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Ninjago (formerly Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu) is an animated TV series released in 2011. The first two episodes were aired in the US on Cartoon Network, in Denmark on Nickelodeon, in Canada on YTV, in Germany on Super RTL and in Finland on Nelonen. The show was heavily inspired by various martial-art fiction in a style of Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Samurai Jack, Kung Fu Panda, Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Mortal Kombat. Six ninja—Kai, Zane, Cole, Jay, Nya, and Lloyd—must defeat with the help of Sensei Wu. The pilot episodes were split into two parts, Way of the Ninja and King of Shadows, but when it was released on DVD it became four episodes (Way of the Ninja, The Golden Weapon, King of Shadows, and Weapons of Destiny). The theme song is "The Weekend Whip" by the band The Fold. The Fold has also done Born to be a Ninja and Ninja Go!.

List of Episodes[]


Pilot Episodes (2 Episodes) features an aging ninja master, Sensei Wu, struggling to train four young Ninja in the ways of an ancient battle art called Spinjitzu to defeat his evil brother Lord Garmadon, ruler of the underworld, and stop him from gaining The Four Golden Weapons, which would make his power limitless and powerful.

Season One (13 Episodes) focuses on Garmadon's young son Lloyd Garmadon, who has released an ancient evil: an army of snakes called the Serpentine. The four ninja must stop them from uniting to unleash The Great Devourer, a large snake with the power to consume all of Ninjago and a bite that can turn the purest of people evil. Also, the Serpentine hold Lloyd as a hostage, and Lord Garmadon has agreed to aid the ninja in rescuing Lloyd and stopping the Serpentine.

Season Two (13 Episodes) features the Ninja training Lloyd to become the chosen one destined to defeat Lord Garmadon. Meanwhile, the Dark Lord forms an alliance with the Serpentine and, with the Golden Weapons in his possession, attempts to prevent his son from fulfilling his destiny. In the meantime, several forces of evil are unleashed such as ancient pirates of the Destiny's Bounty and the formidable "Stone Army", of which the Ninja must protect Ninjago from becoming plundered.

Season Three (8 Episodes) features the aftermath of the final battle, with the defeat of Lord Garmadon--whom has been fully cured of his evil-- and the ninja and Lloyd at their strongest. However, an ancient enemy of the ninja returns to New Ninjago City and makes Nindroids based on Zane whom the ninja must fight to save the city. It will also feature the return of the Serpentine, and their secrets regarding the enemy's return.

Season Four (10 Episodes) continues with Anacondrai cultists as the villains. New Ninjago City abandons its futuristic design for a more balanced look of old and new, in honor of the ninja who sacrificed himself in the latest battle. As they work to get him back, the remaining Ninja discover that they are not the only ones who possess elemental powers. The problem is that means facing a new enemy that has his own agenda of restarting what he began ages ago.

Season Five (10 Episodes) continues right after the final battle from the previous season. Having just put an end to an ages-old war alongside new allies, but at the cost of Garmadon's life, the reunited Ninja discover that the war's end has also brought a new kind of enemy that is literally out of their realm. Gaining new energy forms and suits, they need all the power they can get to prevent this paranormal threat--which becomes even more dangerous when it learns their Spinjitzu art--from turning all of Ninjago's worst nightmares to reality.

Season Six (10 Episodes) continues after the destruction of the previous season's ghoulish threat. However, just as the ninja begin to adapt to some major changes within themselves after that experience, they find themselves labelled as "Public Enemy Number One" for unknown reasons. What is worse, the cause is a mysterious djinn with the empowerment to turn anyone's deepest wishes into corrupted horrors. Now on the run, the ninja must rally whatever allies they can trust to assist in clearing their names, as well as their newest enemy and his support of sky-faring pirates set to building a new kingdom over Ninjago's ruins.

Day Of The Departed has Cole fading, and trying to get revenge on Yang. Then, Yang brings back revenge wanting villains to life from statues in a museum.

Season Seven (10 Episodes) has the ninja cleaning up the museum after the stone army ruined it. But Acronix, an evil time twin, comes back, and when Kai studies the museum, he finds out Dr. Saunders is secretly Krux, the brother of Acronix, and The Vermillion army is hiding in a hidden part of the museum. And the worst is that Wu is aging rapidly, and the army have kidnapped all the builders and are stealing all the technology. Now the ninja must get the Time Blades, and especially the Reversal Time Blade to stop Wu's aging rapidly, and they must defeat the Vermillion to get into the Vermillion lair, learn secrets about Kai and Nya's parents, and defeat Acronix and Krux, and also save the builders.

