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Okino is a Ninjago Minifigure released in 2020.


Okino has plain black legs and a printed white torso depicting his samurai robe; it was later reused for Mei. His head is a recurring male minifigure head with a beard and a stern expression, first used in 2017 as part of The LEGO Ninjago Movie theme. He has a new for 2020 black hairpiece with a long ponytail ending in a topknot; the same piece was released in white for Unagami.


In I Am Okino, Okino is introduced as an NPC (non-player character) in the video game Prime Empire, specifically in the Terra Karana game area. He trains vigorously in preparation to lead various "masters" through the dangerous environs of Terra Karana in an attempt to claim a Keytana. Unfortunately, due to the dangers of the area and the unpreparedness of some players, Okino loses many a master to a grim fate. For a time he becomes despondent, until another NPC guide and his charge inspire Okino to renewed efforts.

Unfortunately, when Okino once again gets the chance to lead a player through Terra Karana, she too falls victim to the hazards of the area. Blaming himself, Okino returns to his home, but is surprised when Lloyd, Cole, Jay, Kai, and Nya arrive in Terra Karana. Okino confesses his supposed failures to the Ninja, but they nevertheless request his aid, and a surprised Okino agrees. In The Glitch he pledges himself to the service of the Ninja, though some of them are perturbed when he demonstrates just how many masters he has lost previously.

Okino begins leading the Ninja through the perils of Terra Karana, beginning with the Forest of Discontent, where both Cole and Nya lose a life. The group is then ambushed by the Brotherhood of Rats, and succeeds in capturing Ritchie. He then tells the Ninja of a nearby glitch they can use to progress faster, but Okino is baffled, unaware that he is a video game character. He later follows the Ninja into the Glitch and helps them escape from another ambush of Red Visors, but his self-confidence is shaken by the realization that his world is a game.

In The Cliffs of Hysteria, Okino's newfound awareness of his world as a game leaves him despondent and angry, despite the attempts of the Ninja to cheer him up. The group soon arrives at the Cliffs of Hysteria, where Okino points out Shifty's shop as a place where the Ninja can buy climbing equipment. During the ensuing climb, Okino wards off the attacks of Red Visors and a drone skillfully, but with disinterest. Ultimately, he announces his intentions to leave the Ninja, feeling that Unagami could use him against them. However, Lloyd convinces him that he is not merely Unagami's unthinking creation, but has a will of his own.

Encouraged by Lloyd's words, Okino leads the group into The Maze of the Red Dragon, only for Unagami to freeze time and address him. Unagami offers Okino the chance to escape Prime Empire for the real world of Ninjago, but orders him to allow the Ninja to perish. Shaken, Okino leads the group to the center of the maze, where they confront the Red Dragon in battle. Defying Unagami, Okino shows the Ninja the monster's weak spot, and after its defeat explains to Jay that he now has the power to summon it during a future battle. Now determined to seek his own path, Okino parts ways with the Ninja, leaving behind his sword.

In "The Speedway Five-Billion", Okino is shown to have made his way to Terra Technica, where he observes-with pleasure-the Ninja's victory in the high stakes race. In "Game Over", contrary to Unagami's previous warnings, Okino is able to travel into the real world of Ninjago, where he helps defend several Ninjago City civilians from some of the more hostile Prime Empire denizens. He is later among the residents of Prime Empire to choose to remain in the real world.

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In "The Turn of the Tide", Okino is among the many Ninjago denizens to travel to the Monastery of Spinjitzu for Nya's memorial ceremony.

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