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Sheev Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, Senator Palpatine, Chancellor Palpatine, Emperor Palpatine, and the Emperor, is a minifigure based on the Star Wars character of the same name. Palpatine was a Dark Lord of the Sith who took over the Galactic Republic and then turned it into the Galactic Empire. His minifigure has been released in many different alternations and he has appeared in all four Star Wars video games.


The Palpatine minifigure has been released in six different variations- Four aiming to replicate his Emperor/Darth Sidious person and the other two to showcase him as Supreme Chancellor during the Clone Wars. His original videogame appearance as Chancellor Palpatine during the events of Episode III is vastly different from the physical variant, as it depicts him wearing the dark grey robes he wears during his kidnapping and has a flesh-toned variant of his original Emperor face.

First Variation

Darth Sidious's first variant

Palpatine's first variation was seen in the set 7200 Final Duel I which came out in 2002 (along with 3340 Star Wars released in 2000.). The minifigure variation was based on Palpatine's appearance in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. In this variation, Palpatine was designed with a yellow-fleshed face due to the fact that there was no actual coloured skin at the time. It depicted him as a wrinkled old man. His face had black and yellow eyes, red wrinkles under his eyes and around his mouth. His leg piece and arm pieces were completely black. His body piece showed his black Sith robe. Basically a loose robe, with a black cloth tied around on the bottom. His hands were yellow. This variation came with a black cane, a black cape, and a black hood. This minifigure variation appeared in three sets; 3340 Star Wars, 7166 Imperial Shuttle, and 7200 Final Duel I.

Second Variation

Palpatine's second variation

Palpatine soon saw his next release in the set 7264 Imperial Inspection in 2005. In this set, he was presented with a new variation. In this variation, his arm pieces and leg piece remained black, and his body piece remained the same from his first variation, but his face was changed from yellow to grey, and his eyes were made more grey. His hands were also changed to grey. The reason for this change was because, in 2005, Star Wars sets started featuring minifigures with flesh-colored faces to resemble the movies more. Since Palpatine in the movies appeared to be grey, this change was made. This variation was exclusive to the set 7264 Imperial Inspection.

Third Variation

In 2008, the 10188 Death Star was released and included was completely revamped Palpatine minifigure. This minifigure once again was meant to represent Palpatine as Darth Sidious. This minifigure had completely black arm pieces and a leg piece, once again like its predecessor. The image on the body piece was a remade and more detailed black robe. His face was made with bigger yellow eyes and bigger wrinkles. Included with him was a black cape and a black hood and, erroneously, black-colored hands. This variant is also included in the 8096 Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle.

The Clone Wars Variation

Clone Wars Palpatine

The Clone Wars variation of Palpatine is based on Palpatine's appearance in the Clone Wars Television series. It represents Palpatine when he was the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. His face is flesh-colored. It depicts Palpatine as a younger man, with blue eyes and not too many wrinkles. His leg piece and arm pieces are red, and his hands are flesh-colored. His body piece shows him wearing Senatorial robes. He comes with a blonde hairpiece, a pair of red cloth shoulder pieces, and the holographic blueprints for the Death Star. He appears in the set 8039 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser.

Episode III variation

Palpatine with lightning pieces for his hands

In Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine wears a dark red senatorial robe with intricate patterns printed on the torso. Palatine has a double-sided face, one featuring a scowling expression and blonde eyebrows, and the other side depicting Palpatine with a heavily wrinkled face, with large, yellow eyes and yellow teeth. Palpatine wields a gold-hilted lightsaber and has no cape or hood. He was released in the 2012 summer wave in 9526 Palpatine's Arrest.

Second Episode III variation

In the set 75044 Droid Tri-Fighter Palpatine a dark gray robe with intricate silver printing on his torso, back and legs. His head depicts Palpatine in his older years, with more wrinkles and a few spots on his face. His face is printed on the front and the back, one face depicting Palpatine with a normal expression, and the other side depicts him with a malicious grin. Palpatine uses Bruce Wayne's hairpiece in white color.


In the set 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer, Palpatine appears in a transparent hologram part. This hologram is basically a long blue transparent brick with his image (as a sticker) imprinted on it as an Emperor.

2014 Variation

For the book, LEGO Star Wars: The Dark Side, an exclusive figure of Emperor Palpatine was included. As with the other variations, he came with a hood, cape, and black printing, but he was depicted with light gray paint detailing his robe as well as the silver clasp. His hands and face are flesh-colored, and it presumably represents his appearance on the second Death Star, before his death. Like previous variations of the Emperor, his eyes are bright yellow with black irises. He came with no accessories.

2015 Variation

For the set 75093 Death Star Final Duel a slightly altered version of the 2014 minifigure was included. He retains the same torso, leg piece, cape and hood, but comes with an alternate expression exclusive to this set.

In the Video Games

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Palpatine has appeared in all four LEGO Star Wars video games. In the first and third, he appears as Chancellor Palpatine, a video game exclusive Minifigure, and in all three games, he appears as Darth Sidious or the Emperor.