Season Eight (10 Episodes)

Season Nine (10 episodes)

Season Ten (4 episodes)

Season Eleven (30 episodes)

Season Twelve (16 episodes)

Season Thirteen (16 episodes)

The Island (4 episodes)

Season Fourteen (16 episodes)

Season Fifteen (30 episodes)

Series misconception[]

It is often said that the pilot episodes and Mini-Movies are the series first season. The original first and second seasons were considered there seasons two and three on Xfinity TV guides. However, this has recently been changed to the original numbers.


Pilot/Mini Movies[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]


Pilot Episodes[]


  • Darkley's Boarding School For Bad Boys
  • Fire Temple
  • Glacier Barrens
  • Jamanakai Village
  • Mega Monster Amusement Park
  • Monastery of Spinjitzu
  • The Mountain of a Million Steps
  • Ninjago City
    • Arcade
    • Subway Station
    • Town Square
    • Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo
    • Doomsday Comics
  • Sea of Sand
    • Anacondrai Tomb
    • Ed and Edna: Scrap n' Junk
    • The "Formerly Lost" City of Ouroboros
  • Birchwood Forest
  • Crashcourse Canyon
  • Toxic Bogs
  • Wildwood Forest



  • The only actual LEGO objects in the show are: the minifigures, some of their clothes, and some vehicles.
  • Legends of Chima was revealed to be a realm in Ninjago in Season 5.

Pilot Episodes[]

  • In the sets, Kruncha has a monocle, a grey cloth, and grey helmet. However, in the series he is lacking the monocle, and now wears a red cloth and black helmet and has a cracked tooth.
  • In the sets, Samukai has a black chest plate, but in the show, he has a brown one.
  • The Floating Ruins appear to be Nunchucks of Lightning themselves. There are two round towers, (handle) and a chain linking them together. They even have lightning surrounding it.
  • In the episode "The Golden Weapons", Nuckal loses a tooth biting a donut-shaped rock. However, when he is seen later inside the Caves of Despair, all of his teeth can be seen in perfect condition.
  • In "King of Shadows", when the ninja fall down after they reached the Frozen Wastelands, if you look closely, Jay has his dragon suit on.
  • In "King of Shadows", Chopov can be seen banging Cole's drum in one shot. However, soon after Samukai says "To the Fire Temple!", the drum has disappeared.
  • In "Weapons of Destiny", when the ninja are crossing into the underworld, Cole has on his DX outfit on, but in one scene when they show Cole screaming, he has his original outfit on. Later, when they show him again, he is in is DX outfit again.
  • In "Secrets of the Blacksmith", before Jay does Spinjitzu, he is in his first ninja suit, not his DX suit. However, in later versions of this movie, this error was corrected.
  • Usually, when the ninja are in their DX outfits on, the designs are skin colored, whereas they are gold in the sets. However, in "Flight of the Dragon Ninja", they are gold.
  • In "The New Masters of Spinjitzu" Mini-Movie, when Kai gets awoken, he is in his Ninja Suit. But in earlier scenes of the movie, he was in his pajamas. Once Kruncha says 'I don't think this is going to work,' Kai is back in his pajamas.
  • In "An Underworldly Takeover", when Garmadon puts on Samukai's helmet, it is the same helmet that he has in the 2012 sets. This happens again in "Never Trust a Snake". They might have taken the helmet from the pilot episodes away because otherwise he would have had the new helmet just after defeating Samukai and in the 2012 episodes of the series and the old helmet in between these time periods, which would be inconsistent.
  • In "Weapons Of Destiny", when the ninja are falling off their dragons upon arriving at Underworld, if you look closely, Jay has his Nunchucks of Lightning and Cole has the Scythe of Quakes on their backs, despite the fact that that the weapons were in Samukai's possession at that time.
  • In the same episode, after the ninja used the Tornado of Creation, the ninja jump down the hole where Sensei Wu and Samukai were fighting, but before they jumped, if you look closely, Zane has golden shurikens instead of silver. They weren't the Shurikens of Ice, but they were glowing.
  • In "Weapons of Destiny", when the ninja were watching the fight between Sensei and Samukai, it is unknown how Jay could be eating cotton candy if he had his mask on.

