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The Portal Emperor, also called Turtle Warrior [1] or Naga Warrior, is an Atlantis minifigure first introduced in 2010.


This character is included in 8078 Portal of Atlantis. The Minifigure is equipped with a completely new golden helmet and breastplate, as well as a trident that had already appeared in previous Atlantis sets.

The Portal Emperor represents one of the six guardian races of Atlantis that are all styled after sea creatures.


  • The word Naga indicates that that the Minifigure is intended to resemble a serpent, supplementing the complement of Atlantis guardians that already comprises sharks, mantas and squids. In mythology, Naga are creatures that are half man, half snake, with the body beneath the waistline being the one of a snake.
  • His german name is Haikönig, which means Shark King in English.




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