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Postal Service is not an official theme in its own right but one of the recurring organizations that feature in LEGO Town and City as well as several other related themes and subthemes.


The first LEGO System set involving the postal service was released in 1982. 6362 Post Office contained a building, a small truck and a postal worker. It also introduced the logo of the postal service that wouldn't change throughout the years. This logo consisted of a white envelope on a red background with a posthorn near its upper edge. Many sets that contained residential houses included yellow mailboxes with the postal service's logo as well. New sets with vehicles and buildings of the postal service were only released in 1984 in 1985. But some other sets, including train stations were still outfitted with the established mailboxes.

6420 Mail Carrier was released in 1998. But the mailbox featured a completely different logo.

The next new sets featuring vehicles with the old logo were not released until 2008, as part of the new City theme. The difference being the mailboxes, which were now red. The vehicles retained the established colour scheme with yellow as the main colour with red trim.




Other appearances

The following sets featured the postal service's logo on yellow mailboxes:

The following sets featured the postal service's logo on white mailboxes:

The following set featured the blue postal service's logo on yellow mailboxes (same as 6420):

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