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11164pb01.jpg Design ID: 11164
Years in production: 2013 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

and either:

Part 11164 is a part introduced in 2013. They represent alien brains from the Hero Factory theme. They appeared in that year's story-arc as the villains who corrupted innocent animals into violent beasts. One is included in each of the year's villain sets.


A brain viewed from the front

The brains are essentially insect-like in appearance. Their eyes, two spikes on their back, and their innards are red, each also has one transparent colour, which has been orange, yellow, or one of two shades of green or blue. The brains have three stubby legs on each side of their bodies, spiked tails and small mandibles. They are made of rubber.

The top of the Brains actual resemble an real human brain and atop each Brain are two red spikes. Their eyes are glowing red with small, sharp, white teeth. Each Brain has three legs on each side and six legs altogether which are very insect like. The fact that the Brains have six legs may support the theory that they are a cross between an insect and a brain. They have tails with spikes and can change colour once they have attached themselves to a victim.


A Brain is a lab-spawned insect-like creature with the ability to take control of the minds of primitive lifeforms and act as the host's brain. Since primitive lifeforms is said to be lower in intelligence, the Brains can take complete control of it and act as the host's brain.

When a Brain attaches itself to a life form, it causes the life form to become more fearsome in appearance and since the Brain's eyes replace the life forms normal eyes, they appear glowing red. The life form also mutates and generally puts on more muscle mass while also growing new appendages and organs to better suit the new creature's needs.

All of the Brains are spawned in a place known as the Brain Factory by an unknown villain who launches them throughout space in small vehicles that resemble a cross between a test tube and a rocket ship.

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