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Power Bricks are accessories in most recent LEGO Games, along with canisters. They are used to obtain extras in most of the LEGO video games produced by Traveler's Tales, including the LEGO Batman, LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Harry Potter, and LEGO Star Wars games. The location of the red bricks varies. They are frequently found in the game's hub or in levels during "Free Play". More recently, the "Deadpool Bricks" in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes can only be found in bonus levels. Lastly, in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 instead of red bricks, there are pink bricks also found in the game's bonus levels. There are also extras called Red Brick Detectors that help players find the all of the Red Bricks in a game.

A snapshot of LEGO Indiana Jones. In the image you can see the mailbox in which you must deliver the parcel.

A variant of the Red Power Brick, which appears in LEGO Indiana Jones, is the package. It's a mail package which must be brought to the mailbox for you to unlock the extra.

Once you have unlocked an extra, you can buy it with studs, and turn it on/off during the game. Some extras come unlocked, but these have no effect on gameplay, with the exception of Ice Rink, which makes everything slippery and makes the game harder.

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Red Power Bricks are replaced with Deadpool Bricks, which appear as red Lego bricks with Deadpool's face and swords on them. They work the same way as normal Red Power Bricks.


The Power Brick from the original LEGO Island game.

The first power brick appeared in LEGO Island, where The Brickster stole the Power Brick from the top of the Information Center. There were stories after the game came out that The Brickster stole the Power Brick again and destroyed it. The Power Brick has appeared in different places in the LEGO Universe. Today you can find the Red Power Brick in almost all LEGO Video Games.


Game (s) Name Description Image

Red Brick

The Red Brick in these games looks like an ordinary 2x2 red LEGO brick.

Red Brick.png


The parcel consists of a red box with a grey lid and printing on the front. These power bricks are unique in that they have to be delivered into mailboxes in order to be collected.

Red Brick5.png

Red Brick

The Red Brick in these games consists of a red box with a brown lid.

Red Brick 2.png

Red Hat

The Red Hat consists of a wide-brimmed red hat with a red plume.


Deadpool Brick

The Deadpool Brick is printed and features one black "sword" on each end. At the end of a level the two swords cut open the brick to reveal a normal 2x2 power brick.

Red brick 4.png

Pink Brick

The Pink Brick is similar to most power bricks, the only difference being that it's bright pink.

Pink brick.jpg