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"Looks like another tough job for ol' Plungey!"

Plumber is a Minifigures Series 9 minifigure released in January 2013.[1] He will also appear in LEGO Minifigures Online.


The plumber wears a blue hat and has a scruffy smiling face. He wears a white torso and on it there are blue overalls, continuing onto his legs which also have pocket printing. He has white arms and yellow removable hands.


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“Looks like another tough job for ol' Plungey!”

Few Minifigures work harder than the good-natured Plumber. He’ll tackle any job, no matter how messy it may be, and always goes to work with a cheery smile on his face. As long as he’s got his trusty plunger and his can-do attitude, there’s nothing he can’t handle.

It’s a good thing he’s willing to take on tough projects, because you wouldn’t believe the strange things the Plumber encounters on an average day. From lost civilizations in the sewers to alien invaders in the plumbing, he’s seen it all…and even more impressively, he always gets the toilet unclogged in the end!"



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