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Pirate Games is an active game at LEGOLAND. The directions are you throw a ball and try to hit a target, like many festival games.


There are lots of great prizes to win at Pirate Games, by all pirates who are quick on the trigger, can throw a ball, and happen to be lucky. Try your hand at the four games and see if you are the lucky one who will escape with the “treasure”. Pirate Games is located between LEGOREDO® Town and Pirate Land. Be sure you visit Pirate Games and try the entertaining games and win handsome prizes. There are four different versions of Pirate Games with varying levels of difficulty. The Duck Pond and Ball Toss give a prize every time. There is a DKK 10 fee (2$) . Lots of fun for everyone in the family who is a good shot, and has lots of luck.

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