Season 1[]

  • In the Season 1 DVD, In episode 12 "Rise of the Great Devourer", Pythor says to the driver "Oh, Shut up and Drive!" but when the episode is on TV, Pythor says "Quiet! Let's go boys!" instead.
  • The ninja's second suits in the series are called ZX in the sets, in the show they are simply called the new suits.
  • In "Can Of Worms", when Kai says, "The Hypnobrai might screw the plan up," he had Zane's pink outfit.
  • In one version of the episode , the video game the ninja are playing is LEGO Battles: Ninjago. In another, they are playing a video game that is an edited version of a scene from the pilot episode, "The Golden Weapon".
  • In Episode 1, "Rise of the Snakes", Zane whispers, but it is Cole's voice.
  • In "Home", Zane is in the refrigerator talking to Kai, but in another version, he left a note in the refrigerator. Also, Kai has different dialogue in the two different scenes.
  • Most of the Fangpyre vehicles are seen in the series, except the Fangpyre Mech.
  • In the episode "Never Trust a Snake ", Kruncha and Nuckal are seen tied up at Darkley's Boarding School For Bad Boys by Lloyd Garmadon and Pythor P. Chumsworth. Cole agrees to let them go if they leave Ninjago, "or else", but the two are seen three more times in the series.
  • Students at the boarding school wear a uniform similar to the ones worn by students from Harry Potter, and the uniforms have a Skulkin symbol in the upper right.
  • When the Monastery was burned down, Zane said, The training equipment, gone!, then Jay said, All our video games, GONE! However, the training equipment and video games where later seen aboard Destiny's Bounty. However, there were minor differences between the ones in the Monastery and aboard Destiny's Bounty, so it is possible that they were replaced.
  • The game that Cole likes ("Sitar Legend") is a spoof of "Guitar Hero".
  • In the episode "Tick Tock", Zane turns on his humor switch and starts singing an unusual song. The song he was singing could be identified as a real song from 1899.[1]
  • In the episode "Tick Tock", when the ninjas shout "NINJAGO!" to attack the Treehorns, Kai, Jay, and Cole do not have their golden weapons. However, when they stop spinning all the ninjas have their golden weapons.
  • In "The Royal Blacksmiths", Kruncha and Nuckal are seen in the audience, even though in "Never trust a Snake" they are warned to stay out of Ninjago.
  • In Episode 8, "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", Nya is wearing her dating outfit. But when she is stuck on the roller coaster, she has her original outfit on.
  • The song "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" was parodied in Episode 9, "The Royal Blacksmiths", with the parody's title being "My Poison Lies Over the Ocean", a song The Treble Makers sing.
  • In "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", on the roller coaster, Jay has a suit on. Then after he unlocks his full potential he has on his ZX suit.
  • In episode 13, half of Zane's face is destroyed by The Great Devourer, leaving his machinery visible. In a later scene, his face is back to normal, though missing an eyebrow. Later, his face's machinery is again visible.
  • In the episode "The Green Ninja" Pythor tells two Bytars and a Chokun to go underground and stop the ninja, but when they come out, there are two Chokuns and a Bytar instead of two Bytars and a Chokun.
  • When the ninja leave the room, the falcon is gone. However, he may have flown off, even though this was not shown.
  • In the episode "Royal Blacksmith" Cole states the Ninjago Talent Competition was organized by Clutch Powers.
  • Many times, Kai speaks with Cole's voice, and Cole sometimes speaks with Kai's voice.
    • For example, in Snakebit, when Jay says to Nya that he has to go on a long walk to his parent's junkyard, Kai says "Of course we'll go, buddy!" with Cole's voice, then Cole says, "I could use a break," with Kai's voice.
  • In "All of Nothing", Sensei Wu says they will go to Torch Fire Mountain to destroy the fangblades forever, but in "The Green Ninja", the Fangpyre fangblade seems to be lava proof. However, it is possible that this is because Torch Fire Mountain is the only volcano hot enough to melt them, due to the fact the tour guide from "The Rise of the Great Devourer" says it the hottest place in Ninjago.
  • In "The Green Ninja", when Sensei Wu returns, he says, "Jay, did you say the Falcon was programmed?", but it was Zane who had originally said that this was the case.
  • Ouroboros is named after an ancient snake symbol.
  • In "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", the old man who tried to get in Jay's bathroom was seen in the ghost train among the people being sprayed by Venomari.
  • In "Tick Tock", Sensei Wu said that the great devourer bit Lord Garmadon and made him evil. However, Sensei Wu was not turned evil when the Great Devourer ate him in Day of the Great Devourer. However, this is likely because the Devourer swallowed him whole.
  • In "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", on the computer screen in the Destiny's Bounty, Skales is seen with his old arms from when he was a warrior.
  • Starting in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", the Serpentine start using weapons more often.
  • In "Day of the Great Devourer", while Nya is flying the Destiny's Bounty away from the pursuing great Devourer, Zane says that the percentage of getting through Crashcourse canyon (of which they are heading towards) unharmed is an extremely small percentage, to which Nya replies, "Never tell me the odds!". This is a reference to similar lines said by C-3PO and Han Solo respectively in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • In "Day Of the Great Devourer", The Ultra Sonic Raider is crushed at the Junkyard. Soon after, however, it is seen racing into Ninjago City.

