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A traffic policeman in Minifigures series 2.

This article is about the LEGO City subtheme. For the Space subtheme, see Space Police.

Police is not an official theme in its own right, but one of the recurring organizations that is featured in LEGO Town and City as well as several other related themes and subthemes.

A classic police torso

K7744 Ultimate police collection

The police logo from 1993 to 1999.


Police sets have been produced LEGO for a very long time; minifigures didn't even exist when the first of such, 354 Police Heliport was released. When minifigures were introduced in 1978 three police sets, which were among the first sets to include minifigures, were released. The police was equipped with a headquarter and several vessels. Some of the early sets (621 Police Car and 6600 Police Patrol) featured police cars that could not be entered by the minifigs due to the difference in scale. New buildings were introduced in 1983 and 1986. 1985 saw the release of 6450 Light & Sound Mobile Police Truck which was one of the first two sets to feature 9V battery boxes and electric light and sound bricks. In 1988 6642 Police Helicopter was the first police set that included a modern helmet with visor.

1993 brought some major changes. The minifigs got the first new police torso pieces since 1978. They featured a new police logo with a five-pointed star instead of the simple white badge. It was also the first time that LEGO policemen got new head pieces that differed from the original smiley faces. All Police sets were now released as part of the Rescue subtheme until 1998. New buildings were released in 1993 and 1996.

In 1998 the Town theme was replaced with the "juniorized" Town Jr. and the police sets of the following few years used heavily simplified building techniques. The sets also featured transparent green window pieces instead of clear or blueish ones.

New police sets were introduced in 2003 as part of the new World City theme. The police logo now featured an eight-pointed star inside a police badge. New uniforms were introduced as well. Another change involved the lightbars of the police cars. They had now red and blue beacons instead of just blue ones. The windows were now smoke coloured.

Police appeared in Spider-Man theme in 2003 and 2004 as well. Police vehicles with American style were included in two sets.

Beginning with 2005 the police sets were released as part of the City theme. The police units went back to flashing lights that were blue only. Also the first police dogs were introduced. Instead of preprinted pieces that are labeled "POLICE" the new sets include sticker sheets that allow to label the police units with either the French/English word "POLICE" or the German "POLIZEI". In 2012, City relocated to a forest-like area and the police started wearing tan-colored uniforms with dark blue pants, some come with a new ranger hat, making them the Forest Police similar to Forest Rangers.

2013 saw the release of new Police sets, with action set around regular city, with the distinction of the box art background depicting night time. In 2014 a whole new range of sets were introduced, some a redesign of the older classical sets, like Mobile Police Unit, Police Dog Unit or Police Station.

In 2015 a new subtheme was created, Swamp Police, with action taking place in the swamp area outside the city. Police minifigures had tan/blue uniforms influenced by Forest Police, albeit slightly lighter in tone and with baseball caps rathen than ranger hats.

The Police have also appeared in LEGO Batman: The Videogame, but they only appeared in Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase and an actual minifigure of Commissioner Gordon.

On June 4, 2020, LEGO officially suspended advertisements and promotions in the U.S. for police-themed sets and 21054 The White House out of respect for the hundreds of thousands of people protesting police brutality.[1] Most of the items themselves remain available for purchase, but recent releases such as 60272 Elite Police Boat Transport, 60273 Elite Police Driller Chase, and 60274 Elite Police Lighthouse Arrest are only available outside of the U.S.[2]

Police facilities and vehicles




Jeeps and pick ups

4 x 4

Police cars



The buildings

6540 Pier Police, 381 Police Station, 6384 Police Station, 6386 Police Command Base, 6398 Central Precinct HQ, 6598 Metro PD Station, 6332 Command Post Central, 6464 Super Rescue Complex, 6636 Police Headquarters 7237 Police Station both contained helicopters.


Police boats

The buildings 6540 Pier Police and 6598 Metro PD Station both contained boats.


