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Piraka Attack is a BIONICLE Online game released in 2006.


The goal of the game is to use Zamor Spheres to subdue the waves of Matoran attacking you. Avoid the holes. There is a “quota bar” at the top of the screen. For every Matoran defeated, the quota bar fills up. Once all the Matoran on the level have been defeated and the bar is full, you proceed to the next level. For every level passed, you gain one life. There is no limit to the amount of lives you can gain.


You start out with 3 lives. Each time a Matoran touches you, you lose a life and automatically teleport to another part of the area. Each type of Matoran has different abilities and different number of lives.

  • Po-Matoran are the easiest. They move very slowly and one hit with a Zamor sphere subdues them. they move in packs.
  • Ta-Matoran move faster than Po-matoran and take two hits to finish.
  • Ko-Matoran move alone and very slow, but they shoot blasts of energy every three seconds.
  • Onu-Matoran also move slowly and alone, but they shoot blasts of energy that increase in size as they travel. They shoot every three seconds.
  • Le-Matoran move very fast and take three hits to finish. they do not shoot energy of any kind.
  • Ga-Matoran move the slowest, but they shoot blasts of energy roughly every second.

Gameplay. Notice the quota bar at the top middle and the status bar to the top right. to the right in the status bar is the number of lives; to the left is how much ammo you have.

Additional Abilities

You can pick the Piraka you want to be. Each one has different levels of speed, agility, strength and intelligence.

During the game, ability icons will pop up and can be retrieved. the icons are as followed:

  • Shield--Creates a force field around you that lasts several seconds.
  • Rapid Fire--Red-coloured Zamor spheres that shoot more than 2 times as fast as normal
  • Three Way--Shoots 3 Zamor spheres for every one click of the mouse.
  • Two Way--Shoots one sphere in forward and one backward at the same time.
  • Long Range--Most Zamor spheres fade out after a distance, but long range types will go much farther, reaching the opposite side of the cavern.

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