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The Pink Princess is a Microfigure that is found in the sets, 3861 LEGO Champion and 50004 Story Mixer. It was meant for the girls.


The Pink Princess is light pink like all microfigures she is just one piece. She has a rounded head, with a stud on top. She has a yellow face, with black eyebrows, eyes with eyelashes, a smile showing her teeth decorated with light pink lipstick. Also on her head she has printed dark red hair. The Pink Princess torso, has some of her skin showing at the top, a golden square necklace hung by black string, her torso has some cream pink highlights, she wears a black belt with a golden buckle, her torso has some lines going down it, and she has clack curves. The Pink Princess has short arms, at the side of her torso. Her legs have some black lines at top indicating creases in her dress.




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