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Postwoman,[1] also known as Female Postal Worker,[2] is a City Airport minifigure introduced in 2016.


Postwoman wears a standard mailman uniform, consisting of black pants and a bright red jacket printed with a zipper, reflective stripe, and white envelope logo. She has a common female minifigure face with eyelashes and lipstick, and her hair is a dark orange Mini Wig No. 8.


Postwoman is the wife of Postie, and she initially took the job to help her busy husband. Now, they both love their work, and she can even deliver more mail than her husband by using her handcart.[1] As a postal worker, Postwoman empties mailboxes and transports them by handcart to the helicopter for delivery.[2]

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Postwoman is a Physical Defender hero with the skills "Spinning Cart", "Smooth Sliding", and "Blind Removal".


Videogame Appearances

LEGO Description

LEGO.com-icon-yellow.png This is a description taken from LEGO Quest & Collect. Do not modify it.

NAME: Postwoman
Postwoman only started delivering mail to help her busy husband, Postie, but now she loves the work as much as he does. Using a cart, she can deliver more mail than him, too!


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