his cloaking device to look human. The driver, a girl named Sally, asks what they're doing out in the desert. They manage to deceive her and ask for a ride to Ninjago City, to which she agrees.

In the van, Sally plays a song she wrote and reveals that she is moving to Ninjago City to become a singer. Dareth compliments her song, but Zane expresses his confusion to the song's lyrics. He then asks about a photo of Sally and her parents. Saddened, Sally begins to cry, and Zane stops the van. As they try to comfort her, Sally confesses that she ran away from home, stealing the van and denting the front bumper in the process — which she describes as "borrowed without asking" and "changed its shape." Just then, a police helicopter arrives, and Sally, thinking they were sent by her parents, immediately drives off.

Kai attempts to explain that they were the ones being pursued and has Zane deactivate his cloaking device, but she doesn't notice and keeps driving. The van ends up at the edge of a cliff. Hounddog McBrag orders the ninja to surrender, after which Sally finally realizes their true target. Kai reveals that they "borrowed something without asking", and Sally lets go of the brake in shock, sending the van over the edge and into the ravine. As the police express their shock, McBrag takes one of the trucks and drives into the ravine in pursuit. The vehicles go through some rapids before Zane freezes the ravine behind them, trapping McBrag and enabling the ninja's escape.

Back on dry land, Sally expresses her excitement at the adventure, but begins to sob again when the van falls apart. She wishes that she could turn her emotion meter off, so that she wouldn't miss her parents and that everything would be fine. Zane comforts her, telling her about Dr. Julien and how unpleasant emotions do serve a purpose. He explains that her emotions are telling her to go home, and consoles her when she expresses worry about not being forgiven by her parents.

Later, the four arrive at Sally's home. With the ninja's encouragement, she knocks on the door, and her parents immediately embrace her. Kai notices Zane smiling at the sight and asks if he turned his emotions back on, which he confirms and reveals that he realized the benefit of emotions, even grief. The trio then leaves to continue their journey.

Jay, Cole, Lloyd and Fugi-Dove continue journeying through the Sea of Sand to find Twitchy Tim's gas station, while Fugi-Dove continues to annoy Jay about turning to a life of crime, even giving him ideas for his criminal alias, eventually coming up with 'Blue-Jay,' which Cole agrees is catchy. Hounddog McBrag and his policemen learn that the ninja could be hiding at Twitchy Tim's gas station. Jay, Cole, Lloyd, and Fugi-Dove come across a nearby road and continue forward as they finally reach Twitchy Tim's gas station and meet up with the other ninja, Dareth and Twitchy Tim, while Cole rushes inside for water.

The rest of the ninja scan for potential villains that the Kabuki Mask could recruit for the Crystal Council. As they eventually agree that the Mechanic could be the next recruit, they are forced to hide as Hounddog McBrag and his forces arrive at the gas station. However, Twitchy Tim accidentally exposes them of their hiding place, although Fugi-Dove manages to sacrifice himself to the police, allowing the ninja and Dareth to get away. Kai uses his Fire on one of their vehicles and drive off with the other, leaving the police stranded.

The ninja arrive back at Ninjago City, searching for the Mechanic in his headquarters. The Mechanic then appears and attacks the ninja, who seems to gain the upper hand until Lloyd pushes an arcade cabinet on him to trap him. Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole then tie up the Mechanic in the Noodle Truck of Crime, as Zane projects a map to track Lloyd with a GPS device as he goes undercover disguised as the Mechanic. A Crystal Spider appears and projects the Kabuki Mask's invitation to "the Mechanic", as they head down underground.

Lloyd, still disguised as the Mechanic, follows a crystal spider down the Ninjago Metro to the Council of the Crystal King. Unbeknownst to him, he is also being followed by another crystal spider.

Meanwhile, the other four ninja continue to track Lloyd's progress in the Noodle Truck of Crime. The real Mechanic is tied up at the back of the truck, whilst Jay and Cole find a box full of noodle soup. Kai and Zane then stop the truck near the entrance to the abandoned airline. At the same time, Jay has Zane put his noodle soup on the instant noodle maker. The Mechanic stealthily shrinks himself out of his bonds by letting his robo arm loose.

Back at the Ninjago Metro, a crystal spider opens up a secret entrance on the wall. Hesitating, Lloyd narrowly makes it through the closing wall and enters a vehicle which travels at a high speed that the other ninja are unable to catch up with.

As Kai drives the truck, the Mechanic breaks free and fights Jay and Cole. The Mechanic then manages to stop the Noodle Truck of Crime, tumbling it over and escapes to the sewers, heading underground to the Ninjago Metro, while the other ninja give chase.

On an underground platform, the ninja are unable to locate the Mechanic. Jay notices light at the end of the tunnel, hinting at a train. Silently lowering himself from the ceiling, the Mechanic pushes the ninja in front of the oncoming train. Jay goes under the train while the others Spinjitzu to the sides. During the ensuing fight, the Mechanic overpowers all four ninja, and manages to escape once again by hitching a ride on a train for a meeting with the Crystal King. Cole attempts to warn Lloyd, but the velocity of the vehicle is interfering with the signal, so there is nothing else the ninja can do. Unbeknownst to them, a crystal spider had recorded their conversation, and left to report it to its master.

Arriving at the Oni Temple, Lloyd walks through a hallway with an army of Vengestone-carved soldiers flanking a narrow walkway. He then encounters the other villains in a meeting chamber, assembled by the Kabuki Mask: Pythor, Aspheera, and Vangelis, alongside Mister F, the newest upgraded model of Mr. E.

The Kabuki Mask then appears and meets with the assembled villains. He reveals that he is merely the Crystal King's servant, and decides that his plans and intentions will not be revealed to them right now; as someone in their council is an impostor. Aspheera accuses Vangelis because of his mask, whilst he accuses Mister F for his helmet.

However, a crystal spider shows a video of the ninja from earlier, revealing that Lloyd was disguised as the Mechanic. Lloyd attempts to escape, but Pythor catches him using his Anacondrai invisibility, so he uses his Spinjitzu to fight the villains.

Mister F then fires a blast at Lloyd, knocking him out of his Spinjitzu. Kabuki Mask then approaches him, mocking Lloyd about coming all the way to seek the truth, curious that the Green Ninja couldn't guess who he is, or if he could feel it. He then provides him with a clue: a familiar lullaby. While Kabuki Mask slowly approaches Lloyd while singing, Vangelis, Pythor, Aspheera, and Mister F gather around him, as he's losing consciousness.

The Green Ninja watches as the Kabuki Mask slowly removes the mask from his face, and his voice changes to that of a female's. When the mask is fully removed, Lloyd expressed horror and disbelief as the person's true identity is revealed to be Harumi before he finally blacks out.

Hounddog McBrag and two policemen arrive at the Monastery of Spinjitzu where they encounter Wu. McBrag then claims that since the ninja are now fugitives, the Destiny's Bounty must be impounded under law enforcement. While the Bounty is being confiscated, Wu states to the marshal that the ninja had saved Ninjago many times and should be praised as heroes, though Hounddog McBrag only states that they only did that when they were heroes and they must be taken to Kryptarium Prison. He then hands him an opened envelope from the Postman, and threatens to arrest Wu should he hold any information on the ninja's whereabouts and leaves.

Wu then leaves to hangar bay, where P.I.X.A.L., Nya, and Skylor are tracking the ninja through the N line, searching for Lloyd. Jay comes across an old, classic subway vehicle along the way, and they continue their search on afterwards. However, they do not notice that a Crystal Spider is secretly following them.

