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10059pb01.jpg Design ID: 11795
Years in production: 2012 Available Colours:

Part 11795 is the body, head and legs of the Cave Troll. It is also known as Animal No. 10 Body "No. 1".


The body is very large and is hunched over, with a wide, sand blue back speckled with grey and a head jutting forward, parallel to the ground. Two studs are located just above the head, in between the shoulders. The face is rather flat and has printing of small, beady eyes with two nostrils in between them and a an open, roaring mouth. It has printing of a tongue and bared teeth on it. Several wrinkles line the mouth, eyes and nose. The chest and stomach are both tan with no printing. The troll has a brown loincloth that encircles the waistline. It has two stubby legs that sport a pair of large grey toenails each.

Sand Blue


  • This article uses the official LEGO parts numbering system. On Bricklink, however, the part is known as Part 10059pb01.


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