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Onaconda Farr is a minifigure from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars line. He has only appeared in one official set, one keychain set, and one other magnet set, and is constructed from three pieces, being: Part x903pb1 for his head, Part 973px690 for his torso, and Part 970c00 for his legs.


Onaconda Farr was the Senator of Rodia during the time of the Clone Wars. He briefly joined the Separatist forces when they promised his people food for his people, and captured Senator Amidala, but later went back to the Republic after he saw the true Separatist ways. He knew Padme's father very well, and they were both good friends in the Senate. As such, Farr is refered to as "Uncle Ono" by Senator Amidala. He has only appeared in three Star Wars sets so far, along with Nute Gunray. He died from poisoning during the Clone Wars. Lieutenant Tan Divo led his investigation and he found out that Lolo, Farr's aide, poisoned him.


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  • His exact head piece was originally used for Greedo, but it was changed for different printing and colours. Later, the head piece was used for Wald.

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