Meanwhile, Lloyd is trapped in a Vengestone cage above a pit of lava. He tries to convince Harumi to change her mind, but he only falls to her manipulation once more. However, when Lloyd remarks that she doesn't want innocent people to get hurt, she has a saddened look, right before her eyes suddenly glow purple with anger, and she proceeds to manipulate Lloyd by convincing him that he has a hidden dark side like his father, and prepares to send Crystal Spiders as an attempt to kill the ninja within an explosion, as Lloyd is forced to painfully watch.

Unbeknownst to them, however, they survive and find refugee in the old subway car. With Lloyd believing that his friends are dead, Harumi once again tries to manipulate him to join the Crystal King. Lloyd initially refuses, but as Harumi plans to dispose of Wu, Nya, Skylor, and P.I.X.A.L. next, Lloyd's eyes begin to glow purple and he ruthlessly breaks out of his cage. He proceeds to attack Harumi and Mister F. With the latter knocked down, Harumi tries to aggravate Lloyd further in this state, and in doing so, he shoots purple energy blasts at her. After realizing what he's doing, he regains his senses before being shot down unconsciously by Mister F, as Harumi says, "Welcome back, Son of Garmadon".

The four original ninja are still trapped within the BRTM-12 in the N line. They try to figure a way out, but their attempts only lead to the roof beginning to cave in on them, so they attempt to contact Wu, Nya, P.I.X.A.L., and Skylor, but with no luck. Zane then proceeds to attempt amplifying Kai's communicator, in hope that then they'll be able to reach them.

Soon afterwards, the Council of the Crystal King arrive at the hangar bay to take the Golden Weapons, to which Wu replies that they should take them - if they could. To which, a fight breaks between Wu and the others, and the Crystal Council.

As they fight, Skylor, P.I.X.A.L., and Nya are later overwhelmed, until Wu is the only one left, and is able to hold off Aspheera, Vangelis and The Mechanic for a while. Just before they can gain access to the weapons, P.I.X.A.L. summons multiple MiniPix to attack them. While the effects are efficient, tons of Crystal Spiders soon appear and shoot down the MiniPix. As they do so, Aspheera tells Nya that Harumi sends her regards, surprising her before she and the others are defeated. With all of them out of the way, the four villains were able to steal the de-powered Golden Weapons, and the Crystal Spiders are implanted as bombs. One MiniPix manages to reassemble itself and save P.I.X.A.L., Wu, and Skylor, but was unable to find Nya. When Nya wakes up - shortly before the Crystal Spiders blow up - she hurries to her Samurai X MECH, protecting herself from the explosion of the monastery.

The others grieve over Nya's apparent demise, until she breaks through the ruins in the Samurai X MECH, which had also been damaged. They soon receive a signal from Zane, who requests for their help before the roof caves in even more, but they manage find an escape hatch and go through it, securing them for a little while. Nya heads off to save them, and Wu wishes her good luck.

The Council of the Crystal King arrive at the Crystal Temple with the Golden Weapons. Lloyd, completely wrapped up in Vengestone chains, hears that Wu and the others lost to the Crystal Council, and Harumi says to Lloyd that because she felt hurt after losing her parents to the Great Devourer's attack, it is Lloyd's turn to feel loss, and tries to manipulate him into using his anger to become like his father, but Lloyd resists. Meanwhile, the Crystal Council leaves to prepare the ritual for the Golden Weapons.

Meanwhile, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane are still trapped within the rubble. They manage to find an exit by following a rat, but they fail to find a way to the surface. Once they reach as far as they can go, Jay tries singing a song as they wait for the others to arrive for help, but the rubble begins to collapse. The others try to hold a giant boulder above them, but are not strong enough to lift it for long. Just when their demise is near, Nya arrives and saves them in her Samurai X MECH. After hearing word that the Monastery of Spinjitzu was destroyed and Harumi has resurfaced, the others head off to an "old base," just before Hounddog McBrag could arrest them.

Nya and the others return to the Samurai X Cave, where they reunite with Wu, P.I.X.A.L., and Skylor. As MiniPix Seven fixes up the power in the cave, they question what Harumi's motives could be with the Golden Weapons, and they figure out a plan to save Lloyd. Back at the Crystal Temple, Aspheera begins a ritual for the Golden Weapons, transforming them into the Weapons of Destruction. During the ritual, the Overlord begins to take physical form, emerging from his crystal, leaving Lloyd in shock by the return of Ninjago's greatest enemy as the Overlord maniacally laughs and proclaims that "It ends now."

After returning to Ninjago, the Overlord tells Lloyd how his grandfather, Garmadon, and the ninja have failed to defeat him many times. As Lloyd believes that there's still hope to stopping the Overlord, he promises to destroy Lloyd's hope and uses his powers to grant the Council of the Crystal King new powers and the Weapons of Destruction, and begins to move the Crystal Temple airborne. He offers a chance for Lloyd to join his side, but he refuses, kicks the Scythe of Destruction into the central crystal, sending the temple tilting to the side, and manages to break free of his Vengestone chains. Vangelis recovers the Scythe and flies after Lloyd, only to be knocked aside by a Vengestone statue.

The Overlord, after rightening the temple, orders the Council to hunt down and destroy Lloyd through the temple, with Harumi being overall reluctant to do so. As the chase occurs, the Overlord awakens his Crystal Warriors. Lloyd is eventually cornered by the Crystal Council (except Harumi). He tries to convince them that the Overlord will destroy everything, but the Mechanic says that the Overlord will not destroy them, and the Council throw their weapons at Lloyd, although he dodges and the Weapons cause an explosion, due to the immense power of all four Weapons at once. As he escapes, Harumi leads the members to go the opposite way that Lloyd went, and Lloyd gets chased by a Vengestone Guard. Lloyd manages to save himself from falling off the temple.

Harumi arrives and convinces Lloyd to join the Overlord's side, but he still refuses, and decides to jump off the Crystal Island and take Harumi with him as the rest of the Council watch in confusion and shock, even refusing to jump after them. Lloyd manages to swim out of the river with Harumi. Back at the Samurai X Cave, the ninja try working on their vehicles, but fail to get them working. Suddenly, Lloyd's tracker goes off, alerting the ninja of his location at Primeval's Eye. In order to save Lloyd, Wu and the others decide that they must break the law twice and steal back their old vehicles and the Destiny's Bounty back, to which they all agree to.

Two security guards are patrolling the police impound lot. The four ninja and Nya form their plans to retrieve their vehicles back while Nya takes back the Destiny's Bounty. As the ninja get their vehicles, Zane is caught, though Wu surprises them and locks them in a booth, finally deciding to stick by the ninja's side. The ninja then reactivate their vehicles, and Wu boards the Bounty as the group take off.

Meanwhile, Lloyd and Harumi (as Lloyd's prisoner) traverse through Primeval's Eye. Harumi tries to get into Lloyd's head as usual, though he refuses to listen and forces her onward. As Harumi eventually manages to attack Lloyd with a nearby leaf hitting him, she steals back her Katana and flees as Lloyd gives chase. However, they both fall into a pit of quicksand. Left with no other option, Harumi hands Lloyd her sword as he cuts a vine to pull him out, and cuts another one to free Harumi. Lloyd then forces Harumi to have her hands tied up, but is attacked once more. As they get into a brief argument, the rest of the Crystal Council arrive on Dragonides to find Lloyd and Harumi.

