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250px-Set Thornax Design ID: 64277c01

Years in production: 2009 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

Part 64277c01, more commonly known as a Thornax, is a form of spiked fruit in the BIONICLE universe. Thornax are usually extracted to be used as ammunition for the Glatorian and other inhabitants of Bara Magna. Every figure in the 2009 BIONICLE line, excluding the Agori, is equipped with one Thornax launcher (made of two pieces that are usually held in the character's hand, with the exception of Gresh, Tarix, Malum, and Skrall, who all hold theirs differently) and one Thornax ammunition.


Thornax have three stages. In the first stage it is soft, green, and has no spikes. It is sometimes used by Bone Hunters for an (apparently particularly vile-tasting) stew. In the second stage the fruit is rock hard, has spikes, and has turned gold. In the third stage, if the fruit is left on the plant too long, it becomes over ripe, turns silver and becomes explosive. Over-ripened Thornax are not banned in arenas, but frowned upon.


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