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Plumestriker is an Imperial officer featured in LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


Plumestriker is the loyal subordinate of Durpin, and unlike his superior is eager to advance through the Imperial ranks and hopes to help Durpin do likewise, not realizing the perils of doing so. The two were first known to be stationed together on Kashyyyk, where Durpin attempted to impress upon Plumestriker that doing nothing would prevent them from coming to harm while in service to Emperor Palpatine. However, an encounter with Rowan Freemaker and his family forced the pair into action, only to suffer defeat. However, the Emperor and Darth Vader blamed their failure on the Trandoshans they had been working with, and thus-to Plumestriker's joy and Durpin's chagrin-promoted Durpin to the rank of general.

Durpin and Plumestriker soon ended up on Naboo, overseeing the Emperor Palpatine Museum; much to Durpin's annoyance Plumestriker continued to insist on taking action. When the Freemakers came to the museum in search of a Kyber Saber Crystal, Plumestriker was ready to have them executed, but was thwarted by Rowan's impersonation of the Emperor and Durpin's actions. As a result, Durpin was demoted to ensign and Plumestriker to sub-ensign, and they were both assigned to the planet Hoth. Upon a third encounter with the Freemakers, Plumestriker attempted to take them into custody and secure promotions for them, despite Durpin's protests. However, the pair soon found themselves dealing with a greater problem, as they were pursued by an angry Wampa.

Plumestriker continued to accompany Durpin when the officer was once again promoted to a commanding position, this time as a captain aboard a ship. However, the Freemakers allowed themselves to be captured by the pair, and then escaped with a vital component for the Rebellion. As a result of this debacle, the pair were demoted again, but this time Plumestriker became the superior officer as the pair were assigned to surveying duties on Jakku. During a later-and final-altercation with the Freemakers, he forced Durpin to join him in piloting a AT-ST against them and Lieutenant Valeria. Upon being defeated and nearly killed by one of their weapons, however, Plumestriker finally realized what Durpin had been trying to tell him all along: that advancing through the Imperial ranks was an almost guaranteed path to hazard.


  • Bob Roth, one of the creators of The Freemaker Adventures and LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars, noted that he wished he had been able to bring Durpin and Plumestriker into the latter series, but had a greater desire not to make it dependent on knowledge of the former.