Season 2[]

  • Season 2 was split into two parts to coincide with the second wave of 2012 sets and, later, the 2013 sets.
  • If you take the mask off of Garmadon's helmet in the sets, he is wearing the Helm of Darkness. Put the mask back on, and he is possessed by the Overlord, despite not having claws.
  • In the episode "Darkness Shall Rise", Kai's ZX mask is missing the top piece in one scene.
  • In the end of "Darkness Shall Rise", Sensei Wu says "I feel a great disturbance in the force", another reference to Star Wars.
  • In the Ninja's apartment in "Darkness Shall Rise" there is a "Royal Blacksmiths" poster above the sink.
  • In "Darkness Shall Rise", Mezmo sounds exactly like Slithraa when admiring the power of the Golden Weapons. It's possible that John Novak (the voice of Slithraa and Skalidor) had voiced Mezmo.
  • In the episode "Pirates vs. Ninja", when Jay says that they saved the city from the Great Devourer, he has Cole's voice.
  • In the same episode, when Lloyd chops the boards and the floor, you can hear Cole saying "that was the power of the Staff of Quakes". This is a mistake because it is called the Scythe of Quakes, not the Staff of Quakes. This mistake has been made on the Ninjago website, too, where it has been called the Staff of Light and the Staff of Earth. Also, when you hear Kai's voice saying "that was the power of the Staff of Quakes", if you look closely, you can see that Jay's mouth moving instead of Kai's.
  • In "Pirates vs. Ninja", when Sensei shows them the "magical" bus tokens Cole says "like a magic portal" but has Kai's voice.
  • As of "Double Trouble", they started calling the Ultra Sonic Raider the Ultra Sonic Raider, instead of the Ninja Tank like they called it in "Darkness Shall Rise".
  • In many episodes, Ninjago is revealed to be an island, but in the comic Tomb of the Fangpyre it is shown to be an entire world.
  • In "Double Trouble", Slithraa can be seen on the Black Bounty without any markings on his head or torso.
  • Bizzaro Kai is not listed in the credits for Double Trouble like the other Bizzaro Ninjas.
  • In the credits for "Double Trouble", Bizzaro Zane is spelled "Bizarro", the original way of spelling Bizarro's name.
  • In "Ninjaball Run", when the construction machine is about to hit the Mojo Dojo's window, it looks just like the Fangpyre Wrecking Ball, with purple and green colors. Then, when it hits the Mojo Dojo, it looks just like an ordinary yellow construction machine.
  • In the episode "NinjaBall Run", Kai's suit changes to his first variation in one scene.
  • In "Ninjaball Run", Lasha asks Lord Garmadon if he is going to use the Mega Weapon. However, when the camera switches to another angle, it is Spitta who is speaking.
  • In the same episode, if one looks hard at the ninja at the starting place when they first showed Ninjaball Run, they are wearing the first variation of their suits as opposed to their current versions.
  • In the same episode, when the ninja are trying to get the gas from Ed, his mouth doesn't move when he says take this son.
  • In "Child's Play", when Lloyd becomes older, he has no shoulder armor, but when Mother Doomsday gives him a comic saying he deserves it, he has shoulder armor. Later, after he rejects the offer and goes to the ninja, he has no armor again.
  • In "Child's Play", at the comic store, one kid is wearing an alien clinger hat, one is wearing the Robot's helmet from the Minifigures line, and one is wearing a classic red Space suit.
  • In "Child's Play", the Grundal's full name Dromaeosaurid Theropod Grundalychus would scientifically make the creature a raptor dinosaur.
  • In "Child's Play", Zane says Nindroids don't dream. However, in "Never Trust a Snake", he had a dream about seeing the Green Ninja.
  • In the same episode, when Zane says "not if we have anything to say in the matter", he has Kai's voice.
  • In "Child's Play", during the trivia, the quote "Reversing the polarity" is said. This is a reference to the popular si-fi series Doctor Who.
