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GlitterHelm.jpg Design ID: 53612
Element IDs:
Years in production: 2005-2006 Available Colours:
Cool Silver, Diffuse

Part 53612 is a helmet piece used for knights and is called Lacquered Dark Knight Helmet. It is usually worn by antagonists.


The helmet is elegantly - and sinisterly - shaped, covering nearly the whole head. An opening in the helmet is located in the front, in the shape of a wide T. A small crest starts at the forehead level and moves up the length of the head, splitting into two crests at the top. The helmet is black with hundreds of tiny, close-set silver speckles covering it, giving the effect of a glittering silver colour.


  • On Peeron.com, the piece is known as Part x1196.

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Cool Silver, Diffuse


Cool Silver, Diffuse

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