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LEGO Minifigures
Minifigures are the miniature models of people created by LEGO to inhabit LEGO sets. They have appeared in a wide variety of sets since their introduction in 1978 (although they were preceded by LEGOLAND Minifigures, introduced in 1974). Minifigures exclusively appear in sets made with LEGO System bricks, although there are minifigure equivalents for DUPLO and TECHNIC scales.
Current themes that use minifigures

CityCollectable MinifiguresCreatorHarry Potter/Wizard WorldHidden SideJuniorsThe Lord of the RingsMonkie KidNinjagoStar WarsSuper Heroes

Ended themes that used minifigures

BIONICLEDimensionsThe HobbitLegends of ChimaThe LEGO MovieNexo KnightsThe SimpsonsTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesUltra Agents

Major minifigures

Major Non-licensed minifigures

Chase McCainJohnny ThunderOgelTimmyKaiZaneColeJayGarmadonWuMonkie KidJake RainesAlien CommanderHikaruTakeshiRyoHa-Ya-ToMeca OneDr. InfernoConductor CharliePepper RoniThe BricksterLavalCraggerErisRazarGorzanWorrizCrominusLagravisEmmetLucyVitruviusBennyMetalBeard

Major licensed minifigures

AangFrodo BagginsBatmanSupermanThe JokerCaptain AmericaIron ManHarry PotterRon WeasleyHermione GrangerLord VoldemortDraco MalfoyJack SparrowRobinIndiana JonesMarion RavenwoodMutt WilliamsDastanSpeed RacerSpider-ManMary Jane WatsonDoc OckSpongeBob SquarePantsPatrickWoodyBuzz LightyearJessieAnakin SkywalkerObi-Wan KenobiR2-D2Battle DroidYodaBoba FettDarth MaulDarth VaderClone TrooperChewbaccaLuke SkywalkerHan SoloPrincess LeiaC-3POStormtrooper

Other LEGO Figures

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