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Opening in 1996, Pirate Falls was the park’s main thrill ride with some impressive theming and a decent finale sequence. Then in 2010, the ride was closed, cleaned, rewired, re-animated and marketed as an ‘explosively enhanced’ update.

Official Ride Description

The boats journey through a jungle following a band of not so clever pirates and their plot to stop us from reaching the hidden treasure trove in the mysterious wooden building. We pass a pirate graveyard before passing a lagoon where the blundering first mate tries out some target practice with his cannon… blowing a hole in his own crew’s ship. The boats suddenly attach to a huge makeshift ramp and are hauled upwards into the dynamite storehouse. We pass the grinning captain who dips her flaming torch and ignites the fuse which burns up to the huge cartoony stash of bombs and dynamite. The first mate cowers in the corner with his fingers in his ears, there is a loud explosion and the lights come up revealing the huge hole blown in the floor. There is a sound of cracking and splintering wood, the charred floor is giving way from the weight of the boat! A huge golden statue is visible, but all is lost. The floor gives way and the boat suddenly slips out of the building and into the murky lagoon below. Scuttled, the captain sits dripping on the side with head in her hands, the two other pirates sat in a sinking row boat. The boats take the riders through a shipwreck, on board are cannons which spray water onto the riders. These are triggered by buttons in the newly refitted viewing area.


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