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Jade Blade

Years in production: 2015 Appearances:

The Jade Blades are a translucent green in colour, hence the name Jade Blade, and have a short handle that can be used to attach it to other weapons. 5 Jade Blades have been integrated into other weapons and handles to create the weapons that the Ninja will use in 2015, with Kai's having a gold handle between two Blades, Jay's with the same handle between the Blade and a Katana, Cole's having the same pieces as his Scythe of Quakes except for the Jade Blade being the blade and finally, Lloyd's having the same pieces as Cole's 2014 Techno Blade but with the Jade Blade replacing the Techno Blade. No Jade Blade weapon has been released for Zane, however.


The Jade Blades were introduced in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Episode 36, Only One Can Remain. They were hidden (though not very well) throughout Chen's Island. There were enough Jade Blades for all but one, with that 'one' being Karloff, after losing it to Kai.

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