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Policemen are World City minifigures introduced in 2003. There are four variations appearing in three sets.


The policemen all have the same body and legs, with the differences coming in face printing and headgear. They have unprinted black legs and hips and an earth blue torso and arms. The torso has printing of a dark grey utility belt over a button-down shirt with two pockets, a gold badge and a walkie-talkie. The collar is tipped in gold and a light blue shirt is visible underneath the darker one. The policeman's arms are earth blue and his hands yellow.

The face of one variant is in a scowl, with lines around the mouth and the eyebrows drawn down. He wears a black cap.

The second variation also wears a cap, but has a toothy smile on his face.

The third version has the same scowl as the first, but wears a white crash helmet with a black visor.

The last variant has the same face as the second one, with the good-natured smile, but has a brown hairpiece instead of a cap or helmet.



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