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Olaf is a Disney Princess figure that was released in 2015. He is a living snowman who was created by Elsa.


Other Physical Appearances

Gallery of Variants

New Olaf
OriginalFrozen 2DUPLO Figure


  • In 41148 Elsa's Magical Ice Palace, the only change done to Olaf was the use of two flat round tiles on his body (one on the back and a white printed one on the front with two buttons) instead of black stud on the front. In the Frozen 2 sets, his brick built body was replaced with a specialized mold and he gained hands.
  • He is currently the only BrickHeadz based on a Mini-doll that wasn't previously released as a Minifigure.
  • Excluding the DUPLO version, he doesn't have the twigs on top of his head.
  • Olaf is voiced by Josh Gad, who also voiced Chuck in The Angry Birds Movie.
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