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Postie,[1] also known as LEGO City Postman,[2] is a City minifigure introduced in 2008.


Postie wears a standard mailman uniform, consisting of black pants, a bright red Mini U.S. Cap, and a bright red jacket printed with a zipper, reflective stripe, and white envelope logo. He reuses the Director's face with glasses and a dark grey beard.


Postie is always very busy, driving his Mail Van and delivering hundreds of letters each day. Postie is the husband of Postwoman, and they both love their work. He is excited whenever he delivers mail, even including bills, to his own house.[1]

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Postie is a Magic Attacker hero with the skills "Special Courier Service", "Package Delivery", and "Overnight Shipping".


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NAME: Postie
A hard-working mailman who delivers hundreds of letters every day, Postie gets very excited when he has to deliver an envelope to his own house - even if it's only a bill!


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