  • In "Child's Play", when the ninja turn into kids and the police come, Kid Kai sounds a lot like Kid Zane for part of the scene.
  • The plot for "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" draws extensively from the movie trilogy Back To The Future. As such, a number of references are made:
    • Sensei Wu sighs "Great Scott", a line from Back To The Future.
    • Lloyd dissipates in the picture of him and the ninja, a result of the end of his existence, yet another reference to Back To The Future.
  • In "Wrong Place, Wrong Time", the city of Oroubouros appears to be intact despite being stated as destroyed by the Serpentine in "Darkness Shall Rise". However, it's possible that Lord Garmadon used the Mega Weapon to rebuild Orouburos.
  • Since the Mega Weapon was responsible for the incidents causing Lloyd to become older, its destruction in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" should have meant the Lloyd would become a child again in the future, but this did not occur.
  • In "The Stone Army" after the gift shop was destroyed by the five ninja, you can spot a Raptor from Dino lying on the floor.
  • Across all the episodes, Lord Garmadon never fully closes his mouth; he just wears a sort of grin. However, in "The Day Ninjago Stood Still", when he is show as a teenager in Sensei Wu's picture, he has a closed mouth.
  • In "The Day Ninjago Stood Still", Darreth is temporarily seen with his brown ninja mask while him and the other characters are watching television.
  • In "The Day Ninjago Stood Still", it is the first time in the entire series that we can see Sensei Wu taking off his hat.
  • In "The Day Ninjago Stood Still", Misako's lips do not move when she says "Look".
  • In "The Last Voyage", when Garmadon is first seen in the episode, he is wearing his previous helmet then the next scene, he's wearing the helmet of shadows.
  • In "The Island of Darkness", Zane is wearing his elemental robe in the Earth Driller before the ninja got theirs in a scene.
  • In "The Island Of Darkness", when the ninja find the Temple of light, when Lloyd gasps, his voice sounds girlish. This is because he is voiced by a female actress, though this is normally concealed quite well.
  • In "The Island Of Darkness", when the ninja are in the Temple of Light, Zane says, "Nobody move," but in in Cole's voice.
  • In "Return of the Overlord", when the ninja arrive to Garmadon's fortress, Lloyd in seen in his ZX suit instead of Kimono suit.
  • In "Return of the Overlord", when ninja are talking to Lloyd, they say, in succession, "You have my fire, you have my earth, you have my ice, and you have my lightning." This is a reference to the Lord Of the Rings trilogy, where Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn, and Boromir say something similar to Frodo Baggins.
  • In "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master", if the viewer looks closely, Zane is not visibly hit by Dark Matter despite claiming to have been and shortly suffering all of the related effects.
  • Another error can be viewed carefully in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master". After the camera pans when the Golden Mech's arm is shot off, it can be seen back on again. After the camera pans back into the Mech, it's off again, nowhere to be seen.
  • In the same scene in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master", Lloyd's leg cast disappears after he falls out of the Golden Mech. It later reappears.
  • In "The Last Hope" the ninja were trying to speak the ancent language to reply to General Kozu. Cole said, "Bon, Bon, Bon, Bon!" Zane said, "Tick-tock, Polly-whock!" Jay said, "Bequeath! Bequeath!" Jay's words were a reference to how, earlier in the episode, he didn't know what "bequeath" meant.
  • "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master" was meant to be the final episode of the series, but because of popular demand the series was renewed for at least one more season.[2]

Season 3[]

