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Yodahead2 Design ID: Part x1950-1

Years in production: 2009 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

Part x1950-1 or The Clone Wars Yoda minifigure Head is a LEGO minifigure headpiece. It has been released in the sets 8018 Armored Assault Tank (AAT), 7964 Republic Frigate and 7958 Star Wars Advent Calendar.


Part x1950px1 is an irregular minifigure head design. The part was designed to replicate the head of Yoda, a Star Wars character in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, as well as to improve upon the original version of Yoda's head, part x61. It is mostly pale green with white and pale green eyes, with designs showing a mouth and wrinkles, especially on his forehead. The top of his head contains no stud like top like other minifigure heads, but rather a conical top. He has two ears, both sticking out greatly. It also has grey hair at the back.


Sand Green


Sand Green:

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