Set list

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1149 Air Police.jpg1149Air Police24 2002
1610.jpg1610Police Car19$2.001991
No image1786Jailbreak Joe   
2234.jpg2234Police Chase1465 1998
30002.jpg30002Police Boat32Police Officer 2009
30011-1.jpg30011Police Boat16Police Officer 2010
30013-1.jpg30013Police Quad Bike341 2010
30014-1.jpg30014Police Helicopter321$4.992011
3141.jpg314Police Launch53Police Officer (2) 1976
3648-0000-xx-23-1.jpg3648Police Chase173Police Officer , Officer Park , Person, $24.99 / €24.99January, 2011
3658 box.png3658Helicopter Pursuit237Police Officer (3), Crook (City)$34.99 / €34.99January, 2011
Band & Money Transpher (Box).png3661Bank & Money Transfer405Police Officer, Bank Assistant, Crook (City), Money Transferrer$49.99 / €49.99January 2011
0381.jpg381Police Station3604 1979
4010 Police Rescue Boat.jpg4010Police Rescue Boat81Police Officer (x2)$12.99-15.501987
4012.jpg4012Wave Cops99Police Officer (2) 1996
4021-1.jpg4021Police Patrol195Police Officer (3) 1991
2013cityheli.jpg4473Police Helicopter1122 2012
4897-1.jpg4897Police Trike24Police Officer 2008 (unreleased)
4912-1.jpg4912Police Jet Ski22City Police Officer One 2005
4934 Police Swamp Boat.jpg4934Police Swamp Boat20Police Officer 2007
4991-1.JPG4991Police Helicopter26Police Officer 2007
540.jpg540Police Units491 Police Officer 1979
Lego 5531-1.jpg5531Police Motorcycle Police Officer$3.99 / €8.992005, by Ravensburger
560-Police Heliport.jpg560Police Heliport172 1973
PTRU1-5305576 alternate3 dt.jpg5612Police Officer21Police Officer$3.49 / €2.992008
5625-Police 4 x 4.jpg5625Police 4x433Police Officer 2008
588 Box.jpg588Police Headquarters3604 1978
600.jpg600Police Car21Police Officer Primo 1978
618-Police Helicopter.jpg618Police Helicopter39 1977
621-Police Car.jpg621Police Car39Police Officer (1) 1978
6308.jpg6308Policemen204 1984
6328-1.gif6328Helicopter Transport1002 1998
6332-Command Post Central.jpg6332Command Post Central271Police Officer (x5), P.C. Bobby, Jailbreak Joe$60.001998
6348 Surveillance Squad.jpg6348Surveillance Squad3063 police officers 1994
6354 Pursuit Squad.jpg6354Pursuit Squad1793$15.501990
6384.jpg6384Police Station3894 1983
6386.jpg6386Police Command Base3814$38.501986
6398 Central Precinct HQ.png6398Central Precinct HQ606Police Officer (x4), Crazy Charlie$73.001993
6430 Box.jpg6430Night Patroller140Police Officer 1991
644 Mobile Patrol.jpg644Police Mobile Patrol411 Police Officer 1978
645.jpg645Police Helicopter551 Police Officer 1979
6450.jpg6450Mobile Police Truck771 Police Officer$18.751985
6464 Super Rescue Complex.jpg6464Super Rescue Complex3316$77.001999
6471-1-1.jpg64714WD Police Patrol29Police Officer$5.002000
6483.jpg6483Coastal Patrol243Police Officers (x3)$47.991994
6506-1.jpg6506Precinct Cruiser251 Police Officer 1989
6522.jpg6522Highway Patrol302€5.991987
6533.jpg6533Police 4 X 4621 Police Officer$4.501992
6540 Pier Police.jpg6540Pier Police3274$44.001991
6545.jpg6545Search N' Rescue2813 Police Officers$26.501996
6598.jpg6598Metro PD Station540Police Officer (x7), Jailbreak Joe$66.001996
6600 Police Patrol.jpg6600Police Patrol18Police Officer 1981
6623-1.jpg6623Police Car401 Police Officer 1983
