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Pirates Landing
Park: LEGOLAND Windsor
Current attractions: Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench
Jolly Rocker
Pirate's Training Camp
Pirates Goldwash
Enchanted Forest
Current food facilities: Crossed Ribs BBQ
Former attractions: The Amazing Mazes
Bum Shaker
Muscle Maker
Spinning Spider
Opened: 1996
Renamed: March 2010
Nearby areas: Knight's Kingdom
Kingdom of the Pharaohs
Land of the Vikings

Pirates Landing is an area of LEGOLAND Windsor, which until 2010 was named Wild Woods.

Pirate's Landing is between Land of the Vikings and Knight's Kingdom


The area opened in 1996. It was known as Wild Woods until 2010, when it was re-themed alongside the re-launch of the Pirate Falls.

Muscle Maker was a self-propelled railway that existed in the area until 2003. It was replaced with remote-control trucks, which were removed in 2009.

Bum Shaker was a small racing circuit that was removed in 2000. Until 2009, the area was used for picnics.

The Amazing Mazes were a set of three mazes; Celtic, Tudor and nautical. Due to the creation of the Land of the Vikings, only the Tudor maze still stands, and it is now called Loki's Labyrinth.

The Spinning Spider became part of the Land of the Vikings in 2007.


Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench Finale

The Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench is a re-themed version of Pirate Falls which opened in 1996, it was not just re-themed though, the whole attraction was "closed, cleaned, rewired, re-animated and marketed as an ‘explosively enhanced’ update" in 2010 for Pirates Landing. The ride is a log-flume and follows an hunt for treasure.

Jolly Rocker is a swinging pirate ship with LEGO theming, it has 8 rows and is able to hold 5 people in each row. It was introduced for the 2010 season and was originally from Heide Park, which is also owned by Merlin Entertainments.

Goldwash in Pirates Landing

Pirate's Training Camp is an extended version of what was The Rat Trap. It has been re-themed to be Pirates focused. It included wooden-shipwrecks, squishy floors and other interactive areas.

Pirate Goldwash is a small attraction where children can pan for gold and win a medal at the end of it, for an extra fee.

Caricatures is another small attraction which costs a fee. It involves the artist drawing your caricature.


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