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No Day Like Snow Day is an episode of the Unikitty! animated series.


Master Frown awakes to find that snow has fallen in Frown Town, and gleefully heads out to enjoy the misery of others. However, when he investigates Unikitty's kingdom, he finds that the princess and her friends are actually enjoying the cold wet weather, and decides to make a pest of himself. His plan backfires, and he winds up stuck inside Puppycorn's snowman, which Unikitty and friends apparently believe has come to life. They soon enlist "Mr. Snow Buttons" in their efforts to win the snow fort competition; despite his aggravation, he inadvertently ends up helping the group win.

The losing team in the competition quickly initiates a snowball fight, and despite himself Master Frown joins in on the snowball fight on Unikitty's side. Enjoying the misery it brings to the opposing team, he uses himself as a projectile to destroy the enemy snow fort. He then finds himself actually warming up Unikitty and the others, and starts to consider changing his worldview. However, upon realizing that the snowman will eventually melt, the group decide to transport him to the one place where he'll never melt: the North Pole. The furious Master Frown swears revenge, unbeknownst to the group-aside from Hawkodile and Richard, who were apparently aware of his true identity.


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