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3626bpb299 Design ID: 3626bpb299

Years in production: 2008 - 2009 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

Part 3626b-299, also known as Part 3626b-420 is the head piece for Agent Chase. It is a variant of Part 3626b.


The head is double-sided; the first side is of dark blue sunglasses over a smirking expression: A mouth twitched in a smile and, behind the shades, eyebrows slanted down. One eyebrow is raised higher than the other, adding to the effect. A small microphone "connected" to the glasses is located to the side of the mouth. The other side wears a scowl, with downward-slanted eyebrows (at the same level) and a mouth with on corner angled down. When the hair is placed over the head, one of these faces is covered.


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