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This article is about the Adventurers minifigure. For The Lord of the Rings character, see Pippin.

Pippin Reed (formerly called Gail Storm and Linda Lovely) was a character in the Adventurers theme. She is the female companion of Johnny Thunder and a budding journalist, recording all of the adventures that she and Johnny go on. She sports a green jacket, brown coat, tan shirt, red or tan legs, and a pith helmet, baseball cap, folded campaign hat, sherpa hat, or a pilot helmet. She also appears in LEGO Racers, named Gail Storm, as a CPU character in the last circuit. She also appears in LEGO Racers 2 as a CPU character for almost all of the worlds. Her nationality is American, according to LEGO, but in several online mini-games, she has an Australian accent.


Pippin is the globe-trotting reporter for the international publication, "World Magazine". Headstrong and sometimes argumentative (she doesn't like men telling her what to do just because she is female), she sometimes puts herself in danger...but she has plenty of courage and smarts to get herself out of danger too!

Video game appearances

LEGO Island 2

Pippin Reed makes an appearance in LEGO Island 2 where she and Johnny meet Pepper Roni who was on a quest to find the Constructopedia pages. They would help him in exchange for helping them get their gems back from snakes. Here, Pippin also showed interest in making markers and was noticeably less hot-tempered than she is in the comics. In this game she wears her pilot goggles hat. According to an online game at, Pippin is gifted with a photographic-memory.

LEGO Racers

Under the name Gail Storm, Pippin Reed appears in the final circuit of the game, as one of the other four CPU racers that the player has to get past, whilst also defeating Rocket Racer. After the player wins the circuit, Pippin Reed's complete car set is able to be built.

LEGO Racers 2

Pippin Reed also made an appearance in the second LEGO Racers game too, this time under her original name. She appears with Johnny Thunder, hosting the two bonus missions for the player to complete on the Dino Island world. Aside from this, Pippin, as well as Johnny, also appear as CPU racers for the player to beat on the Dino Island, Mars and Arctic worlds, in the four races that lead up to the boss races on each world. In Free Play mode, Pippin also acts as a CPU racer on the Sandy Bay circuits.

LEGO Soccer Mania

Pippin Reed is a member of the Adventurers Pilots team. Just like in LEGO Island 2 she wears her pilot goggles hat.


Video Game Appearances

Online Game Appearances

  • Pepper's Skateboard Challenge


  • She is Johnny Thunder's partner and girlfriend.
  • In a misspelling in an old LEGO Island online game, her name was spelled Pippin Read.

    Pippin's name misspelled

  • Pippin Reed has a photographic memory.
  • She has 2 different faces.
  • In LEGO Racers, her Gail Storm name is Tormentosa in the Spanish language version. In all other language versions of the game it remains Gail Storm.

Gallery of Variations

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