66246-1.jpg66246International Police Value Pack6507 2008
66247-1 City Super Pack.jpg66247Emergency Services Value Pack3433 2008
6625.jpg6625Speed Trackers562 police officers 1996
66257 Box.jpg66257City Police Value Pack113410 2008
66282-City Police Co-Pack.jpg66282City Police Value Pack1923 2008
6632.jpg6632Tactical Patrol Truck441 Police Officer 1985
66329-City Super Pack 3 in 1.jpg66329City Superpack 3 in 12843 2009
6636-Police Headquarters.jpg6636Police Headquarters271Police Officer (x5), P.C. Bobby, Jailbreak Joe$65.002002
66363.png66363City Super Pack 4 in 12795 2010
66388-1.jpg66388Police Super Pack96412 2011
66389-1.jpg66389City Super Pack82811 2011
66412-1.jpg66412City Police Twin-Pack 2 2012
6642.jpg6642Police Helicopter66Police Officer$5.991988
66427-1.jpg66427City Police Super Pack 4 in 1 9 2012
66428-1.jpg66428City Police Super Pack 13 2012
6664.jpg6664Chopper Cops642 Police officers$7.251993
6676-1-1.jpg6676Mobile Command Unit1002 1986
6681 Police Van.jpg6681Police Van78Police Officer 1981
6684 Police Patrol Squad.jpg6684Police Patrol Squad772 1984
7030 Box.jpg7030Squad Car51Policeman (World City)$3.99 / €4.992003
7031box.jpg7031Helicopter87Police Pilot (World City)$9.992003
7032.png7032Highway Patrol & Undercover Van1512 Police Officers$15.002003
7033-1.jpg7033Armored Car Action186Criminal, Security Guard$20.002003
7034 Surveillance Truck.jpg7034Surveillance Truck2662 Police Officers$30.002003
7035-0000-XX-12-1.jpg7035Police HQ4184$50.002003
7045 Box.jpg7045Hovercraft Hideout268Hovercraft Pilot , Smuggler$30.002003
0709.jpg709Police Boat531 1978
7235-1-1.jpg7235Police Motorcycle28Police Officer$3.99 / €4.992005
7236.jpg7236Police Car59Police Officer$5.99 / €6.992005
7237-2.jpg7237Police Station586Police Officer (x5), Robbers (x2), and Police Dog (x2)$69.992005, 2006
7245.jpg7245Prisoner Transport98Police Officer, Crook$12.992005
7279 alt1.png7279Police Minifigure Collection57Policeman (2), Crook (x2)$9.99 / €7.99US December 2010 / January 2011
7285-0000-xx-23-1.jpg7285Police Dog Unit96Policeman$12.99 / €9.99US December, 2010 / January, 2011
Picture 71.png7286Prisoner Transport173Police Officer, Crook$19.99 / €16.99January 2011
7287-01.png7287Police Boat172Police Officer (2), Robber$39.99 / €19.99December 2010 (US) January, 2011 (Rest of World)
7288.jpg7288Mobile Police Unit408Detective, Police Officer, Criminal$44.99 / €39.99January 2011
7498-0000-xx-23-1.jpg7498Police Station783Criminal (2), Police Officer (3), Detective (1)$99.99 / €99.99December 2010 (US) January 2011 (Rest of World)
7553.jpg7553City Advent Calendar232Police Officer (2), Crook (2), Fisherman, Santa€19.992011
7723 Set.jpg7723Police Seaplane2151 Police Officer$39.992008
7741.jpg7741Police Helicopter94Pilot$9.99 / €14.99December 16, 2007 (US) / January 2, 2008 (UK)
Lego7743.jpg7743Police Command Center524Police Officer (3), City Criminal One$44.99 / €39.992008
Lego 7744.jpg7744Police Headquarters953Crook (City) (2), Police Officer (5)$89.99 / €89.992008
7899 Box.jpg7899Police Boat2002 Police Officer, 1 Criminal$24.992006
No imageK7237Police Collection771$77.972005
K7741-City Police Collection.jpgK7741City Police Collection157112 2008
K7744.pngK7744Ultimate City Police Collection1690$157.962008

