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983 Design ID: 983
Years in production: 1978

Part 983 is a curved LEGO piece that is used as a hand for most LEGO Minifigures. They have been made with a variety of colours and have come with every minifigure from 1978 until 1989, and are still in usage from 1989 to the present time.


Yellow Hands[]

When the first minifigure debuted in 1978, a yellow hand accompanied it. Henceforth, two yellow hands came with every non-space themed LEGO minifigure. This trend continued until 1989, when the first different shaped LEGO hands came out, which was in the form of a pirate hook.


After 1989, different shaped hands started coming out. Hands are made in nearly every standard colour, with yellow and fleshed coloured (2003-present day), being the most common colours. Special hands, such as pirate hooks in several different colours and boxing gloves have also been made. Although many different types of hands are used today, the yellow hand remains a standard for the Town/City Themes and other non-movie based original LEGO Themes.


Hands are used to represent the hands of a minifigure. If two hands, two arms and a torso are combined, it will create the "middle part of a minifigure". It is used to hold weapons (such as the Part x1740), objects and tools (such as a cup) or LEGO bricks.


Minifigure hands have appeared in every set that contains a LEGO minifigure, which means it has appeared in almost every LEGO set since 1978, when it was created.

Different types of Hands[]

  • Standard Hand in many colours
  • Pirate Hook
  • Red Ogel Hook
  • Blue Ogel Hook
  • Hagrid hands
  • Boxer hands
  • Baseball Mitt
  • Claw hand
  • Azog's claw


  • With the exception for monkeys, LEGO hands have never been used for any other purpose by LEGO besides being hands for minifigures.
  • Without LEGO hands, minifigures could not grab a hold of weapons, objects and/or tools.
  • LEGO hands have existed for 36 years.
  • Space-themed LEGO sets have had hands the same colour as their torso in order to complete the spacesuit appearance since 1978.


  • Almost all LEGO sets after 1978.