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Polar Bear
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Arctic, DUPLO


2000, 2001

The Polar Bear is a Bear figurine that mostly appears in the Arctic theme.



The original figure's head can be moved vertically in the same way that the horse figure's head can be moved. The Polar Bear's mouth is open as if ready to roar and is stepping forward, yet it lacks a detailed face. It is entirely white coloured. The Polar Bear is sized and shaped similar to that of a Horse, Hippogriff, and a Cow. Its part number is 76147.


The ’10s edition features a more detailed face, having black eyes and a black nose. Its pose is similar to the ’00s version, but its hind legs are adjustable.


The Friends variation is a single piece with no articulation. It appears only in 41131 Friends Advent Calendar and 10736 Anna and Elsa's Frozen Playground


Unlike the other variations, the Minecraft variations are brick-built figures, one which is an adult and the other which is a cub. So far they appear exclusively in 21142 The Polar Igloo.


DUPLO has several Polar Bear variants. The Polar Bear originally appeared as a set of printed tiles in 1079 DUPLO Animal Mosaic, but adult and cub figurines debuted in 1990. The original adult Polar Bear features a lone stud on its back and, like the SYSTEM equivalent, has an adjustable neck. The eyes vary between models, with some having monochrome eyes and others having an azure colouring and a more distracted look. It was remodelled in 2009, and lacks the articulation of its predecessor. The cub lacks all articulation and has a blue square moulded onto its paws. Like the adult, its eyes vary between models, with some having monochrome eyes and others having an azure colouring. It was remodelled without the square in 2005. The azure-eyed cub also comes in the form of an uncommon plush toy.


Alumni who work for The LEGO Company created a brick-built Polar Bear for Bowdoin College students in 2013. The LEGO Company also released a polybag Polar Bear, 40208 Polar Bear, in 2016.