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This article is about the Castle minifigure. For other Orcs, see Orc (Disambiguation). For other Castle minifigures, see Troll Warrior.

The Orc Warrior[1] is a Castle minifigure introduced in 2008. He is generically referred to as a Troll Warrior in set descriptions.


The Orc Warrior closely resembles his fellow generic Troll Warriors, with two main distinguishing features: his Helmet, Warrior is copper, drum lacquered instead of cool silver, diffuse, and he wears an additional metallic dark grey Breast Plate, 2. He has sand green skin, dark stone grey torso and hip, and reddish brown legs.


As one of the Troll Warriors, the Orc Warrior battles the Crown Knights and Dwarves of the Western Kingdom of Ashlar. The Orc Warrior partakes in the Tower Raid, using a rolling siege tower to free an imprisoned Troll Warrior. He also carries a whip aboard the Troll Warship, most likely for whipping the Giant Troll or other trolls into compliance.

The Orc Warrior is loyal and brave, and he enjoys brutal battles and displaying his incredible strength. However, he fears magic and tends to cry after watching sad movies.[1]

In LEGO Quest & Collect, the Orc Warrior is a Physical Defender hero with the skills "Warrior's Frenzy", "Warcry", and "Poison Removal".

LEGO Description

LEGO.com-icon-yellow.png This is a description taken from LEGO Quest & Collect. Do not modify it.

NAME: Orc Warrior
An orc warrior with a heart full of loyalty and bravery. He loves brutal battles, but is very afraid of magic. He enjoys showing off his strength by lifting heavy boulders or bulls. But he also has a soft side where he cries after watching a sad movie.


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