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The Omnidroid is a robot from The Incredibles theme created by Syndrome.


The Omnidroid went through multiple stages of development as it's creator pitted various versions of it against different superheroes in order to make it capable of defeating his most hated enemy, Mr. Incredible. After killing several supers, it reaching the 9.0 version, and Syndrome was convinced it was time to test it against Mr. Incredible. Using the story that the Omnidroid was a rogue product of artificial intelligence development, he lured Mr. Incredible to his island liar, where the superhero fought the robot. Though pressed, Mr. Incredible was eventually able to defeat the Omnidroid by crawling inside of it and tricking it into compromising it's own armor and ripping out an essential component.

Using data from the fight to improve his creation to its final version, Syndrome soon unleashed it on Mr. Incredible again, and was able to defeat him. He eventually revealed his ultimate plans for the machine: to unleash it upon a city and then "save" the citizens from it by posing as a superhero. This Syndrome did, but failed to take into account how well he had designed his creation, which rebelled against him. It then fell to Mr. Incredible, his wife Elastigirl, their children Violet and Dash Parr, and their ally Frozone to destroy the Omnidroid.


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