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Lego 2012 003 Design ID: 4646644

Years in production: 2011/2012 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

Part 98136 is a new part used as a snake/viper. It was created for the 2012 wave of Ninjago sets. The part is five to six studs long but it can only stand on one stud. It is also used in LEGO Lord Of The Rings in 9469 Gandalf Arrives. It does not seem to appear in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and despite them being a viper, the weapons that they protect are based on a cobra. As stated in the notes, the snake can be used as both an animal and a weapon. They seem to come in different colours depending on their tribe such as green for Venomari, blue for Hypnobrai, red or white for Fangpyre, orange for ConstrictaI and purple for Anacondrai. However, there are some exceptions like how Spitta uses Violet.




Lime Green

Earth Blue



Transparant Orange

Transparant Purple

Transparant Blue


  • Oddly, this part is also used as a weapon and as a living snake, at least in the Venomari Shrine.
  • Due to the use in The Lord of the Rings, it might be a possible chance that this new part is not exclusive to Ninjago.
  • It may be a SPUA, however, this is not proved.
  • Lloyd Garmadon is the only mini-figure that is not a Serpentine that uses a snake as a weapon in 9552 Lloyd Garmadon. However, in some of the episodes, Lloyd teams up with the serpentine which proves why he uses a snake as a weapon.
  • Snakes being silver and gold may indicate that not all snakes are living (figuratively speaking) due to gold and silver being non-living.
  • It is rumored that it might be the new mold for the snakes, replacing Part 30115.
  • Even though this part is available in orange, it is not seen in any set, only the Master Class videos for Ninjago.
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