  • Music band "The Fold" confirmed on their YouTube channel that they were working on new music for the season.[2]
  • The season premiere was on January 29, 2014, with the first two episodes serving as pilot episodes. The Series will continue on April 16. It will again go on a prolonged hiatus, and will return in July for 2 episodes and once more in October for the season finale episodes.
  • The episode "Curse of the Golden Master" is the first time evidence is shown of the existence of female Serpentine and offspring.
  • In "Curse of the Golden Master", it is revealed Pythor survived being eaten by the Great Devourer, but not without injury like Sensei Wu: the Devourer's bowels had bleached his scales white and poisoned his voice.
  • P.I.X.A.L is the third female character to be able to perform Spinjitzu, following Misako and Nya from the previous season.
  • The episode "Blackout" is the first to show two people working together in the same Spinjitzu tornado of energy: P.I.X.A.L. and Zane. This scenario could be classified as a "Super-Spinjitzu", since every one is unique for a specific person.
  • In episode 30, near the end of the episode, Lloyd is trying to escape on his motorcycle from the nindroids with their jet packs. This whole scene is a spoof of Star Wars VI where Luke and Leia are in Endor, trying to escape from the Scout Troopers on their Speeders.
  • In episode 27, when elevator detects ninjas, their pictures where shown in Kimino outfits.
  • When Zane attacks the Overlord directly, he does not immediately vaporize from contact with the Golden Weapons. This may be due to no living being not having the ability to do so, and that Zane is technically a robot and not a living being.
  • In episode 34, it is shown that Zane still exists in the Digiverse of Borg Tower and may have even assembled himself a new body in the factory line, both of which he would have been able to ask if he and P.I.X.A.L. were "compatible now".
  • In "The Surge", when the elevator opens, it's shown that Kai has two techno blades, but when the Ninja get out of Borg Industries, the second techno blade Kai had disappeared.
  • When the ninja leave the Temple of Fortitude to face the Golden Master, Zane is seen briefly doing Spinjitzu with the others, which shouldn't be possible with his energy source divided. It could have been that the Stone Warrior armor they wore acted as a power boost for him.
  • When all of the ninja earn their armored Techno-Robes, Zane is the only one whose waist belt does not portray his elemental dragon's head.
  • In the ROV race for the Golden Weapons in the comet, the parasitic bugs are seen following the ninja and the nindroids. However, they disappear entirely right before jumping the gorge and then reappear when the ninja return to the spaceship.
  • In Borg Tower, the interactions between P.I.X.A.L. and Zane are played from a third person point-of-view. However, since they are all his and her memories inside and outside the tower, they should have been played from their eyes instead.
  • The ninja's spacesuits during their venture into space have distinct colorations in the chest area that match their elemental powers.
  • As P.I.X.A.L. is coordinating the returning ninja to their vehicles in "The Titanium Ninja", Jay's orb of energy before entering his is colored like Kai's fireballs instead of blue lightning.

Season 4[]

