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Nitro is a team in the Drome Racers theme. In the story, it is a newer team but one that is quickly gaining headway. It is the only playable team in the Drome Racers video game. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Lead Driver: Max Axel

Chief Mechanic: Shicane

Cars: Baja Desert Racers; Nitro Stunt Bike; RC Nitro Flash; Nitro Pulverizer; Nitro Burner; Nitro Race Team

The Nitros are the first team in a long time to seriously challenge Sever and the EXO Force Team for victory on the racetrack. That makes them a group to watch. Despite facing great odds, Nitro finds a way to win. Although they are not as experienced as EXO Force or R.E.D., they make up for it with a certain native intelligence - what they call "street smarts."

Every member of Nitro is able to do many different jobs on the team. That flexibility shows itself in the pits, where Nitro is able to rebuild its cars at amazing speed. Nitro is also the only team whose chief mechanic can double as a champion Racer.

Nitro is currently led by Max Axel, a young rookie who many say is the driver to watch, and Shicane, one of the Drome's best mechanics.

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