As they hide, Harumi kicks down Lloyd to give away their location. As Lloyd tries to restrain Harumi, the Crystal Council attack him with their Dragonides, though Lloyd manages to escape. As Lloyd reaches a dead end though, he is confronted by Harumi once more. Suddenly, Wu and Nya appear on the Bounty, as Lloyd jumps aboard. As the Crystal Council attack them, Zane, using his Golden Dragon Jet, fights the Council in an aerial battle. With the Council taken out, Lloyd and the others notice the Crystal Island airborne and slowly moving towards Ninjago City. As Lloyd tells Nya and Wu that the Overlord has returned, Wu orders Kai and Cole to fall back on their attack. Lloyd then stares down at Harumi as she smiles and flees, while Lloyd and the others take off.

Garmadon, who was waiting for his pizza delivery, was surprised to see Lloyd and Wu before he lets them in his apartment. Wu then begins to question Garmadon about the latter's presence in the city right under his nose. After helping the Ninja defeat the Oni, Garmadon went to find out what it meant to have life, even scaring some kids, including Leroy during his walk. He disrupts a man feeding pigeons and a chicken, burned a bush that a gardener had just trimmed and disrupted a kids' game of tug-a-war by cutting their rope in half, thinking they were trying to break it with force.

While walking along the city, citizens scared by his presence, Garmadon remembered what Vinny Folson had once told him before arriving at his apartment, where after reassuring a frightened Vinny, he moves in with him. Garmadon explained how he wanted to know more about life from him, having helped some people recently, which he found the experience confusing before Vinny tells him that there is goodness in him, even if his Oni side was brought back. Vinny then gives Garmadon a bit of advice about how to try and be polite and to smile more, which he does, including retracting his lower arms, and tries to smile, but it was too creepy around the citizens. Upon receiving his long overdue pizza, Garmadon tells Lloyd and Wu about the day Vinny gave him a plant as a gift and a lesson on empathy, which he learnt from his father. Garmadon slowly nurtured the plant, even naming it Christofern.

Lloyd impatiently refuses to believe his father had changed and simply demands how he knew the Overlord was returning through newspaper clippings he was sending to Wu. Garmadon explains he could sense anger and hatred, which is how he knew, and was surprised to hear Harumi was alive, still regarding her as a daughter to him, but refuses to help, taking up a vow of not resorting to violence as a result.

Annoyed, Lloyd, along with Wu, leaves the apartment, only to hear a noise and come back to see it destroyed, Christofern damaged, and Garmadon transforming into his Oni Form to attack some Crystal Warriors in retaliation, which makes Wu believe that it could help defeat the Overlord, and that Lloyd should unlock it.

In the rice fields, Cole attempts to defeat some Crystal Warriors, but is knocked back, disabling his vehicle before Jay arrives to extract him, only for the both of them to be saved by Nya aboard the Destiny's Bounty.

Regrouping at the Samurai X Cave, Wu explains the warriors are immune to any attack thrown at them, except Oni Form, which he learnt from Garmadon, who makes his presence known before Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane prepare to attack him, but were stood down by Wu, who wants Lloyd to achieve Oni Form himself. As Garmadon harshly teaches Lloyd, which miserably annoys them all, even expressing to channel rage through the face, and inadvertently says that everything has an opposite, giving Wu an idea about Dragon Form and, along with P.I.X.A.L., heads for Domu to see Misako.

Meanwhile, Gayle Gossip reports on the situation with Vinny Folson having caught the warriors infecting a man, turning him into a crystal zombie before they cross over to Mayor Trustable. The mayor discreetly asks Dwayne to get his car ready before discovering he is live, and attempts to calm the press down. While further back the New Ninja attempt to fight the Crystal Warriors, only to end up turning into zombies themselves. This panics the mayor, who immediately told everyone to run for their lives.

Back at the cave, Garmadon keeps chastising Lloyd for his failures and brags how the latter wants the Overlord and Harumi to win, infuriating Lloyd, who soon conjures Destruction before being warned by the others and immediately extinguished his hands, disappointing Garmadon. This ultimately leads to everyone arguing with Garmadon over his lessons and insulting Wu before they intend to go back out and take on the Crystal Warriors. P.I.X.A.L. then reveals she coated their vehicles with a coating that the temple will boost their power, instead of draining them. With everything in motion, they all take off with Garmadon muttering to Wu that they don't stand a chance.

The Crystal Island continues to float across Ninjago City, as the citizens are attacked and surrounded by Crystal Warriors. However, the four ninja (Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole) arrive and destroy most of the Crystal Warriors with their newly-powered vehicles. The citizens all cheer by the arrival of the ninja, and as it is being filmed by Vinny, some Kryptarium inmates are watching the fight from Kryptarium Prison. Some of the prisoners insult the ninja and claim that once they break out, they'll be able to do what they want without the presence of the ninja, only to be silenced and corrected by Ronin. From the Destiny's Bounty, Nya reports that the ninja are using too much of their vehicles' engines and are told by her and Lloyd to ease up on using the energy. Wu then appears, wearing the Dragon Chestplate, with some modifications from P.I.X.A.L. However, when Garmadon claims that the Dragon Chestplate won't protect him from the Overlord, Lloyd scolds him for evening fighting with them if he believes they will lose in the end and leaves as Wu chases him. A sadden Garmadon carries Christofern in a soda can, as he explains to Nya its relevant purpose and how the plant helped him to understand compassion and humanity. When Nya explains that the plant will need water to grow, she leaves, saddened about not having her powers.

On the Crystal Island, Harumi notices Zane incoming on his Golden Dragon Jet. As the Overlord is confident that Zane's jet will malfunction like it did the last time, Zane strikes some blasts at it. Realizing his overconfidence got the better of him, he unleashes some Dragonides to attack Lloyd, Wu, Nya and Garmadon at the Destiny's Bounty. As they attack them, a Dragonide crushes Christofern, which triggers Garmadon's Oni Form. At the same time, Nya struggles to summon her Water powers. Garmadon takes flight and destroys some of the Dragonides. However, as he notices Harumi, she jumps on a Dragonide and destroys one of the ship's engines. Wu then files to and scales the Crystal Island with the Dragonbone Blade.

Meanwhile, a Dragonide lifts up Kai's Golden Dragon Raider and tosses it on Cole's Dragon Cruiser, causing the two to crash into a wall. At the same time, a Dragonide jumps on Zane's Golden Dragon Jet and rips off one of its thrusters, holding the jet down and is crashed onto a highway in the city, and is badly damaged in an explosion. Wu then scales the top of the Crystal Island and engages in an epic, one-on-one fight with the Overlord. Despite Wu's best efforts, he ultimately loses and is struck down by the Overlord. However, Wu manages to reach to the Chestplate's wings. The Overlord then uses his Darkness to strike at the central crystal, and finally unleashing his true power never seen before by the ninja; crystalizing all of Ninjago City.

He then uses his power to shoot a blast at the Bounty, setting it on fire as it descends. Jay notices, but he crashes his Golden Dragon Motorbike into some crystals. Lloyd tries to reach for the airbreaks, but even though he succeeds in it, the Bounty scraps on a building, causing the ship to be split in half, with Nya falling down on the front half, though her fall is secured by the rails, whilst Lloyd and Garmadon's fall ends in an explosion, as the Overlord floats back onto his throne, claiming that the end has now begun with all of the ninja separated.

