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Pump Design ID: 30584c01

Years in production: 2001 Available Colours:


Part 30584c01 as it appeared in Mars Mission sets in 2007.

Part 30584c01 (also known as Air Pump 16 x 14 x 13 Complete Assembly) was a special accessory piece that appeared in sets of LEGO's Space theme. It was a crucial part of the Pump System featured in Life on Mars and Mars Mission. The part itself consisted of a black cylindrical bellows and a solid base with a hole to which special ribbed hose elements could be connected. It could pump air through those hoses and the resulting air flow could be used for a wide variety of functions, such as firing weapons or moving items, including minifigures, through the pipes.

The base was molded in sand purple for Life on Mars (2001) and was plain white for Mars Mission sets in 2007.


Sand Purple:
1 in 7317 Galaxy Explorer- 2001
1 in 7960 MB-01 Eagle Command Base -2007
1 in 7961 ETX Mothership Assault -2007

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