The Parachute Goomba is a Super Mario brick-built figure released in 2021.


As with the regular Goomba, the Parachute Goomba has a light-brown body, sloped temples, and brown feet, but the two-by-two tile representing its face has a more distracted (but still irritated) look. The parachute on its head consists of a flower piece repainted white, a dark cone in the centre, a white stud in the cone, and a white dish with a blue and white striped pattern. Its action tile is on its back and it requires one stomp to defeat, generating one coin.


Parachute Goombas (not to be confused with the Para-Goomba, which was technically a Galoomba) were a minor foe introduced in Super Mario Maker 2 in 2019 (although Mario Party 2 from 1999 had a Goomba that briefly used a parachute for ceremonial purposes).


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