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Phoenix or Jean Grey is a minifigure in the Marvel Super Heroes theme. She first appeared as a Comic-Con Exclusive Phoenix Giveaway and later appears in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.


Jean Grey was one of the founders of the original X-Men. She had natural telepathic and telekinetic powers and was a human host for the Phoenix Force, an ancient cosmic entity which granted her additional powers. However, due to the Phoenix Force's instinctive and possessive nature, it sometimes would cause Jean to turn against her allies with little provocation.


Video Game Appearances


In Wolverine and The X-Men she is voiced by Jennifer Hale who also Black Cat in Spider-Man:The Animated Series,Princess Morbucks and Ms.Keane in The Powerpuff Girls,Killer Frost in Several DC Projects,Zantanna in Justice League Unlimited and Batman:The Brave and The Bold,Ms.Marvel (Carol Danvers) In The Avengers:The Earth's Mightest Heroes,Songbird in Avengers Assemble and Mantis in Guardians of The Galaxy.

Gallery of Game Variants

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