Wu freefalls in the sky, until he is grabbed by a Dragonide, until he manages to break free before coming across the canal and detaches his wings to fall in. Nelson and Antonia arrive to rescue him.

Meanwhile, The Mechanic approaches the front of the Destiny's Bounty, searching for Nya, who is trapped under the mast. Upon finding her, the Mechanic mocks her lack of powers before telling the Crystal Warriors to crystalize her. Before they could have the chance, Jay arrives on his bike to knock them away, and prepares to help Nya, who insists he leave her, but Jay refuses, stating he had just got her back. As they try to lift the mast, more crystal warriors arrive, and a nearby fire hydrant suddenly bursts and blasts the warriors away with Water, surprising Jay, who believes Nya is starting to regain her powers. Eventually, he manages to free her and they take off.

Nelson and Antonia bring Wu to the newspaper warehouse, where Sammy is leading the paperboys to certain routes before Nelson and Antonia arrive with Wu, whom they immediately assist before learning that they intend to fight back, but Wu objects and demands they evacuate.

As they make their way through the crystal invested streets, Jay gets an idea and with Nya slowly regaining her power, she can use them to communicate with the whales to send Benthomaar a message for his, and his kingdom's help.

At the warehouse, Wu prepares the paperboys for evacuation, only to hear the sounds of crystal warriors surrounding two people, upon being cornered in the alleyway, and, along with the paperboys, save them. Inspired by their bravery, Wu uses their radio to give out a speech, proclaiming the news never sleeps, anyone listening in is an honorary ninja and that they never quit.

The rear half of the Destiny's Bounty crashes into the streets of Ninjago City before Garmadon digs himself out of the wreckage and finds Lloyd trapped under a mailbox next to him. Offering assistance to Lloyd, the Green Ninja refuses and instead reminds Garmadon of all the times that he wasn't there to help his son. Lloyd then uses Spinjitzu to free himself. As Lloyd leaves to look for the other ninja, Hounddog McBrag pulls up in his police truck. He soon got out to proclaim Lloyd under arrest and refuses to listen to him about their current situation. Garmadon adds that Lloyd never surrenders and attempts to attack McBrag with Destruction, but Lloyd shoves him down, the blast instead hitting a sign forcing McBrag to dodge. Lloyd and Garmadon escape into the sewers.

McBrag enters the sewers, where he hears noises and assumed it was Lloyd and Garmadon, only to discover it was some crystalized Hypnobrai before Lloyd saves McBrag by knocking them down with his Elemental Power, leaving the latter speechless as the former takes off.

Elsewhere in the streets of Ninjago City, Dragonides fly overhead as Antonia leads some stray citizens back to the Paperboy's hideout. One of them reveals herself to be Misako, and Wu welcomes her. She has retrieved a scroll from the Library of Domu, but she does not understand the language it was written in. The scroll is the last prophecy of Quanish the Elder. Wu expresses his dislike of Quanish and calls him a fool, but Misako counters that he had prophetic abilities, which he had used to predict not only the return of darkness, but also the chance of victory for the light. According to Quanish, during the final battle, followers of the First Spinjitzu Master would be required to face a hard decision. If these followers recalled their courage and fight for the greater good, then they would be granted Dragon Form. Wu is reluctant to believe Quanish's far-fetched prophecies, but Misako reminds him that these prophecies are all that they have against the Overlord. She also says that even though the depictions seemed easy to understand, the words were indecipherable, to which Wu says that they will have to rely on the images and pray that his views on Quanish were wrong.

In another part of the city, P.I.X.A.L. defeats two Crystal Warriors before going further into the city. Nearing the location where Zane's jet crashed, she sees the wreckage of the jet further down an abandoned highway. After removing some debris, she is surprised to see Clutch Powers in the jet's cockpit. "Clutch" suddenly morphs into Akita, who morphs into Racer Seven, who in turn morphs into Benthomaar. P.I.X.A.L. deduces that Zane's cloaking feature must have been damaged in the crash, and she removes the cockpit's windshield. Zane's decapitated head falls out, along with his arms. As P.I.X.A.L. picks up Zane's head, it assumes the Ice Emperor's likeness, and it declares that Zane does not exist anymore. P.I.X.A.L. notices that they are not far from Borg Tower, and ties Zane's parts to her back before heading towards the tower. She almost manages to avoid patrols of Crystal Warriors, but the "Ice Emperor" speaks up suddenly, attracting all the Crystal Warriors' attention. In their last moments, P.I.X.A.L. declares her love for Zane, who as the Ice Emperor retorts that love is for the weak. A large prison bus drives up and clears all of the Crystal Warriors away. Ronin emerges from the bus' doorway, calling for P.I.X.A.L. to board the bus.

As Ronin drives away, P.I.X.A.L. questions why Ronin is out of Kryptarium Prison, and is surprised to see Ultra Violet, Killow and Fugi-Dove on the bus as well. Fugi-Dove tells the story of how the power in the prison was suddenly cut, and how the inmates took the opportunity to escape. Fugi-Dove also claims that he stopped everyone else from escaping, but Ultra Violet disproves this claim. She tells the accurate version of the story, where Ronin was the one who blocked the inmates' way during their escape. He told them that they could choose to be the criminals that society thought of them as, or they could stay back and fight for their city, and maybe make their mothers proud, the final reason making Fugi-Dove cry. After the inmates all agreed, they found the bus in the prison and drove it away to where they are now.

Upon reaching Borg Tower, P.I.X.A.L. meets Cyrus Borg, who had been busy, working on a new series of mechs that he failed to notice the attack. As P.I.X.A.L. opens up the giant window shutters behind Borg, the inventor is surprised to see the Overlord's forces rampaging outside and cannot believe that the Overlord has returned. P.I.X.A.L. requests Borg's help in fixing Zane. Borg begins to talk about the time needed, but a giant shockwave ripples through the room from outside. P.I.X.A.L. laments that the one thing they do not have is time.

Kai regains consciousness in the wreck of his vehicle before managing to get out and comes across Cole, who's disoriented from the crash. Hearing Pythor close by searching for them, Kai grabs Cole and they head for an alleyway as Pythor started to close in on them. Their attempt to hide behind a dumpster fails when Cole, in his disoriented state, gives away their position and Kai tries to fight back.

Skylor soon showed up, and absorbs Kai's Fire and Cole's Earth before using them to block Pythor's view to make their getaway. Upon escaping the alleyway, Skylor explains how the Destiny's Bounty was destroyed, surprising Cole, who recovers from his disoriented trance, and quickly hide before they could be spotted by Harumi, who was patrolling on a Dragonide.

Kai soon leads them to Benny's Arcade Emporium for shelter, where they come across Jake, who had the same idea. As Skylor objected to Kai's solution and more potential hiding spots too far, she receives a transmission from Wu, proclaiming 'the news never sleeps,' which makes them realize he is at the newspaper warehouse and head for it.

Meanwhile, while trying to find a way back to the surface, Lloyd and Garmadon end up in the library of the Serpentine City, and discovered they had already evacuated. Garmadon then remarked they wouldn't be useful and tells Lloyd he must achieve his Oni Form, to which Lloyd mentions it is his greatest fear before asking if Garmadon cares about something. Upon Garmadon showing Christofern, Lloyd stubbornly tells him plants don't count.

