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Part 36451 consists of a plastic ring with four detachable ovoid parts, which can be clipped into Part 36470 (representing the Marvel Infinity Gauntlet) or a similar part (representing the Iron Gauntlet). It comes in six colors, each one representing one of the six Infinity Stones.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Infinity Stones are a group of six stones that were used by Thanos to wipe out half the population, destroy themselves, bring half the population back, and by Iron Man, kill Thanos’ army, which resulted in his death. There are six stones: Time, Power, Space, Reality, Soul, and Mind. They were each located in a different spot in the Marvel Universe. The Time Stone was located in the Eye of Agamato, the Power Stone was located in an orb, the Space Stone was located in the Tesseract; the Reality Stone was located in Knowhere with The Collector, the Soul Stone was located on a unknown planet, and the Mind Stone was lodged in Vision’s Head.

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