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Dracusmask1 Design ID: 54174

Years in production: 2006 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

Part 54174 is the visor piece for Dracus's action figure form. It appears only in that set.



The back of the visor

The visor is black with hundreds of close-set, silver speckles on it. Three short spikes protrude from the visor; a vertical one from the top and two horizontal ones jutting out from both sides that are angled ever so slightly upward.

It has a T-shaped slit for the eyes, nose and mouth. Just above the T-slit are two small ridges, each above the eye on that side. In between the ridges is a small crest that runs from the slit to the top of the helmet where it meets with the center spike. At the top back of the helmet is a hole in a cross shape that allows rods to join into.

Its surface is not smooth and unmarked, but slightly uneven and bumpy, giving it the deliberate effect of a crudely made yet intimidating mask.


  • The visor looks rather like the Shadow Knight helmets, with its small crest and the fact that the areas covering the cheeks are bent slightly outward.



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