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A Pit Droid was a maintenance droid used for manual labor on machines and vehicles like Podracers in the Star Wars theme.


The droid is composed of 12 parts. Each racer's droid has a slightly different colour scheme. Anakin Skywalker's droid has Old Brown foot, arm, and chest pieces, with a Brick-Yellow head plate, back, neck, and ankle joints. Gasgano's droid is mostly white, with dark red arms and feet. Sebulba's is entirely Old Brown except for the Brick-Yellow neck. Each droid also has one part in Black, and one in Transparent Yellow for the photoreceptor.


Pit droids were extremely strong, but their level of intelligence was low. Many pit droids were used as pit crews for Podracing events, as well as repairing the racers if they got damaged.


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