Kai, Cole, Skylor, and Jake eventually reach the warehouse, only to find themselves cornered by crystal zombies before the paperboys arrive and save them. As Wu tries to comfort a couple he and the paperboys first saved, the man asks about their son, but Wu tells him it's too dangerous to go out and search for them before Kai, Cole, Skylor, and Jake arrive. Jake immediately spotted the couple and ran towards them, relieved to see his parents before they all embrace while Wu came over to the others. As they express joy at seeing each other again, Skylor looked at Jake and his parents, smiling at the reunion.

At the newspaper warehouse, Kai gives off a speech about their current situation before giving everyone noodles, which makes the survivors happy before moving to help Skylor. He then brings up how they should be a couple, but Skylor then remarks the times he neglected her, so he tells her the things he went through before she tells him once it's over, then they'll talk it over.

While looking at the scroll, Wu is unable to translate the writing on it before Misako suggests he take a break. Pretty soon, they hear from Cole, whom along with Nelson managed to tune the radio to their frequencies. Wu then speaks with the remainder of the team: Lloyd and Garmadon in the Serpentine City, Jay and Nya on their way to the harbour, and P.I.X.A.L. at Borg Tower with the dismantled Zane, Ronin, Ultra Violet, Killow and Fugi-Dove. Cole then prepared to reveal their location, but Wu tells him not to, and he simply states 'the news never sleeps,' which everyone translates it to the warehouse and explain each others' plans. Jay and Nya would head over to the harbour for Nya to use her recovering Water powers to send a signal to Benthomaar and the Merlopians, Lloyd and Garmadon would keep trying to search for the Serpentine, and P.I.X.A.L. will meet up with them once Zane is repaired and the new mechs are finished, although they have minor difficulties with them.

Wu then remembers their time in Shintaro and that Vania said she and her army would help them. As Cole has doubts about it since their radio would be unable to reach them, Vinny Folson suggests the Ninjago News Center, which is on the other side of town, and Racer Seven, now calling herself 'Blazey H. Speed', volunteers to drive them over in the NGTV News van.

Meanwhile at Borg Tower, P.I.X.A.L. helps Ultra Violet get used to her mech. It peeps into Violet's head that she could use it to beat the ninja but P.I.X.A.L looks at her sternly. Fugi-Dove proceeds to joke around with the mech, claiming to be "Mega-Dove" now, though he accidentally throws his mech into a TV frame. Cyrus calls Pix over for Zane and tells her that he's essentially in a coma due to his memory banks taking damage. Cyrus tells her he will try his best and P.I.X.A.L understood.

Later, Cole, Vinny and Blazey go to the NGTV News Truck. Cole questioned if it would really get them through but Blazey confirms she can do it. She fires a laser blaster at a nearby car to attract the attention of the crystal zombies. They jump into the van drive through Ninjago City.

At Borg Tower, everyone prepares to leave but Zane still hasn't awoken. P.I.X.A.L tried talking to Zane, reminding him of what he had done for her. Pixal joins the rest to leave but Zane wakes up, he and Pixal hug in rejoice as he explains that hearing her voice brought him back, which moved everyone, especially Fugi-Dove to tears. PIXAL calls Mini-Pix for the mech she made and Mini-Pix begins to bring it. PIXAL then proclaims that she is ready to fight.

Racer 7 escorts Cole across Ninjago City to send for help, and Lloyd gives Garmadon a chance to prove he has changed.

At the newspaper warehouse, Nelson informs Wu of the ninja and Garmadon arriving. As they're all relieved to see each other, Wu shows them some of their allies, Ronin of which surprises Lloyd. Wu then showed the ninja and Garmadon the scroll from Quanish the Elder, with Garmadon remarking him as a fool. Partially defending him, Wu explains that Quanish prophesied that the defenders of Ninjago would achieve Dragon Form through certain motions displayed on the scroll, which Kai believes is to 'jump up, kick back, whip around, and spin.' The paperboys clear some space for the ninja to attempt to achieve Dragon Form, but ultimately fail.

At the Crystal Island, the Council of the Crystal King is reprimanded by the Overlord for their failure to capture the ninja before Harumi and Mister F come forth, the latter of which intercepted a part of Cole's message with the motto 'the news never sleeps', which leads them to discover they're hiding at the warehouse. At Borg Tower, Cyrus Borg notices the temple moving on the radar.

With the ninja still unable to achieve Dragon Form, Wu throws the scroll in anger before Nelson noticed a certain part folded revealed something and informs them. Cole folds the rest of it, to which Wu discovers writing in Old Tongue: "Only if the allies unite through a selfless act, will main and might prevail the light, and dragon take flight." At that moment, Cyrus radios in to warn them of the Overlord approaching the warehouse. Kai insists on evacuating the refugees, but Cole objects to it before Garmadon makes a plan to attack the Overlord from the back and Lloyd, much to the former's annoyance and reluctance, joins in. As Kai and Cole insist on coming as well, Wu tells them they need to draw the Overlord's attention. Once they barricaded the alleyway and welded the roller doors shut, that would result in an attack from the front, which they, along with Ronin's group in their mechs, would defend, but Killow is forced to give his up as transport for Lloyd to the temple. Witnessing P.I.X.A.L. hug and wish Lloyd luck, Garmadon asks why she didn't say the same to him, which Lloyd insists she was uneasy with his father fighting, but Garmadon believes P.I.X.A.L. doesn't trust him, and asks if Lloyd trusts him, to which he replies that he might before they take off.

On the ground, the council and Crystal Warriors arrive at the warehouse, where Cole thinks they should talk it out before Jay does so, which fails miserably before they all charge toward them. Atop the temple, as the Overlord and Harumi watch the battle, Lloyd and Garmadon arrive to battle them themselves.

As the ninja reclaim their individual Golden Weapons, they channel their Elemental Powers to break the crystals corrupting them and restoring them back to their pure energy once more. This renders the Crystal Warriors powerless, and they are destroyed by the members of the Resistance. However, just when they think they've secured victory, Aspheera claims that the ninja and the others will be corrupted by the Overlord before being frozen by Zane. The Overlord only begins to grow stronger in power, and fights back Harumi, Lloyd and Garmadon. Wu finally realizes that what Aspheera said was accurate; that the Overlord plans to corrupt the Elements of Creation, which will petrify all life in Ninjago, and that they are too late to stop the Overlord's plan.

Atop of the Crystal Island, Harumi, Lloyd, and Garmadon continue to battle the Overlord. However, the Overlord once again overpowers all three of them, and knocks back Garmadon, leaving him severely injured. The impact causes him to revert to his normal form, and as Lloyd tries to reassure him, Garmadon claims it is too late for him and seemingly dies.

As the Overlord taps into the central crystal to begin corrupting the Elements of Creation, Lloyd, completely enraged, transforms into his Oni form and knocks back the Overlord with Destruction. However, he quickly reverts to his normal self after looking at his reflection, giving the Overlord the opportunity to knock Lloyd off the Crystal Island before proceeding to tap the crystal again, this time preparing to corrupt all life in Ninjago.

As Wu realizes that it is too late to stop the Overlord's ultimate goal of petrifying all life in Ninjago, he states that their last hope is to reunite the weapons, freeing the elemental power bestowed in them. The ninja fly up to a building and say their last words, believing this to be the end. The destruction of the Golden Weapons summons a golden beam of light, countered by a blast of darkness from the Crystal Temple. Ultimately, the temple's blast wins as it spreads corruption throughout Ninjago, crystalizing all below (including the ninja).