Chancellor Palpatine as he appears in LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game in the second chapter of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

In the first game, LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, Palpatine appeared as a Video Game only Minifigure, "Chancellor Palpatine" and as Darth Sidious (Grey face variation). Chancellor Palpatine is seen in the level "Chancellor in Peril" and Darth Sidious only appears in cut-scenes. Both characters can later be bought and played within any level. Chancellor Palpatine had no attacks or abilities, but Darth Sidious had a red lightsaber and can use the Force on Dark objects. Darth Sidious cannot use Force Lightning, as Jedi and Sith characters did not have their own unique Force abilities until the sequel.

The Chancellor Palpatine figure in-game has all standard minifigure body parts except for the leg piece which is replaced by a triangular LEGO slope piece. His face is flesh-colored, along with his hands. He wears a blondish-white hairpiece. He has a dark grey body piece and dark grey arm pieces, and dark grey legs.

In the second game, LEGO Star Wars: The Original Trilogy, Palpatine appears only as Darth Sidious (Grey Face variation) in the second-to-last level, "Jedi Destiny". He can be bought and played as later on. This time around he had a red lightsaber, could use the Force on dark objects and could use Force lightning on his opponents.

In the third game, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Palpatine appears as Chancellor Palpatine and Darth Sidious. Both characters can be bought and played as. Chancellor Palpatine once again has no attacks or abilities but a blaster on the DS and Darth Sidious can use his lightsaber, use the Dark Side to move objects, and use Force lightning.

From LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Chancellor Palpatine in The Clone Wars video game


Darth Sidious was trained in the ways of the Sith by his master, Darth Plagueis, but he murdered Plagueis in his sleep. Sidious then became a politician, using his real name Palpatine instead of Darth Sidious, and slowly rose to power, becoming the leader of the Republic as Palpatine, and secretly the leader of the Separatists as Darth Sidious. After a long war between the Republic, led by the Jedi and fought by clones, and the Separatists, lead by Sith and fought by droids, he slowly gained more control. After the defeat of his two apprentices, Darth Maul and Count Dooku, Sidious turned Anakin to the dark side and renamed him, Darth Vader. After he had complete control over the Republic, all clones and Anakin were ordered to kill all Jedi. After the elimination of most of the Jedi, Sidious announced himself Emperor and named the Republic his new Empire by assuming control of the galaxy as well as the Senate and appointing regional governors such as Tarkin to oversee all star systems. The Emperor and Vader ruled until eventually the only two surviving Jedi, Obi-Wan and Yoda trained Luke Skywalker, Anakin's unknown son, in the ways of the Jedi, so he could defeat the Empire. In Cloud City, Luke is planned to be frozen in carbonite for the Emperor. But first, they tested it on Han Solo. Meanwhile, while Han is being frozen, Luke and Vader battled for the first time, where Luke learns that Vader is his father. When the second Death Star was constructed, the Emperor and Darth Vader captured Luke and brought him on board. Vader and Luke battled in front of the Emperor. Luke won but told the Emperor he would never serve him. In a rage, the Emperor unleashed lightning on Luke, with the intent to kill. As Luke is about to die, Vader realized he must save his son, so he kills the Emperor by throwing him down the reactor shaft of the second Death Star. However, the Force lightning was so powerful, that the energy killed Vader as well. The second Death Star was destroyed shortly after by the Rebel Alliance. Having returned through "unnatural" dark side abilities, Darth Sidious issues a threat of revenge against the Jedi and the Resistance. This prompts First Order leader and fallen Jedi Kylo Ren, the grandson of Anakin and nephew of Luke, to seek him out on the Sith planet Exegol, where a physically impaired Sidious is kept alive by machinery. Sidious reveals himself as the mastermind behind the First Order and Ren's former master, Snoke, whom he created to lure Ren to the dark side. He then unveils the Final Order, a massive fleet of Xyston-class Star Destroyers built by the Sith Eternal. Sidious offers the Sith fleet to Ren on the condition that he find and kill the galaxy's last remaining Jedi, Rey, who is revealed to be Sidious' granddaughter. It is subsequently revealed that Sidious had a son, who renounced his father; he and his partner took their daughter Rey to the planet Jakku, assuming lives as "nobodies" to keep her safe. Sidious eventually found Rey's parents and had them killed, but never found Rey. After Ben Solo's redemption, Allegiant General Pryde pledged himself to Sidious, who ordered him to send a Sith Star Destroyer to destroy Kijimi as a show of force. Rey arrives on Exegol to confront Sidious. Surrounded by his Sith cultists, Sidious proclaims himself as the embodiment of the Sith. He orders Rey to kill him in anger for his spirit to pass into her. Rey refuses; she and Ben confront him together. Sensing their power as a dyad in the Force, Sidious absorbs their life energy to rejuvenate his body. He incapacitates Ben and attacks the Resistance fleet with Force lightning. Rey uses the power of the past Jedi to face Sidious once more; he attacks her with lightning, but Rey deflects it using the Skywalker lightsabers, finally destroying him and the Sith.


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Palpatine as Darth Sidious in The Clone Wars video game.

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Emperor Palpatine, the withered but immensely powerful Sith Lord known as Darth Sidious, is the evil master of the vast Galactic Empire and all of its forces. Since his rise to power, he has controlled the galaxy with an iron grasp, destroying anything that dares to oppose his rule.