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This minifigure has only appeared in video game(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Pintel is a Pirates of the Caribbean minifigure that appears in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, released in 2011.


Pintel was a member of Captain Hector Barbossa's pirate crew serving as a cannoneer aboard the Black Pearl. Pintel was rarely seen without his partner in crime, Ragetti. Together they served on the Black Pearl. Soon after joining a mutiny against Captain Jack Sparrow, the crew of the Pearl became cursed by Aztec Gold. They spent the next ten years trying to lift the curse.

In The Curse of the Black Pearl, the two kidnap and arrange parley with Elizabeth Swann when the Black Pearl attacks Port Royal. The crew become angered towards them after they discover Elizabeth is not Bootstrap Bill's descendant. When the Royal Navy arrive at Isla de Muerta, they dress up as wenches in a longboat as a distraction for Admiral Norrington and his crew. After the following battle, they are arressted.

In Dead Man's Chest, they have escaped inprisonment and headed out on the seas in a longboat with the prison dog.The attempt to commandeer the Black Pearl after seeing it beached on Pelegosto. They subsequently join the crew after they narrowly escape the island. They later attempt to steal the Dead Man's Chest to earn a bit of profit. They are among the few surviving crew of th Pearl after it is dragged to the depths by the Kraken.

In At World's End, they join the quest to bring back Sparrow and the Black Pearl. They are among the group Jack intends to leave behind in Davy Jones' Locker. Pintel interupts an argument between Jack and Barbossa in an attempt to throw his name in consideration for captaincy. He is later present during the battle around Calypso's Maelstrom and after Barbossa commits mutiny against Jack again, he remains part of the Pearl's crew.






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