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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Omega is the name of an alien criminal that escaped from the Prison Station, and served the role as main antagonist in The Adventures of Clutch Powers, albeit a behind-the-scenes role.


Omega, Mallock the Malign, and Squidman

Omega was held captive on the Prison Station by the Space Police. He later escaped the prison and his prison pod, along with Squidman and the help of Mallock the Malign. He then shut the Watch Commander in his pod. All of the other officers eventually "disappeared".

When Clutch Powers and his Team came along, Mallock, Omega, and Squidman watched them as they came out of the Airlock. When Clutch and his team came to the Watch Commander, Mallock followed them to the area, and with his scepter, tossed Bernie Von Beam and Brick Masterson into one of the pods. He then picked up Peg Mooring and tied her up with his electrical magic. He then pinned Clutch down with LEGO bricks. After that, he escaped the area, and escaped the planet in the Galactic Enforcer before they destroy the Space Police Cruiser and Space Freighter in the land platform and they escape.


  • Omega's name was represented as the last letter of the Greek Alphabet - Omega. The Greek Letter was used on his containment pod and by the Watch Commander in a distress call.
  • Clutch found a part of his dad's journal that has Omega's symbol on it, thus affirming Omega's status as the true antagonist of the Clutch Powers movie.
  • He shares a name with The Omega from Ninjago.