Despite this, the powers of the weapons form the Golden Ultra Dragon, which catches Lloyd from his fall. Believing to having succeeded in petrifying all life in Ninjago, the Overlord spitefully prepares to kill Harumi, but the Green Ninja arrives upon the Golden Ultra Dragon to fight the Overlord.

Fighting one-on-one for the first time since the ultimate battle, the Golden Ultra Dragon uses Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning to attack the Overlord. Using their combined powers, Lloyd and the Golden Ultra Dragon were able to use a powerful beam of golden energy on the Overlord, immobilizing the Crystal King before shattering him to pieces. Lloyd and Harumi reunite, alongside with Garmadon, who reveals he was faking his death in an attempt to draw out Lloyd's Oni Form. The three fly on the Golden Ultra Dragon to escape the collapsing Crystal Island. With the defeat of the Overlord, everyone (including the ninja) is freed and witness the Crystal Island being destroyed by a burst of light, which erased the infectious crystals and restoring peace to Ninjago.

The ninja, alongside some of their friends and allies head onto a building to meet with Lloyd, Garmadon, Harumi, and the Golden Ultra Dragon. The ninja are uneasy by the presence of Harumi, though Garmadon and Lloyd reassure that she is now on their side. The ninja realize the Golden Ultra Dragon is a combination of their elemental powers and bid them farewell as the dragon fades away. Wu comments that their powers will return in time, and that for now they must rebuild.

Somewhere on a distant mountain, Garmadon replants Christofern, and feels proud for what he has accomplished and leaves to help the ninja rebuild the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

As the ninja struggle to rebuild it, Dareth arrives with their friends, families and allies whom fought aside them during the Overlord's conflict, deciding to help out with the reconstruction of the Monastery. Christofern is seen on the mountain once more, flourishing healthily.

Dragons Rising Season 1 (2023)

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Dragons Rising Season 2 (2024)

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Movie (2017)

The LEGO Ninjago Movie was released on September 22, 2017. It was a spin-off of The LEGO Movie and was CGI animated to look like stop-motion. The story was about Garmadon attacking the city, and it diverged from the plot of the TV series.


See also: List of Ninjago cards
The fighting style practiced by the characters of Ninjago is called Spinjitzu. This is also the name of the game associated with the theme. The fighters spin around and draw on their elemental strengths to become tornadoes of energy and steel. Several sets in the game include special spinner parts, customized for different characters. Players select their characters, the weapons the character will hold, and a small deck of ability cards to influence the duel. The characters are placed into the spinners and spun at each other like tops, with the goal being to knock the opponent's minifigure down.

The game was expanded in 2012 to include different suits for the ninjas, crowns for the spinners, blades to go under the spinner, and booster packs which consist of a minifigure, spinner accessories, and three weapons.

A new wave of NINJAGO Spinners was released in early 2019.


Airjitzu is a battle game released in 2015. It involves launching the Airjitzu spinner into the air using a rip cord, and it will fall and continue to spin. One way to battle is to see whose can go higher/farther, and when they hit the ground, you can finish it with a spinner battle. The first wave contains 6 Airjitzu Flyers: Kai, Zane, Cole, Jay, Morro, and Wrayth.

Spinjitzu Masters

Dragon Masters


Ninja Variants

Main article: NINJAGO Ninja Suits


Each main protagonist is aligned to a particular element.


  • Sensei Wu (Gold) Weapons: Golden Staff of Dragons, Katana Strength: Power of Creation, Wisdom[source?]
  • Cole (Black) Weapons: Katana, Staff, Battle Hammer, The Scythe of Quakes, Trusty Axe, Golden Tri-Scythe, Golden-Bladed Saw Staff, Ninjago Sword Strength: Defense[source?]
  • Jay (Blue) Weapons: Katana, Staff, Golden Spear, Nunchucks of Lighting, Golden Double-Bladed Sword, Silver Serpent Striker, Dragon's Fire, Golden Spear Strength: Speed[source?]
  • Kai (Red) Weapons: Spear, Staff, Golden Katana, The Dragon Sword of Fire, Dark Axe, The Golden Point, Double-Bladed Dagger, Ninjago Sword Strength: Attack [source?]
  • Nya (Light Blue) Weapons: Daggers (2), Staff, Spear of Fire, Butterfly Sword, Golden Katana, Sai of Water Strength: Intuition [source?]
  • Zane (White) Weapons: Spear, Silver Katana, Shurikens of Ice, Staff, Golden Star Hammer, Dark Axe, Golden Pendulum Tusk Strength: Stealth[source?]
  • Lloyd Garmadon/The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master (Green/Gold) Weapons: Super Bolt, Gold Katana, Golden Thunder Bolt, Golden Snake, Binding Staff, Spear of Forked-Tongues, Lightning Bolt Dagger[source?]
  • Sensei Garmadon (Green) Weapons: Lightning, Double-sided Skeli-scythe, Deceit, Ninjo


  • Bonezai (White) Weapons: Mace, Bone Axe, Golden Pickaxe. Strength: Stealth[source?]
  • Chopov (Black) Weapons: Staff, Bone, Gold Machete. Strength: Defense[source?]
  • Frakjaw (Red) Weapons: Golden Mace, Troll Scimitar, Bone. Strength: Attack[source?]
  • Krazi (Blue) Weapons: Pickaxe, Golden Bone, Spiked Sword. Strength: Speed[source?]
  • Kruncha (Black) Weapons: Golden Double-sided Axe, Bone, Chained Fang [source?]
  • Wyplash (White) Weapons: Golden Dual Flail, Whip, Bone[source?]
  • Nuckal (Blue) Weapons: Dark Blade, Golden Double-Sided Bone Axe, Chained Fang [source?]
  • Samukai (Red) Weapons: Curved Daggers (4), Scythe of Quakes, Shurikens of Ice, and Nunchucks of Lightning, Sword of Fire[source?]



  • Pythor (Purple/White) Weapons: Fangpyre Fang Blade, Anacondrai Staff, Fang Blade Holder[source?]
  • Arcturus (Purple) Weapons: Anacondrai Blade
  • Chop'rai (Purple) Weapons: Anacondrai Blade
  • Kapau'rai (Purple) Weapons: Anacondrai Blade



  • Skales (Navy) Weapons: Hypnobrai Staff, Anchor, Major Spear, Staff of Light, Hypno Viper[source?]
  • Slithraa (Navy) Weapons: Golden Spiked-Sword, Hypnobrai Staff[source?]
  • Mezmo (Navy) Weapons: Golden Double Sided Axe Fang[source?]
  • Rattla (Grey/Navy) Weapons: Golden Machete, Staff of Control, Hypno Viper[source?]



  • Acidicus (Green) Weapons: Venomari Staff, Hypnobrai Fang Blade[source?]
  • Lizaru (Green) Weapons: Golden Dual Sided Fang Axe[source?]
  • Spitta (Green) Weapons: Spear, Scythe Blade, Trans-Purple viper, Golden Toxic Toothpick[source?]
  • Lasha (Lime Green) Weapons: Gold Axe, Venomari Fang Blade, Chained-Fang of Poison, Toxic Viper[source?]


