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Pirate Princess Argenta,[1] also known as Pirate Princess,[2][3] pirate queen,[4] and Blade Dancer,[5] is a Pirates minifigure introduced in 2015.


Pirate Princess Argenta reuses the Fortune Teller's hair piece, but with a bright red bandana and the gold beads left black. She wears a bright red bodice (similar in detail to the Lady Pirate's torso, albeit recolored) over a white sleeved chemise, along with black pants. She has an eyepatch over her left eye, and a double-sided head with smirking and grimacing facial expressions.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Blade Dancer has a slightly different design compared to her physical minifigure. The beads on her hair piece are colored red, and her face print is altered to remove the eyepatch.


Pirate Princess Argenta is the daughter of Captain Redbeard and an expert swordswoman,[5] and the twin sister of Ms. Dagger.[6] Before becoming a pirate, she was warm and soft-hearted; nowadays, she hides these traits beneath an edgy and pointed persona. She seeks to capture Admiral Nonsuch to help her father.[5] Argenta is an expert swordfighter just like her mother, although she is implied to have lost her eye in a sword duel.[2] As a pirate captain, she proves herself by fearlessly pursuing dangerously foolish jobs, although her crew does not share her enthusiasm.[1]

In LEGO Worlds, the Pirate Princess makes her first appearance in story mode's Pirate Playground tutorial world. The Pirate Captain has ordered her to build a Pirate Clock Tower, but the plans are contained in a chest surrounded by thorny bushes. Upon completing her mission, the Pirate Princess rewards the player with a Gold Brick, and then she can be unlocked with the Discovery Tool. On later worlds, the Pirate Princess can be found in the Rowdy Rainforest biome.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Blade Dancer is a physical attacker with the skills "An Old Companion", "Formidable Defense", and "Quicksword".

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Pirate Princess Argenta is an Explorer attacker unit with the abilities "Rallying Strike", "Take No Prisoners", "Meet Your Matchlock", and "Loyalty to the Captain". In Glyph Hunt, she canonically joins the Explorers' team by the time they confront Willa the Witch and rescue Majisto. After they encounter Rorrim, Argenta insists that the Explorers must collect the Glyphs of the Elements to stop his evil plot, prompting the Explorers and Builders to go on separate paths. Paramedic Poppy and the Builders gather the people of Piptown in the Piptown United campaign and introduce themselves as friends of Argenta, only to learn that Argenta had previously cheated Darwin the Pirate out of gold and left a hole in his boat.


  • Except for the eyepatch, Pirate Princess Argenta's design seems to be an updated version of the female pirate from 6250 Cross Bone Clipper. They share the same red bandana, black hair, torso details (red beads, red bodice, black belts), white sleeves, and black pants. With Captain Redbeard explicitly returning in the 2015 theme and other characters (such as Pirate Boy and Pirate Gunner) being references to 1989 Pirates characters, it is likely but unconfirmed that the Pirate Princess is the same character from the Cross Bone Clipper.
  • The Pirate Princess's face is reused by Cyren in Ninjago.
  • Her name Argenta comes from Catalan word for Silver, Argent.


LEGO Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

The Pirate Princess loves adventure. She is an expert swordfighter who never steps away from a duel….which explains the eye patch. This is a description taken from LEGO Quest & Collect. Do not modify it.

NAME: Blade Dancer
The daughter of Redbeard and an expert swordswoman, Blade Dancer wants to help her father by capturing the Admiral. Though appearing as edgy and pointed as the cutlass she uses, inside she is still the warm and soft-hearted person she was before becoming a pirate. This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Do not modify it.

An opportunistic attacker who sends debuffed enemies to the briny depths. Always looking to prove herself, Argenta never backs down from a fight... which probably explains the eyepatch.

As it turns out, high-seas piracy can be a bit of an old boys' club. Luckily, Pirate Princess Argenta is right there in the thick of it, using her rapier to carve out a seat at the table and a lion's share of the loot. A completely fearless captain, there's no job too dangerous, too foolish, or too foolishly dangerous for Argenta to take on... a fact that her crew is somewhat less than enthusiastic about.

Yaaaaar, Queen!
Argenta appears only in the 2015 "Treasure Island" set, where she is referred to as "Pirate Queen."

Argenta's face and torso are similar to the female pirate that came with the "Shipwreck Hideout."

Chapeau Piracy
Argenta's bandana and hair are recolored versions of pieces originally created for the LEGO Fortune Teller.