  • Cartoon Network confirmed that Season 4 is going to premiere in February 2015.[3]
  • This season borrowed elements from Mortal Kombat and Temple of Doom.
  • The first episode's ending reveals Zane in his new titanium-colored form, confirming he actually survived his fight against the Overlord from the previous season, as indicated from said season's finale.
  • The Skulkin appear in "The Invitation" for the first time since "NinjaBall Run".
  • In "The Invitation", the classic Trainee, DX, and ZX ninja outfits appear for the first time since both the first and second seasons.
  • The other elements aside from the ninja's fire, earth, lightning, and ice are revealed in various forms: metal, light, shadow, smoke, speed, nature, gravity, sound and amber.
  • When the ninja are searching through the tunnels in "Only One Can Remain", they all are wearing gloves. However, all but Kai's gloves disappear without a trace when being chased by the cultists.
  • In "Only One Can Remain", Kai remarks that the Anacondrai snake within the underground tunnels was the second-biggest snake he had ever seen, referencing the Great Devourer as the first.
  • When Jay uses the peep hole within the passageway, he recognizes the room on the other side as Skylor's room. As Kai has not said her name to the others, this cannot be possible, unless he did so off-screen.
  • As the Titanium Ninja, Zane has his power source on his back instead of where his heart would be. Also, his voice has changed into a deeper, digital tone.
  • The Skulkin spiders are seen in "Versus" for the first time in several seasons.
  • When Zane asks P.I.X.A.L. if they were compatible, her response is exactly his own when she asked herself back in "Art of the Silent Fist". Her reply may have been likely to help further boost his memory.
  • Both of P.I.X.A.L.'s arms are seen in her dungeon in "Versus", but both of them are purple when it should be one. Her other arm should have been white.
  • When the first rounds take place in "Versus", some of the fighting contenders are seen in the bleachers as well. It is possible this error is really a time lapse; instead of taking place simultaneously, all three rounds happened one after the other.
  • In "Ninja Roll", Cole overhears Zane saying his new bonds were unbreakable. If this was truly the case, then he wouldn't have been able to make his way from his dungeon's far wall all the way to the door and reunite with Cole.
  • The Jade Blades were originally supposed to be the new weapons for the Ninja, but was changed when the plot changed for the Tournament of Elements.
  • During the flashbacks from "Spellbound", there is a woman shown as an Elemental Master of Water as she uses a nearby fountain to wash away attacking Serpentine and put out fires. However, no such master is present in Chen's tournament.
    • Later in the series, Nya becomes the Master of Water, and the old master is said to be her mom
  • The Serpentine leader Arcturus, first mentioned in the previous season's "Codename: Arcturus", is revealed to have belonged to the Anacondrai in "Spellbound".
  • In "Spellbound", the Elemental Master to first use the flute against the Anacondrai is riding a gold-colored dragon. Since the Golden Dragon was performed only by the First Spinjitzu Master until Lloyd obtained it, the figure had to have been him.
  • In "The Forgotten Element", Zane plays and performs the same song and dance routine he did in "Tick Tock". Apart from making his friends laugh, it may have been to prove he was still the old Zane they knew.
  • Although she has absorbed the powers of several contenders, Skylor hadn't touched some others like Cole, Jay, or Lloyd, yet she was presumed to have all the elemental powers within her in "The Day of the Dragon". This could be due to either being present at each ceremony after a fighting round, or a result of her Amber power mixing with the others while in the staff's crystal and returned to her upon breakage.
  • In "The Day of the Dragon", Lloyd declares that since Skylor was Kai's friend, then she was also the other ninjas' friend as well. The statement can be indirectly interpreted as Lloyd making her as the newest member of the team. This coincides with her suit's symbol meaning "six", just as Lloyd's first appearances had a green "five" on his shirt which made him the fifth member.
  • Lloyd incorrectly mentioned the Serpentine War as the 'Anacondrai Wars' while fighting Chen in "The Forgotten Element".
  • Some of the new characters in the 4th season reference some characters in Mortal Kombat (such as Gravis referencing Ermac, Chen referencing Shang Tsung, etc.)
  • Since being purified of evil from the second season finale to the season four finale, Sensei Garmadon has not done Spinjitzu once. Because it was the Great Devourer's venom that caused his Spinjitzu to turn dark purple (to represent Destruction), it is unknown what his tornado color would be afterwards.

Season 5[]

  • Lloyd is confirmed too be possessed by Morro. This was apparently due to Morro believing he had been denied the title of the Green Ninja and thus possessed the rightful chosen one to accomplish this.
  • It was originally thought that the location of Season 5 would take place in the Cursed Realm. It was later revealed to mainly take place at the City of Stiix. Yet, it was revealed that the Cursed Realm are one of fifteen realms that exist in the TV series.
  • During the Season 5 intro, Sensei Wu is in his old robes from the previous seasons instead of his new one.
  • During the test to reveal the Green Ninja in Sensei Wu's story, the Dragon Sword is not seen anywhere and is replaced by a Golden Katana while when the ninja did it, the Dragon Sword was used. This could mean that even if Morro was supposed to be the green ninja, the weapons would not have reacted (though it is more likely that this was an animation error).
  • The Land of Chima makes an appearance, in Curseworld, Part II.
    • Since Chima appears in Ninjago, it might mean other LEGO themes are in their own realm.
    • This may also tie in with the upcoming LEGO Dimensions video game, in which numerous realms are discovered and explored, including Ninjago and Chima.
  • When the ninja were in the maze which is in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, when the ninja looked into the walls of the maze, the ninja are seen in pirate like clothing (although Cole was not seen due to him being a ghost). So it's most likely that there was a hint of the 6th Season coming.
  • In the maze, the ninja witness themselves in the future, as adults: Kai has sharper cheekbones and longer hair; Zane's titanium exterior has dulled while his hair has brightened to a white hue; Jay has grown facial hair and an eyepatch, and is married to an older Nya; and Cole cannot see himself at all. It is unknown what Lloyd's fate will be, as his reflection was never seen.
  • Cole could not see his future self while in the tomb's maze. As Zane pointed out even ghost can see themselves in mirrors, it may be possible Cole will not survive to adulthood in the rumored sixth season.
  • During Season 3, The Overlord said that he wanted to take over Ninjago and beyond. It's possible that he meant that he wanted to take over the 16 other realms with the Realm Crystal.
  • The First Spinjitzu Master makes his very first physical cameo in the episode "Grave Danger"--or his remains, at least.
  • Nya unlocks her true potential as the Elemental Master of Water in the final episode "Cursed World, Part 2". Fittingly, her NRG form is a whirlpool of aquatic energy, much like the traditional Spinjitzu tornado.
  • When Nya Unlocked her true potential, it would have been physically impossible for Cole to have survived, since it had seemed like it was pouring rain around the boat
  • The Sword of Sanctuary may have been the very weapon wielded by the First Spinjitzu Master when battling the Overlord: in flashbacks from the second season, he is seen holding an unknown sword while creating Ninjago and facing the Overlord; and he may have used the sword's future-telling ability to create the pictures lain on the Temple of Light's walls, and thus sealing the prophecy of the Green Ninja and his guardians.

