Class 4 article

"Hi big city! It's me Poppy Starr! And I am personally waving to each and every one of you!"
―Poppy Starr

Poppy Starr is a City minifigure released in 2020.


In 60262 Passenger Airplane, Poppy has her signature blue ponytails, with a pink and white stripped shirt with white leggings. She also comes with a Green suitcase.

In 60271 Main Square, Poppy Starr now has a green vest with a white undershirt and black pants. She comes with a Guitar.'


Poppy Starr is a music artist and the Granddaughter of Sam Grizzled. She often writes songs for Charity. Therefore she doesn't get paid for the songs she writes. Her Agent often gets most of her money. When Poppy finds out that an old mansion belonged to Sam Grizzled's Father. She then planned to write a song to stop the wreckage of the Old Mansion. However when she placed her concert there, The Mansion was collapsed by Vito, Hacksaw Hank, and Big Betty. The Crowd stopped and so did poppy. Big Betty asked can Poppy sign the "Poppy star doll" for her niece. Before being chased by Sam Grizzled, As Vito was chased and Arrested by Duke Detain and Hacksaw Hank chased and arrested by Wheeler. Sam Grizzled thanked Poppy for doing an important and meaningful for Sam. The 3 Protesters who were trying to stop the wreckage of the Mansion got mad at poppy for the collapsing of the mansion. Poppy says she would buy a new one.


  • Poppy's name is a pun on Pop Star.
  • Poppy's Hairpiece is similar to hairpieces used by Harley Quinn, but with smaller Pigtails.
    • Another character in the show called Madison uses the same hairpiece as Poppy, but is brown.