Stone Army


Anacondrai Cultists

Ghosts Warriors

Sky Pirates

Yang's Temple


Sons of Garmadon

Dragon Hunters

  • Iron Baron (formely leader)
  • Heavy Metal or Faith (Leader)
  • Jet Jack (Second in Command)
  • Daddy No Legs
  • Muzzle
  • Skullbreaker
  • Chew Toy
  • Arkade
  • Stalwart Dangerbuff
  • Talon (non-canon, member from the upcoming issue 41 of the Ninjago Magazine)
  • Nitro (non-canon, member from the upcoming issue 44 of the Ninjago Magazine)
  • "Rocky Dangerbuff" (formerly)
  • "Dangerbuff Jr." (formerly)
  • Various unnamed Dragon Hunters


Video Game Only/Movie Only/Other



Elemental Masters (Descendants)

Minifigure Gallery


Lloyd garmadon
Lego Ninjago - Copy
S99067 1
Techno Armour Lloyd
Zukin Lloyd
Tournamental Lloyd
Evil Green Ninja 70736
70751 Lloyd
Lloyd (Skybound-2)
Lloyd (Airjitzu)
70623 lloyd
Lloyd Garmadon
Lloyd (Casual) (Movie)
Lloyd Lego Movie
Lloyd 10739
S9 Lloyd
Dragon legacy lloyd
Lloyd Legacy with 2018 torso
71709 alt15
Lloyd Legacy Young Evil
Spinjitzu Burts Lloyd
Legacy Golden Lloyd
71746-1 47630
Lloyd Legacy Young Ninja
Scuba Lloyd
Scuba Lloyd 2
71763 alt3
Crystalized Lloyd
Golden Oni Lloyd
Golden Core Lloyd
Lloyd Rising
Lloyd Dragon Power
Lloyd Mech
Lloyd Climber
Lloyd GarmadonLloyd ZXElemental RobesUltimate Spinjitzu MasterTechno RobesTechno ArmourLloyd DXThe LEGO MovieZukinTournamentPossessedDeepstoneSkyboundSkybound (Hair)Skybound (Armor)AirjitzuHands of TimeHoodedCivilianThe LEGO Ninjago MovieKendoWu-CruSons of GarmadonSpinjitzu MasterTrainingTrainingHuntedLegacy/March of the OniLegacy (2018 Suit)Legacy (Golden Ninja)Forbidden Spinjitzu (Hair)Forbidden Spinjitzu (Mask)Lloyd FSLloyd FS (Spinjitzu Slam)Legacy (2020)DigiAvatar LloydYoung Evil Lloyd (Legacy)HeroBurstLegacy (2021)10th AnniversaryIslandYoung Ninja Lloyd (Legacy)Scuba LloydScuba (without mask)DojoCrystalizedGolden CrystalizedDojo (Golden)Dragons RisingDragon PowerMech LloydClimber LloydSource Tournament Lloyd


Kendo -Kai
Kai 2014
Techno silver kai
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 2.59.46 PM
Exclusive Kai
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.53.33 PM
70751 Kai
Kai (1)
2016 Exclusive Kai
Kai (S7)
Kai 70621-0
Kai(Hands of Time)
Kai Kendo
Kai (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)
Kai S9
Legacy Kai 2019
Minecraft Kai
71707 alt12
Legacy Kai Minifigure
71748-1 26966
Scuba Kai
Scuba Kai 2
71762 alt3
Crystalized Kai
Golden Crystalized Kai
Golden Dragon Kai
Kai Rising
Kai Dragon Power
Kai Mech
Climber Suit Kai
NinjaDXMicrofigureKendoZXZX (Jet Pack)NRGKimonoTechno RobesTechno Robes (Armored)Zukin RobesExclusive (2015)Tournament RobesDeepstoneDeepstone (Armored)Airjitzu (2015)LEGO DimensionsSkyboundExclusive (2016)Summer (2016)Hands of TimeHands of Time (Masked)Kendo (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Ninja (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Ninjago Movie civilianWhite Wu-CruGolden (2017)Sons of GarmadonLegacy, Sons of GarmadonSpinjitzu MasterHuntedDragon MastersLegacy/March of the OniLegacy/Secrets of the Forbidden SpinjitzuKai FSKai FS (Spinjitzu Slam)MinecraftDigiAvatarLegacy 2020HeroBurstEpic Battle10th AnniversaryIslandScubaScuba (without mask)Virtues of SpinjitzuSpinjitzu Ninja TrainingFugitiveGoldenGolden DragonDragons RisingDragon PowerMech KaiRising Dragon KaiClimber KaiSource Tournament Kai


Kendo Jay
Jay ZX
Oie dN07V6a9mbRA
Jay (Techno Armour)
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.52.04 PM
70751 Jay
CEWmxj5UIAA8 xu
Jay (Eyepatch) (70605)
Jay (S7)
70626 jay
Jay Walker
Jay (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)
70635 alt6
Jay S9
Legacy Jay 2019
71708 alt24
71748-1 08928
71741 Urban Jay
Scuba Jay
Scuba Jay 2
71760 alt3
Jay's Spinjitzu Training
Crystalized Jay
Golden Crystalized Jay
Golden Dragon Jay
Jay Rising
Jay Mech
Climber Suit Jay
OriginalDXMicrofigureKendoZXNRGElemental RobesTechno RobeTechno Robes (Armor)TournamentZukinDeepstoneAirjitzuSkyboundSkybound (Eyepatch)DotDHoTWalker (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Ninja (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)White Wu-CruSons of GarmadonSpinjitzu MasterBlack KimonoHuntedDragon MastersSenseiLegacy/March of the OniJay FSJay FS (Spinjitzu Slam)Secrets of the Forbidden SpinjitzuLegacy (2020)DigiAvatarHeroMerchant AvatarLegacy (2021)Epic Battle10th AnniversaryIslandUrbanScubaScuba (without mask)DojoSpinjitzu TrainingCrystalizedGolden CrystalizedGolden DragonDragons RisingMech JayClimber JayEvil Jay


Zane zx
Kimono Robes Zane
Zane 2014
70751 Zane
70742 Zane
Zane (S7)
Zane (Techno 2016-2)
Zane (Tournament)
70624 zane
Zane (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)
Zane (The LEGO Ninjago Movie
Zane S9
Ice Emperor
71708 alt18
Golden Zane
Legacy Zane 2021
71748-1 88227
Scuba Zane
71761 alt3
Crystalized Zane
Golden Crystalized Zane
Golden Dragon Zane
Zane Rising
Zane Mech
Climber Suit Zane
RegularDX ZaneZane MicrofigureKendoZane ZXZX (No shoulder pads)NRG ZaneElemental ZaneTechno RobeTechno Robe (Battle-damaged)Armored RobesZane 2.0DeepstoneAirjitzuSkyboundDay of the DepartedDay of the Departed (With Hair)Tournament ZaneHands of TimeThe LEGO Ninjago MovieNinja (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Ninja (Without Mask) (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Sons of GarmadonWu CruSnake JaguarSpinjitzu MasterHuntedDragon MastersLegacySecrets of the Forbidden SpinjitzuZane FSZane FS (Spinjitzu Slam)Ice EmperorPink AvatarLegacy (2020)HeroGoldEpic BattleLegacy 2021IslandScubaDojoCrystalizedGolden CrystalizedGolden DragonDragons RisingMech ZaneClimber ZaneSource Tournament Zane


