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Pops is a minifigure from the Speed Racer theme. He appears in only one set, being 8161 Grand Prix Race.


A former champion wrestler, Pops Racer's true obsession is motor racing, and it's an obsession he has passed on to his three sons, Rex, Speed and Spritle. He owns his own motor business, Racer Motors, and invented the Mach series engines he uses in all of his cars, including Speed's own Mach 5. He's extremely protective of his family, and while he wants only what's best for his sons, that protective attitude can prevent him from seeing what really is best for them. It's the attitude that caused his eldest son, Rex, to leave the family and the business in order to fight the growing corruption in motor racing. Pops refuses to believe that motor racing truly is as corrupt as Rex and, later, Speed claim, insisting that it has a purity that can never be fully destroyed. Rex later died (apparently) in a crash during the brutal Crucible race, and Pops develops a strong guilt complex for having driven him away. He's careful not to make the same mistake with Speed, and helps him to build a new car, the Mach 6, to use in the Grand Prix.


  • He's portrayed by John Goodman in the Speed Racer movie, who also played Sulley in Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, as well as Santa Claus in It's a SpongeBob Christmas.

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