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Octan is a fictional gas station brand that frequently appears in LEGO sets. It was introduced in 1992, first as its own theme. Before this time, Shell was the common gasoline brand featured in LEGO sets. Octan also appears in DUPLO, 4 Juniors, Model Team and TECHNIC sets.


Octan first appeared in two LEGO System sets from 1992, a gas station (6397 Gas N' Wash Express) and a tanker truck (6594 Gas Transit). In the following year the Octan logo appeared also in racing themed sets and on a rail tanker. 1994 brought the first appearances of Octan outside of System, in a DUPLO set, 2621 Motocross Racer, and an alternative model of the TECHNIC set 8880 Super Car. Both were racing vehicles sponsored by Octan.

Since it introduction, Octan regularly reappeared as the only gasoline brand seen in LEGO releases, except some Shell promotional sets from 1999.

Octan remains the primary sponsor for the Moose Jaw Octan Oilers of the LEGO Major Junior Hockey League.

In 2009, the name Octan Energy appeared on the wind turbine found in 7747 Wind Turbine Transport which reveals that the company has expanded from petrochemical fuels into renewable energy.


Gas stations

Transport vehicles

Octan as sponsor

In the LEGO universe, Octan also appears as a sponsor for various racing events and as such its logo was featured prominently on race tracks and vehicles and also appears on race team clothes and Octan staff clothes as well.

Sets involving Racing events sponsored by Octan

Vehicles sponsored by Octan
Other sports events sponsored by Octan

Other appearances


  • The logo consists of a red and green oval shape and the word Octan, with the first two letters in red and the last three in green.
  • There are containers in some LEGO sets that have the Octan imprint on it.
  • The Skull Twins from the 2009 Space Police III theme have octan printed on their uniforms.
  • Although a fictional brand, Octane is a gasoline rating system, and a hydrocarbon in real life with the molecular formula C8H18.

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