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Norman Osborn, or Green Goblin I, is a character from Spider-Man who became The Green Goblin.


This minifigure has a plain black leg piece, representing pants, and a plain yellow torso piece, representing a shirtless torso in the scene where he participated in a botch lab experiment.


Norman Osborn is the CEO of Oscorp Industries, and father of Harry Osborn. He tested a new military weapon for the US government, a suit, which did not pass tests. He then drugged himself the super-soldier serum, and went mad, and killed Dr. Mendel Stromm, his partner. Learning that OsCorp would lose the contract with the US government, he went to their replacement company, Quest Aerospace, and blew up their equivalent of the super-soldier, using his new Green Goblin armour, and glider.

He then learns he is being stepped down as CEO of Oscorp, after a board meeting, and decides to don the Green Goblin armour again, and bombs the parade in Times Square, killing several board members.

At Thanksgiving, Osborn learned that Peter Parker, is Spider-Man. After a hallucination, he then attempts to murder Peter's loved ones, and puts Aunt May in the hospital.

He then finds Mary Jane, and takes her hostage on top of Queensboro Bridge, leaving Spider-Man a choice - to save innocent children in a small cart, or Mary-Jane. Spider-Man successfully manages to save them both, and ends up in an abandoned building, fighting Spider-Man. During the fight, Norman tricks Peter into believing that the Goblin was responsible for the incidents while secretly activating the glider. But the plan backfired as Peter's spider sense trigger and he avoids the glider from behind which in-turn kills Norman. Norman warns Peter in his final breath not to tell Harry.


  • In the Spider-Man trilogy, Osborn / Green Goblin was played by Willem Dafoe who also played another comic book character Vulko in the DCEU.


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