Season 6[]

    • According to Tommy Andreasen:
      • This is the season where the Hageman Brothers worked the most independently. They have stated it is one of their favorite seasons, while it may be one of Andreasen's least favorite due to his minimal involvement.
      • The season "had very little concept work done before writing commenced."
      • The season's plot was inspired from "Dracula with a bit of Aladdin."
        • The series concept was originally involving 'ghost pirates.'
        • Jay Vincent and Michael Kramer, the series' composers, did not create a new soundtrack for this season due to restraints on their contracts. The only new piece of music they composed for the season was a theme for Nadakhan, which Jay Vincent released in February 2017. All the music featured throughout Skybound, except for Nadakhan's theme, is reprised from previous seasons.
        • Nadakhan's minifigure's tailpiece is a recolored version of the ghost tail, though in the series, his lower body appears as a column of orange smoke. The use of this piece is because LEGO wanted to keep using it since they'd already made the materials for the previous season, so the Hageman Brothers came up with the idea to use it for a djinn.
        • This is one of the few waves of sets that do not feature any sort of mech, for the ninja or the villains.
        • This is the only season where the majority of the episodes are in an undone timeline.
        • This season along with The Hands of Time, Sons of Garmadon, and Hunted were all released on Netflix in America in 2019, thus making it the season that took the longest to be featured on Netflix.
        • A recurring Easter egg in this season is the "Wu-Cru" logo being hidden somewhere in each episode, except Enkrypted:
          • "Infamous" – Among some photos in Lil Nelson's hospital room.
          • "Public Enemy Number One" – On the middle pillar in the Library of Domu.
          • "Misfortune Rising" – On one of the warning signs out the front of the repo yard.
          • "On a Wish and a Prayer" – On the underside of the rope bridge on Tiger Widow Island.
          • "My Dinner With Nadakhan – On a lantern next to a sleeping Sky Pirate.
          • "Wishmasters" – Within a barrel on the Misfortune's Keep.
          • "The Last Resort" – On a wall in Dr. Julien's workshop.
          • "Operation Land Ho!" – On a pinboard in the Police Station.
          • "The Way Back" – On the billboard after Jay's final wish.
        • The order of the characters' appearances in the intro is based on the order of when they get trapped into the Djinn Blade. Nya and Jay are the only characters not to get trapped in the Djinn Blade.
        • In some airings, the tune of the audio was half a semitone lower.[citation needed]
        • The intro is the only intro in the first seven seasons not to have a group shot at the end.
        • In this season, specifically "Public Enemy Number One" and "Misfortune Rising," the police can be seen shooting guns, which is not often seen in the show. They would later affirm in “Dread on Arrival” that they do not use guns.
        • This season's name is similar to that of Seabound, another season with a major focus on Nya.
        • A few times in the season ("The Last Resort" and "The Way Back"), Nya implies she doesn't want to be a ninja. According to Tommy Andreasen, she stayed a ninja as opposed to Samurai X due to "responsibility/ destiny/ obligation ... pick your favourite".
        • This is the first season where Garmadon does not appear physically and as such the first season where Mark Oliver is not part of the voice cast.
        • Skybound is also the first season in which the ninja have been arrested which would lead to them being on the run as fugitives.
        • This season is the air counterpart of the fourteenth season, Seabound. In addition, both seasons have similar names.