Forest 2012

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
B 4205 box side 800.jpg4205Off-Road Command Centre403Forest Policeman (x2), Dougy Dungarees$39.99 / €39.992012
4436.jpg4436Patrol Car97Forest Policeman, Robber$11.99 / €9.992012
4437.jpg4437Police Pursuit129Forest Police Officer, Verne$17.99 / €14.992012
4438-3.jpg4438Robbers' Hideout317Dougy Dungarees, Crook, Forest Police Officer, Forest Police Officer$39.99 / €39.992012
4439.jpg4439Heavy-Duty Helicopter393Forest Police Officer , Forest Police Officer , Forest Police Officer$49.99 / €39.992012
4440.jpg4440Forest Police Station633Forest Police Officer , Forest Police Officer , Forest Police Officer , Verne , Dougy Dungarees$79.99 / €69.992012
4441 alt1.png4441Police Dog Van312Forest Police Officer, Crook$34.99 / €29.992012
30017-1.jpg30017Police Boat34Forest Police Officer 2012
30018-1.jpg30018Police Microlight32Forest Police Officer 2012

City 2013

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
60006 alt1.png60006Police ATV51Elite Police Officer , Robber$6.99 / €5.992013
60007 alt1.png60007High Speed Chase283Chase McCain, Crook, Elite Police Officer$29.99 / €29.992013
60008 alt1.jpg60008Museum Break-in563Robber, Burglar, Elite Police Officer (x2), Elite Police Pilot, Elite Police Driver$69.99 / €59.992013
B 60009 box side.jpg60009Helicopter Arrest352Robber, Burglar, Elite Police Officer (x2), Elite Police Pilot$49.99 / €49.992013
60041-1.jpg60041Crook Pursuit38Mr. Crook, Policeman$6.99 / €5.992014; December 2013 (US)
60042-1.jpg60042High Speed Police Chase110Policeman, Robber, Crook$19.99 / €14.992014; December 2013 (US)
60043-1.jpg60043Prisoner Transporter1963$24.99 / €19.992014
60044-1.jpg60044Mobile Police Unit3753$44.99 / €29.992014
60045-1.jpg60045Police Patrol4083$44.99 / €39.992014
60046-1.jpg60046Helicopter Surveillance528Policeman (x3), Crook (x2)$74.99 / €59,992014
60047-1.jpg60047Police Station854Policeman (x2), Police Officer (Serious), Ms. Cuffs, Crook (x2), Mr. Crook$99.99 / €99,992014
60048-1.jpg60048Police Dog Unit2493$29.99 / €29.992014
60049-box.png60049Helicopter Transporter382Policeman (x2), Crook, Mr. Crook$44.99 / €39.992014

Swamp Police 2015

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
60065 ATV Patrol.jpg60065ATV Patrol59Male Police Officer 1 (Swamp), Bag Crook$6.99 / €5.99December 2014
60066 Swamp Police Starter Set.jpg60066Swamp Police Starter Set78Bag Crook, Male Swamp Crook, Male Police Officer 3 (Swamp), Female Police Officer (Swamp)$9.99January 2015
Ct1524.jpg60067Helicopter Pursuit253Swamp Crook, Male Police Officer 2 (Swamp), Police Pilot (Swamp)$39.99January 2015
60068 Crook's Hideout.jpg60068Crooks' Hideout473Bag Crook, Female Swamp Crook, Male Swamp Crook, Male Police Officer 2 (Swamp), Police Pilot (Swamp)$69.99January 2015
Ct1540.jpg60069Swamp Police Station707Bag Crook, Swamp Crook, Male Police Officer 1 (Swamp), Male Police Officer 2 (Swamp), Male Police Officer 3 (Swamp), Female Police Officer (Swamp)$89.99January 2015
60070 Water Plane Chase.jpg60070Water Plane Chase263Bag Crook, Police Pilot (Swamp)$29.99January 2015
60071 Police Hovercraft.jpg60071Hovercraft Arrest331Female Swamp Crook, Male Swamp Crook, Male Police Officer 1 (Swamp)$44.99January 2015
30311 Swamp Police Helicopter.jpg30311Swamp Police Helicopter51Police Pilot (Swamp)$3.49January 2015



Town Jr.

City Center

World City




Sets with police involvement