Kendo Cole-2
Kendo Cole
Zukin Cole
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.52.57 PM
70751 Cole
Airjitsu Cole
Cole (Incorrect Skybound)
Cole (S7)
Cole (2016-3)
70623 cole
Cole (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)
Cole White Wu-Cru
70637 alt6
Cole S9
71706 alt14
71708 alt21
Cole Burst
71747-1 38556
71741 Urban Cole
Scuba Cole
Dojo Cole
Crystalized Cole
Golden Crystalized Cole
Golden Dragon Cole
Cole Rising
Cole Mech
Climber Suit Cole
ColeCole (DX Ninja)Cole (Microfigure)KendoZXNRG ColeKimono ColeTechno RobeStone Armoured Techno RobesZukin Robes (With Hair)Zukin RobesTournament RobesDeepstone ArmourAirjitzuSkyboundSkybound (Ghost)Skybound (Ghost) (With Hair)Day of the DepartedDay of the Departed (RX)Hands of TimeBoombox (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Ninja (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Casual (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)White Wu-CruSons of GarmadonMasters of SpinjitzuBlack KimonoHuntedDragon MastersLegacy/March of the OniSecrets of Forbidden SpinjitzuCole FSLegacy (2020)DigiAvatarHeroBurstEpic Battle10th AnniversaryIslandUrbanScuba ColeDojo ColeCrystalizedGolden CrystalizedGolden DragonDragons RisingMech ColeClimber ColeSource Tournament ColeTitan Mech Cole


814wo1gAAjL. SL1500
Nya (Samurai X) (S7)
70751 Nya
Nya (S7)
70625 nya
Spinjitzu Training Nya
Nya (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)
Hunted Nya Minifigure
Hunted Nya Minifigure Without Mask
Samurai X Legacy
71708 alt26
Samurai X 2020
Golden Nya
Island Nya (Image 2)
71741 Urban Nya
Future Nya
Scuba Nya
Crystalized Nya
Nya Rising
Nya Dragon Power
Nya Mech
Climber Suit Nya
NormalSamurai X (2012)Samurai X (2014)Samurai X (2015)Samurai X (2016)NinjaSkyboundNinja (2016)AirjitzuKabukiHoTSpinjitzu Trainer (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Ninja (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)Sons of GarmadonSpinjitzu MasterTrainingBlack Wu-CruHuntedHunted (unmasked)MotOSamurai X (Legacy)SotFSForbidden SpinjitzuDigiAvatarHeroSamurai X (Legacy 2020)10th AnniversaryIslandUrbanFutureScubaNRGCrystalizedDragons RisingDragon PowerMech NyaRising Dragon NyaClimber NyaSource Tournament Nya


Build a minifig arin
Arin Mech
OriginalUrbanCasualMech ArinRising Dragon ArinSource Tournament Arin


Build a Minifigure sora
Sora Mech
NormalUrbanCasualMech SoraSource Tournament Sora


Climber Wyldfyre Minifigure
NormalClimber Wyldfyre

Master Wu

Master Sensei Wu
70751 Wu
Exclusive Sensei Wu
Sensei Wu (S6)
Master Wu
Baby Wu
Wu S9
Golden Wu
Crystalized Wu
RegularBlack kimonoMicrofigure2012 VariationGolden HatEvil WuMaster WuRetireeExclusive Master Wu MinifigureHonourThe LEGO Ninjago MovieBabyTeenDragon MastersHuntedLegacyCapeHeroGoldenCrystalizedWu (71819)


The Overlord Garmadon
Garmadon 2014
Lord Garmadon (Movie)
Lord Garmadon
Flashback Garmadon
70617 Garmadon
Oni Garmadon
OriginalFour armsFour arms (2013)Sensei Garmadon (2014)Sensei Garmadon (2015)The LEGO Ninjago MoviePajamas71019FlashbackJungleSons of GarmadonLegacyLegacy RedesignCrystalized



IMG 0832 1024x1024
Njo246 (1)
Ronin Legacy
PossesionDay of the DepartedLegacy


70625 samurai x
P.I.X.A.L Nanofigure
Pixal 2022
P.I.X.A.L.P.I.X.A.L. (corrupted face)Hands of TimeSons of GarmadonNanofigureCore


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 11.35.26 AM
Season 9 Skylor
Crystalized Skylor
SkylorSkylor (Season 6)Skylor (Season 9)Skylor (Crystalized)


70751 Misako
Misako legacy
Animated seriesNinjago Movie Minifigure SeriesNinjago Movie CivilianLady Iron DragonLegacyFrom 4002021

Lil' Nelson

Lil' Nelson
70657 Lil' Nelson
Crystalized Nelson
Ninja SuitThe LEGO Ninjago MovieCrystalied

The Overlord

Overlord legacy
Crystal King Ninjago
RebootedLegacy (2019)Legacy (2021)Crystal King



Stone Army

Nindroid Army

Anacondrai Cultists


Sky Pirates


The Sons of Garmadon

Dragon Hunters


Pyro Vipers

The Never Realm

Prime Empire


The Keepers


Crystal Army


Wolf Mask Army

Elemental Masters (Descendants)

Departed Villains

Sensei Yang
Ghost Student
Ghost Student 1
Mr Skeletal
Mr Skeletal 2
Pythor 70596
General Kozu-0
Stone Armour Scout
Stone Soldier (S7)
Stone Soldier (70596)
General Cryptor-0
Nindroid (Techno Blade)
Nindroid (S7)
Master Chen (No Cape)
Silver Eye (S7)
Sensei YangChrisMartinKraziChopovPythorKozuStone ScoutStone Swordsman 1Stone Swordsman 2CryptorNindroid 1Nindroid 2ChenSilvereye

Snake Warriors

Green Bone Warriors

Other characters

Ninjago Training Skeleton
70751 Claire
70751 Jesper
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 3.06.23 PM
70751 Postman
70751 Statue
Echo Zane
Kryptarium Guard
Captain Soto (Kryptarium)
Kozu Kryptarium
Ninjago Training SkeletonClaireJesperAutoPostmanSensei Yang StatueGizmoEcho ZaneKryptarium CopKryptarium SotoKryptarium Giant Stone Warrior

Magazine Exclusive

Kai Limited Edition
Krait Limited Edition
Cole Limited Edition
Ming Limited Edition
Jay Limited Edition
Zane Limited Edition
Kai 2016 Limited Edition
Cole 2016 Limited Edition
Claus Limited Edition
Exclusive KaiExclusive KraitExclusive ColeExclusive MingExclusive JayExclusive ZaneExclusive Kai (2016)Exclusive Cole (2016)Exclusive ClouseExclusive Zane (2016)Exclusive Ronin


See: List of Ninjago sets

There are currently 91 sets, 6 Airjitzu flyers, 30 spinners and 7 booster packs that have been released. The Sets' prices vary from $4.99 USD to $199.99 USD. Booster Packs are $4.99 USD. Spinners are $9.99 USD to $19.99 USD. Airjitzu Flyers are $9.99 USD.


8 times a year there is a Ninjago magazine (2015). Since 2016 one magazine in the month.


  • Unlike the larger sets in the line, the minifigures and weapons in the Spinner sets are made from a cheaper Chinese plastic, rather than the usual ABS.
  • The video game LEGO Universe featured a world called the "Ninjago Monastery".
  • In episode 9 of Season 1, "The Royal Blacksmiths," when talking about the second Fang Blade, Cole mentions Clutch Powers, the main character from LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.
    • In 2019, Clutch Powers makes a physical appearance in the Ninjago theme and as a character in the TV series.
  • The "Rebooted" poster for the 2014 Ninjago sets reads in binary "NINDROID."
  • During the Set CGIs for Summer 2015 (Set 70730 - 70738), there were different songs for each set.
    • This is the first time LEGO used multiple songs in their set CGIs instead of having one official one.
    • The series has a huge cult following and fanbase.

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